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Humidifier (An Important Question)
I have been using a Humidifier on and off for quite a few years now and have been thinking about it's long term effects.
My first ever Humidifier I really didn't get on with at all (I felt like I was drowning!), it was one of the 'Bubbler' variety and quite noisy I might add.
I then didn't use one for a few years and suffered the dry mouth/throat as I thought there was no other option!
I started using one again a couple of years ago and was impressed at how they had progressed.
My sleep clinic recommended I use water that had been boiled (i.e. Kettle water) to reduce the limescale problem?
Well, my Humidifier still gets a lot of limescale which I remove with a Vinegar solution.
I am going to 'Suggest' some actually still gets through to my Airways/Lungs, I know our bodies can cope with 'Some' of this contaminant but what if it cannot.
Some kidney stones are made of limescale deposits (And are very painfull), I know this from experience!
On a 'lighter' side, could I get 'Lung Stones' or would I need 'Descaling'???????????
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Damn, the 'P' isn't working on my laptop!
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I think "lung stones" would be more likely. Or use distilled water
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try one of these, alot of people in certain parts of the uk use these to get rip of the limescale. You put the water into the jug and it filters all limescale out, check it out on the net.

[Image: thumbnail.aspx?q=5011140873421161&id=9fd...3d30b6b8e8]
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I have been searching on the internet since making this thread and most people recommend Distilled Water, so I guess I should use that from now on.
More scarily, I picked up a thread regarding a 'Pinkish' residue found in Cpap Humidifiers (Normal home is Bathrooms Etc) it's actually called Serratia marcescens and can cause infection in several sites, including the urinary tract, respiratory tract, wounds, and the eye, where it may cause conjunctivitis, keratitis, endophthalmitis, and tear duct infections.
Or more rarely can cause of endocarditis and osteomyelitis (particularly in people who use intravenous drugs recreationally), pneumonia, and meningitis.
Even more scary is most Serratia marcescens strains are resistant to some antibiotics.
I wish I hadn't looked!
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Hi Podd, I use distilled water in my humidifier, so because of that, I don't have any problem with scale buildup.
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Hi Podd
I use distilled water in my humidifier and have never had any trouble with that
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I just use distilled water as well and have no problem. Bear in mind that the water in the humidifier is evaporating and carried to you as steam. This is a crude method of distillation in itself so I doubt that the limescale would hurt you. However, depending on where you live, there may be other things in the water that might. I just figure that distilled water is pretty cheap so it is just easy to use and ensures I minimize my chances of something bad getting inhaled!
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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Oy. The 'what kind of water' debate.

I use tap water. I live in a rural area and have a spring. After several months, a white discoloration appears in the bottom of my humidifier tank. I soak it in a vinegar solution and it is good for month or so. The longer I use the humidifier, the harder it gets to completely remove the buildup. I am not a material girl so I could care less about it. I clean more for the mold than for looks. I also get a new tank once a year anyway.

The limescale is not airborne. The water particles released into the xPAP air are too small to carry anything with it. Mold can grow in the hose (and parts of the mask) but that is due to rainout and inadequate cleaning, not the type of water.

Boiling the water sterilizes, not remove minerals.

Distilled water is the re-condensed steam from boiling water. The minerals remain behind in the container and are not carried by the steam. Just like the 'steam' from our humidifiers do not carry minerals to our lungs. Some water filters can do the same thing but without boiling it. Distilled water is not sterile. Unless the jug was sterile, the lid was sterile, and the hose carrying to steam to it was sterile. Then, as soon as you open it, it is no longer sterile (unless you open it in a sterile room and put it into a sterile humidifier tank).

Many people use distilled water in order to avoid the lime buildup. Some use regular bottled water. Some of us use tap water.

Also, keep in mind this is my opinion based on reading, my common sense, and other educational stuff I have gleaned over the years. It is also tainted by my unwillingness to pay for water (when I get it for free from my sink) and by my intense dislike of wasting resources (the shipping trucks, the plastic factory, more shipping trucks, the distillery factory, and yet more shipping trucks).
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Well, I remember when cigarettes were deemed as safe, even recommended by Doctors no less?
Well Water is 'frowned' upon in the UK, you need surveys, bore holes and then I believe a licence to extract it and you don't really have that option in a town anyway
I actually live 100m from the River Thames and I wouldn't let my dog drink that (Although he will!).
Distilled water is sold here for use in irons (Scented) and for topping up batteries, I suppose Medical grade could be purchased from Chemists.
I did have a quick look on ebay and the prices and I guess purity are all over the place.
I think I will source some distilled water though!
As I was looking for information I came across an article regarding 'ZamZam' evidentially a water from 'The Holy Land' sold to Muslims here in the UK, only one problem I can see in using that is it happens to be contaminated with Arsenic?
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