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How to handle sinus/allergy problems with CPAP
Last November I was having troubles with what I thought was allergies. I was so constantly congested that I was not able to use my CPAP machine. This went on for months. I also have an oxygen concentrator so I tried to use it since I couldn't use my machine. When I was too congested to use it in my nose I would put it in my mouth for the night. By February I was still having "allergy" problems. After seeing my sleep doctor and two Ear, Nose and Throat specialists I found out that I am not allergic to anything. Finally the runny nose slowed down. On nights when I was not congested I would try to use my CPAP. After about an hour or two I would wake up full of congestion again almost to the point of not being able to breathe. I would be right back to a full blown allergy attack. The runny nose and eyes finally stopped and turned into a problem of mucus in my sinuses and throat. Finally that has lessened and I have tried the last 3 nights to use my CPAP again. First night not so good but better. Second night great! Slept for over 9 hours with it on and felt great. Last night I woke up after about 2 hours totally congested, took my mask off and sneezed about 20 times. Back to square one.

That was much more wordy than I wanted it to be. This has been so frustrating for me and I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems. Have you had problems with the ResMed Air Curve 10 machine? Do you have "allergy" problems when you don't have any allergies? I was using my old machine for about 4 years with occasional "allergy" flare ups but could still use my machine. If you have had a similar experience any ideas or advice would be appreciated. [/font][/size]

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Try more humidity. Some get along well with none but most need the humidifier.
Your symptoms sound like not enough humidity.
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I would guess humidity also, but in my case anything but passive is too much. Some nights I have to use a dry tank. I use aroma therapy on a folded Kleenex in front of the intake to help open my sinuses and those open-your-nose strips every time I use the machine. Has always happened with CPAP-AirSense APAP and AirCurve VPAP.
I use an Amara View mask to keep anything from pressing on top of my nose.

It's strange because if/when I get congested I breathe through my mouth for a while and my nose clears up. Also the pressure of using a CPAP makes me "feel" congested even when I am not. It's kind of an on going battle that is not over yet.
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(04-05-2016, 12:41 AM)PoolQ Wrote: I use aroma therapy on a folded Kleenex in front of the intake to help open my sinuses

What type of aroma therapy works for you?

I'm gonna try the breathe-right strips again. I tried them for my "snoring" in my pre-cpap denial phase.

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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I am new to cpap too and some nights I wakeup unable to breathe. It feels like asthma and stuffy nose, l have to get up and walk around so I can breathe again. I think when the pressure gets too high for me causes this, I don't get the runny eyes etc. I have the heated hose and quite high humidity.

I to am interested in how to solve this.
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On my Resmed Aircurve 10 VAUTO the DME set the Climate Control to manual and put in low settings, things worked better for me when I changed the Climate Control to Auto. Also, on occasion when I am stuffed up I will take a nasal decongestant (pseudoephedrine hydrochloride) which seems to help.

As a side note, I have severe allergies and being on CPAP actually helps as my allergies are not bad at all at night, but once I get up they start kicking in again on heavy pollen days.
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Has anybody mentioned hypoallergenic filters for your machines. I have found with my Resmed S9 VPAP auto that the hypoallergenic filters do help with nasal stuffiness at night and how much my nose runs in the morning. There are those who do not think that the filters would help but I have used both types and the hypoallergenic filters reduce both problems for me. That despite the fact that I think that Resmed's filter holder design is rather weak and somewhat sloppy. It may be a purposeful design to prevent motor damage in the case of filter overload.

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I use eucalyptus oil
I have never had allergies and I clear up shortly after I get vertical.
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Hi ptredhead,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Have you tried doing sinus rinces before you go to bed? Neomed make a couple different types, I think.
Good luck getting this straightened out so you can use your CPAP machine all of the time.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you.
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How long have you had the mask and hose? If you have had either one for more than 6 months, replace them. Same with the humidifier tank.

Change the filter. Look into getting one of the hypoallergenic ones.

If you have the humidifier already turned up as high as it can get, try turning it down. Sometimes over humidification is as bad as none.

Use nasal rinses often. Made of simple saline and pH balanced, they can help to keep your nasal passages clear. Use it right before bed and as soon as you wake up. Avoid steroidal sprays and stick with saline.

Give all of this several days, up to a week to work. It will take a while for all that to clear.
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