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I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
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I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
So the machine and mask I have is from someone who donated me one. So I don't know the correct pressure and/or size of the mask I'm supposed to be using. Been waiting on the doctor now for 7 months to get me my official machine, but there's been so much confusion with the insurance and healthcare and nothing has got done.

The bottom line is I have a lot of problems with getting to sleep. And with the CPAP, it's impossible. I can't relax. I have practiced wearing the mask in the day watching tv several of days. I just can't get used to it. It keeps me awake. I think it's the pressure. I cannot relax with it. I am on a 7 setting I think.

The other issue is that the few times I have been able to sleep with it, I only slept 3 hours. It wakes me up. I sleep more without the mask than with the mask.

How will I ever get used to it? Why does it make me wake up so quick? I can never get enough sleep with it.
10-18-2015 02:14 PM
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RE: I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
There should be a sticker on the back or bottom of your machine that will show the model number.
From there you can get the manual and find out how to get all the settings, this will help a lot
you can also install sleepyhead free software and post screen captures of the graphs so we will now what the machine is doing

Some people you can hit with a rubber mallet and they wont wake up, others like you and me are much more sensitive.
I have heard it described, and I agree, as a alien sitting on my face blowing air up my nose.
There are many setting that are referred to as comfort settings that can be adjusted to help you tolerate CPAP, but we need to know which machine you have.

With the graphs there are people here that can help you adjust your therapy pressures to get the best out of the machine

Hang in there, you are in the right place and doing the right thing. Tuning the machine and getting a better understanding of what's going on will help you to relax.
10-18-2015 02:33 PM
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RE: I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
Have you tried any different masks? FFM is more intrusive and probably much more difficult to get comfortable. If you are able try a nasal pillow mask. Much more minimalistic and from my own perspective easier to get used to.

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10-18-2015 03:58 PM
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RE: I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
PoolQ, cate1898 and others, please read the OP's history (below) before you respond to him. I posted his history back in July. There has been no update, no change and no progress since then, though he continues to post often -- and at times angrily -- on the other forum. He needs help that we cannot provide here.
Quote: July 14 2015
Background: The OP is currently trying to use a machine that was not prescribed for him, at pressure(s) that also have not been prescribed for him, with masks that were not fitted to him. He reports that he has had a diagnostic sleep study and a titration study but that he is having difficulty obtaining the reports from his doctor. He does not yet have his own machine or his prescription.

History: In mid-April the OP came to the other forum starting multiple threads with the same questions that he is now asking here. The ensuing collective effort to respond and help him was largely unsuccessful and resulted for the most part in escalating levels of anxiety and confusion for this young man, and frustration for all who initially tried to help him. Some began to question the veracity of his story and this remains an unfinished discussion. Numerous redundant threads and literally hundreds of posts since mid-April on that forum hold the full history.

Two months into this ordeal, and with the OP continuing to cite problems getting his sleep study reports, a forum member made the arguably unwise decision to send one of her backup machines to him without full understanding of his health history and without knowledge of his diagnostic or titration results, or his ability to understand and operate the machine (an M Series APAP machine). Since he received this machine he has expressed even more anxiety, more discouragement and ongoing, unremitting confusion about sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. And he continues to report inexplicable delays with getting his sleep study reports.

Having followed the OP's story since mid-April I can only say again what I said several months ago to others who got involved (and overinvolved) in this case: The best way to help this young man is to refrain from engaging in circular question-answer-question exchanges with him, and to redirect him -- as often as needed -- to communicating and working with his doctor and doctor's staff, and if necessary to get assistance from family or others in his life to advocate on his behalf with his healthcare providers.
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10-18-2015 04:13 PM
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RE: I can't get used to my CPAP, can't sleep
Enhander, several months ago you were advised to get professional help. Several people on this and another forum have attempted to help you and you seem to be ignoring the advice well-meaning folks have given you. Yet after all the back-and-forth advice, you still seem to have not taken any of it to heart, and you're back here several months later wondering why you're still having trouble sleeping.

I'm going to close this thread for now. Further discussion is useless until you take the advice that was given to you numerous times already. Please seek professional help and get any friends or family involved to intervene on your behalf if need be. Once you've been properly diagnosed and have the appropriate machine, we can help you with some problems after that point. But until you get those steps completed, no amount of internet advice can help you.

Please do not start another thread unless and until you take the advice that has been given to you already. Thanks.

Thread closed.

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10-18-2015 06:00 PM
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