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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Yes the cup holders pivot.
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Good thing they do. Coulda been a deal breaker.
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(09-13-2017, 11:53 AM)SarcasticDave94 Wrote: Phill,
I think pricing is about inline with ours here. Depending on model, etc. some EV vehicles would be around $32K new, that's possibly after deducting a tax credit. And as likely mentioned, it's not a tax rebate, refund, etc. Credit equals reducing amount taxable vs rebate equaling giving stated amount back; that's as I understand it BTW.


Thanks Dave.
I always thought cars over your side cost much less than ours, perhaps that is a historical thing and I am out of date, not unusual.
Once you start talking taxes along with credits and any subsidy it is hard to make any sort of comparison.

Years back, I guess in the 70's, a chum of mine was doing the North Atlantic run on a container ship, he bought a Mustang, shipped it across, paid our taxes, and reckoned he got a good deal.
Sadly it was not a real Mustang as used in the Steve McQueen movie.
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I've always thought it would be interesting to drive a car as old or older than myself. A 1968 Mustang would be older than me by a year. For some reason, when I think Mustang and Steve McQueen I'm thinking 1968 and the movie Bullitt. Funny though as I don't ever remember watching that movie.

As for a real Mustang, in my option only, it was a real enough Mustang. That is unless is was a 1974-78 sad excuse of a car (let alone calling it Mustang) was the Mustang II. The closest I came to a Mustang ownership BTW was it's twin the Mercury Capri, a 1979 4 cylinder "beast" with 88 HP from its 2.3 liter engine. NEVER been so terrified in my life...of being run over by others that is.
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Any thoughts about the power supplied to the outlets in some of these hybrids (I see outlets behind the console on several Ford Fusion and C-Max hybrids), as in can it safely run a CPAP device? Not being used while I drive of course!
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I don't drive a hybrid. I have a 2015 Ford F-150, the aluminum one with a V8. I sometimes pull a trailer. It's like driving my living room; spacious, comfortable, really quiet, and quite luxurious, and I get a steady avg ~21.5 mpg. Now that's not hybrid numbers but it's a darn site better than my older vehicles were. Now, I know that it increases my carbon footprint in this life and I'm a proponent of decreasing it. My kids drive smaller cars with most of them hybrids. These progeny of mine have drastically lower carbon emissions. As a collective group we have done our part. Our TOTAL carbon reduction is significant compared to what it could be. Thing is, some of then get double the mileage I do. They also drive double the distance each year too. So, In some cases my contribution is as good or better than theirs.

Disclaimer: I'm not nuts.... just having a little fun here. I'm all for your gas, cash, and planet saving. Good job. I just love my truck.
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My advice, enjoy your truck. IMO the Ford is tops when it comes to pickups.

Note my interest in hybrids has less to do with environmental concerns as it has to do with high MPG. I've heard the hybrid battery manufacturing process damages the environment possibly more than driving a regular internal combustion gas engine.

Good day y'all, it's a great day for coffee.

Dave B
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