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Humidity issues/dry throat/ResMed AirSense 10 for Her
Hi..I used a Dreamstation for about 3 weeks, then switched to the AirSense 10 for Her.  I had found with the DreamStation, if I didn't have the humidity set to the highest setting, I would wake in the middle of the night with a dry, sore throat in pain.  

Switched to the AirSense & tried the auto setting for climate the first night and it was terrible!  I haven't changed my mask...Dreamwear with nasal pillow.  

Second night.... omg.  Terrible.  At least I had about 12+ hours to fiddle around, but still tough.  

I started out with the manual setting for humidity about half-way...4 or so.  Woke up about 4 hours later with a terrible sore throat.  Re-set with humidity to the highest of 8.  That worked better, but in another 4 hours, I had completely emptied the water tank.  Refilled it...then would fall asleep, but the startle back awake with the harsh dryness in my throat.  

Finally dug out my chin strap (which I've never needed before, as I am NOT a mouth breather at all....) and by putting on the chin strap, I was able to get back to sleep for a few hours to wear I'll be able to function at work tonight.  

My RX settings aren't any different....APAP 6cm - 14 cm.  Seems I live around 11.5cm.   I am using the Female algorithim.  Should I switch back to the traditional algorithim for a few days or weeks until I'm able to figure this out?  

My AHI shows up well at <2 or 3...but am not able to get and graphs to show up in SleepyHead...only get a summary.  

And it takes FOREVER for my machine to upload my data to the MyAir Cloud.....like half a day.  Anyone know if it uploads to the iPhone app any faster?  

Might just consider getting an old, used iPhone to track my SA if it would be quicker.  

Any & all suggestions appreciated!

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It sounds like your mouth breathing. Not sure why your SD card is not recording full data. I've heard that sometimes it takes a day or two but it always worked the first night for me. As far as My air you have to leave your machine on for at least an hour (don't unplug) so the data can be uploaded to a cell tower. If your reception is poor it may take awhile. Check the green bars in your machine window to see how strong the signal is. You may just have to turn the machine around to get a better signal.
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MyAir takes several hours for me too, but no different really than uploading photos to my cloud. I just go and do my day and come back to it in the evening.

Maybe use SleepyHead if you want a faster report? Then you’re doing all the data transfer at the local (device) level, and it’s fast.

My humidifier also runs low super fast, but I checked Resmed’s website and it said to set it at 3 and go from there. It also said the rapid draw-down is from mouth breathing. I believe it and am working on it.
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I show full bars/reception, yet it still hasn't updated after 12 hours.  Kind of frustrating to have to always load remove the card every day to see it in SleepyHead, but I guess it could be worse!

I am going to keep using the chin strap for now & see if it helps.  I'm just surprised that I didn't need it at all while using the Dreamstation for 2 weeks, but seems to be necessary now with the AirSense.  I'm just thinking outloud...but wonder if it has to do with the different breathing algorithim on it.  

I started out with my humidity at 5, then upped it to 8.  Does the tubing temp make a difference?  I haven't really adjusted it, because I didn't want that to make the air too warm for me.  

Thanks for the help!

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The tubing temperature helps with rain out. Is you hose making a girgly sound? That is what the temp helps elimnate.
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Hi, I have the same setup as you, only had a few nights and finding the climate change settings hard to get right. Each night I'm taking down or up one to try and find the optimum setting between rain out and a dry mouth and nose. Not found it yet.

I find that if I have had mouth breathing I have a dry mouth but if it's humidity then it's my nose that's dry.

The default settings were horrendous. temp at 26 make with 8 humidity was like visiting one of those tropical greenhouses :/

The slow upload is annoying but you get some good data on the machine it's self too. I have 4 bars. I think on another thread someone said it tries to sync midday? I'd assume the mobile would be the same as the website, if it's the same method of data transfer.

Check your time settings, mine was 2 hours out so I think it's been setting later because of that.
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(10-08-2017, 12:47 AM)Zackio Wrote: The slow upload is annoying but you get some good data on the machine it's self too. I have 4 bars. I think on another thread someone said it tries to sync midday? I'd assume the mobile would be the same as the website, if it's the same method of data transfer.

Check your time settings, mine was 2 hours out so I think it's been setting later because of that.

In my experience, myAir will upload whenever there’s new data. It will upload for a nap. So, if you slept for an hour, you’d get data on the one hour. It stays that way until the next upload for that day.
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I've had mostly full bars for my data....finally downloaded 24 hours later.  My time setting is correct.  

I've ordered a new chin strap as the one I have is so thick it seriously interferes with my DreamWear mask.  I'm still perplexed why this has only been an issue with the AirSense for Her and wasn't with the DreamStation.  For now, I will go back to using my Brevia mask, until I can get back to my DreamWear.  The only thing I can guess is because of the female algorithim, the AirSense is being triggered more often to respond to breathing irregularities, and somehow this increased pressure is causing more mouth breathing.  

I've not had any rainout in my tubing; just going through the water quickly.  

I guess my next option would be a full mask, but I just find the DreamWear so much more comfortable than anything else I've tried.  And, I tend to be a bit claustrophobic with full face masks.  I've been a nurse for 36 years, and can barely manage a surgical mask. Can't imagine how a CPAP face mask would affect me.  

Hopefully with the chin strap I can finally get back to sleep. 

Thanks for all the input....it's really helpful.  I'm still trying to figure out SleepyHead, but I think I've been too "sleepy" to really focus on it since switching to the AirSense.  

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You might try wearing the mask while watching tv, or reading a book or something else while you are awake.
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My tank now only goes 2/3 empty. I did that by lowering the temp a few degrees and lowering the humidity.
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