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How to delete CPAP data in OSCAR before sleep and after waking?
RE: How to delete CPAP data in OSCAR before sleep and after waking?
It is of course possible to turn on the ramp, set the ramp pressure equal to the start pressure, and set the ramp time to the estimated time taken to fall asleep. This will turn off the apnea and hypopnea detection at the start of each session and will can mask the initial period of sleep-wake junk. Altho I do fall asleep quickly when I first go to bed I often take twenty minutes (or more) to fall back asleep after my usual bathroom break (usually after 4-6 hours of regular sleep). I use fixed pressure (CPAP mode) and set the ramp time and pressure to 20 minutes and whatever is my set pressure that night.
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RE: How to delete CPAP data in OSCAR before sleep and after waking?
You can also set your ramp pressure to a few tenths below your minimum, and set the ramp time to Auto. When the machine detects even breathing, it with increase the pressure to your minimum, and it will be obvious in the pressure chart.
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RE: How to delete CPAP data in OSCAR before sleep and after waking?
(11-12-2021, 08:04 PM)Grandpapa-G Wrote: ... turn on the ramp...
Thanks for the hint, ill try that.

Folks, it would be realy easy to solve this issue... Ill explain it but first let me explain why I need what the guy who started this thread asked for; too.

I am on oxygen 24/7 and got a AHI with no CPAP of about 144 +/- a bit depending on my sleep position. With CPAP and no oxy AHI is at about 20 but my SpO2 is still in the eighties and Ive got an average pulse rate of close to 100, at night, in bed, sleeping soundly. With oxy and CPAP AHI is down below 5 and my SpO2 is in the middle to upper nineties and my heart rate is down below 60. So CPAP and Oxi do the trick for me. Im in treatment for years now.

Now, my daily routine, while I have already gone to bed and changed form oxi to the nasal cpap mask (if I dont do it right away I have a chance to fall asleep with out the nasal CPAP) but I still have to talk to my partner and our baby girl. So due to talkin I have an AHI of 50, but its of course depending whos doing the talking of us three. That Resmed is to stupid to register "talking" not as some sort of apnoe.

So having 30-120 minutes of an AHI of 50 in my data, sends my docs into panic mode while looking at the summarize sheet. Time and time again. They then start asking why I have gone back down to 10mbar pressure. Then they start looking at the days data and give me the printed results as unusable back and ask for the SD card, as I have unpluged the S10 modem on day one when my old machine broke and I got that one. Also the printourts (I'll do them now on DIN A3) are absolutly not usable for a doc to judge the issues of a night, and I dont take a laptop to my doctor, I already have to carry an oxy bottle. There is no way of adjusting the print out. I basically tried everything, now I just print them 200% on A3 on a color laser pringer I bought because this software has its real big short comings. I print every day, then I take out the "awake time" manually with a pen, then I calculate every number manually, then I print it again and put both sets into my file binder. In short, this is a real PITA every day.

And lifting the mask to start a new session is totally out of question, I try to fall asleep, so I use what ever works to switch of my brain, not keep thinking "lift your mask befor you fall asleep" who ever said so has never had to fight to go to sleep, I know there are folks that just drop dead in the bed, but I know a lot of folks that take quite some considerable amount of time to fall asleep.

So back to my statement from above: I said, the fix would be real easy for someone whose 3rd language is coding.


Just keep everything as is, but add a "report" that only considers sleep time as delclaerd by the user (or some other source).

Its not like "we" want to change the data, we want to have it cut and reduced by the junk to have clear sleep data.

so its actually realy easy, you just add a "sleep phase data" that the user could declare for each day and then duplicate the reports taking only the reduced data in to consideration and presentaion.

Since non of you have come up with this easy thing, I gues there is no good developer or coder?

And I dont know one single insurance who wants to have OSCAR reports, they want the operational hours of the machine, to judge if you have it as decor in your bedroom or if your using it. Mine is refunding me my electricity costst by the run-hours of the CPAP and oxi machine. They expect at the very least an average of 22 hours a day from the oxi machine and 4 per day from the cpap, otherwise I would not get reimbursed and had to return the equipment. They honestly could not care less about the CPAP reports

So all the moaning about why you cant change is total BS, and here is why.

I tired to change over from sleepyhead to oscar, because I thought you guys where developing the thing, but I only found some minor grafic changes, no real funcion added. I compared all the things I use with my S10 with its (1000% overpriced) oximeter plug in my insurance payed for indeed. No change at all. Zilch

The thing why you guys seem so presisten in keeping it the way it is, seams to be there is no one around with the knowledge Mark had. So thank you guys for pushing him out. After I tried some weeks ago OSCAR, I now have gone back to sleepyhead and did an other 100 bucks donation to Mark.

If and when you guys start to add features, Ill reconsider.

joe knabe
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RE: How to delete CPAP data in OSCAR before sleep and after waking?
Welcome joe,

It would be a good idea to learn common forum etiquette. Stick to the topic of the thread. You haven't exactly done that. This is more a rant why manipulating data is acceptable, and a vote of confidence in sleepyhead and Mark Watkins.

It does appear with all your medical ailments you'd actually want the unaltered data to be seen.

As for ResMed being stupid, I don't find them at all that dumb. If you yourself can't look at the chart and determine this or that segment was where you were talking, why should ResMed take on what you're not willing to do for yourself? If you can stay awake with the mask on and talk for 2 hours, why is that ResMed's or OSCAR's fault?

I commend you on being able to post anything in your shape. But stick to the topic. Otherwise rant about this somewhere else, like anywhere else.

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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