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Howdy, New to CPAP/APAP
So I am new to using any sort of CPAP/APAP machine.
I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and perhaps get some advice for someone new to managing their sleep apnea.

I had originally taken my sleep study at home all the way in August, 2015.

I had a poor insurance plan and by the time I was approved for a machine I had already stopped paying my previous insurer and was enrolled with a new one. I had to decline the machine because I knew I would get stuck with a ~1K bill once billing was complete. (I used to work for a medical billing office).

New years rolled around and I was on my new better insurance with my wife. It took my docs office several months to resubmit to a new supplier who took my current insurance.

Finally, it is May of 2016 and I just picked up my CPAP/APAP machine today.

I was given a ResMed AirSense 10 unit. I am definitely looking forward to starting my treatment as I have noticed my fatigue, sleepiness, irritability and many other symptoms increasing.

I have found it hard to keep focused in my work and find it difficult to do the things I enjoy.

I am willing to share more of my story and what led up to realizing I have sleep apnea. I am 28 years old and part of me feels like I shouldn't have this, I'm too young etcetera. That thinking is part of what has taken me so long to seek medical help for my condition.

Thanks all, I hope to share more about my progress in the coming months. I look forward to finally getting a full nights rest.

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What does it say just below Airsense 10, lower right of the machine?
That's the specific type of machine you have... Helps if we know that.
Probably says "Autoset" since you have a range for pressure.

[Image: ResMed-AirSense-10.png]

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Yes, it is the Autoset model.
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Welcome. I hope you find quick relief of your symptoms. It takes longer for some people to feel the effects. You may find that 4 is low for your comfort and you feel like you are starved for air.

I avoided CPAP too for a long time, but I am glad I finally decided to face my problems and make my life better.
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Hi Jatomusic,

Yeah, you did find out about your issue early but there are a lot of positives to that, especially since you are also plugging into the forum this early. My apnea had gone on for a long time with me in denial before, finally, at 68 I was diagnosed. Then, it was several years before I discovered the forum. As a result, I am probably living with some conditions that could have been avoided. I also needed supplemental O2 which hopefully you have avoided, I'm sure that cost me some brain cells which I could not afford to lose.

Hang in there and optimize your benefits from CPAP, it will be worth it in the long run. Welcome to the forum. Hoping good results for you.

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Sleep Apnea is no respecter of age or gender. It is Excellent that you have found it early and are now treating it.

My hubby totaled our car when he fell asleep at the wheel...with the cruse control on...no one was hurt (Thank God!!!). But even with that collision no medical person ever suggested sleep apnea, even though he snored well, loudly.

I wish my hubby had known he had sleep apnea when he was your age!
Evpraxia in the Pacific Northwest USA
Diagnosed: 44 AHI when supine, O2 down to 82%
Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
Better living through CPAP/APAP machines!
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My doctor is in her mid 50's by my guess. I think that would mean she has been practicing medicine for about 25 years. I have been her patient for a lot of that time and she has always seemed to me to be more competent than average. She told me that I am the first patient she had who has sleep apnea. Given the percentage of the population afflicted by it, she must have a lot of patients who are unaware.
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Most folks have never heard of sleep apnea and have no idea that it is a medical condition. Or, if they Have heard of SA they don't want to know if they have it and so never mention any symptoms.

I know my hubby and I never knew about SA and never mentioned sleep issues to any medical person, didn't think it was important. Boy were we wrong.

We learned about it when my father was diagnosed when he fell asleep at the car wheel, thankfully at a traffic light, it was reported to the police and then his medical provider. By then it was SO bad that he had caused himself lasting physical and mental damage.
Evpraxia in the Pacific Northwest USA
Diagnosed: 44 AHI when supine, O2 down to 82%
Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
Better living through CPAP/APAP machines!
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Wow thank you for the advice everyone. It's nice to hear I am not alone. For a while I would always be upset when people would wonder why I was tired all the time, implying I was lazy.

Its fustrating. I only learned about it from people telling me I stopped breathing in my sleep. My wife is the one that really brought it to my attention. She was actually very concerned because she would notice I stopped breathing for extended periods during sleep and told me I would gasp for air.

I remember when I was in my teens my friends would tell me about the weird noises I made when I slept. I'm glad im able to put a finger on what is likely the root cause of my symptoms.
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Sleeping with mask with pressurized air (however lightly pressurized) is not the most wonderful sounding thing. But it will give you a better and longer life. There are far worse things to get diagnosed with. Imminently fatal things. I suspect I have been afflicted for decades. I wonder what might life might have been like had I got diagnosed and treated much earlier.

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