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I do not get good sleep
RE: I do not get good sleep
12 years on CPAP and not ever feeling refreshed is a horrible experience. Some people are so sensitive when they sleep that any noise or light or even a small leak can cause a disruption in sleep. Since you have used masks with forehead supports, that didn't work, recommending an older style won’t be a solution. And I imagine you are aware of bed pillows with cut-outs to make it easier to sleep on your side.

I use an F20 FFM and it is the first one that I use the headgear that comes with it. With my Quattro FX, I could never get the headgear to pull the mask back toward the back of my head to seal the mask; even the F20 doesn't do a great job of that. I used elastic straps with the Quattro FX and made my own straps to pull the mask back onto my face. I also made them fairly tight, none of that floating garbage. My logic was that if the mask started to move the elastic would just tighten more. Afterall, people use bungees to keep all sorts of things in place and then drive 65 MPH on the freeway, so elastic can't be that bad.

I'm not saying that will fix your issue, but if you can't find anything a manufacture makes that works, maybe you should look outside of the sleep apnea world. I don't have the answers as to what that might be, but an initial thought is wrestling headgear and attach your mask to that. If a person can get tossed all over a mat with one, a little tossing in bed shouldn't dislodge it. Again, I have no idea if that will work.

Also, people have ways of fastening the hose in place so it doesn't pull on the mask and cause it to leak. I'm sure there have been a number of inventive ideas on that.

I applaud Geologeek for using a hammock to be able to sleep. It might sound pretty far out there, but it really demonstrates someone who is willing to take whatever steps.

Unfortunately manufacturers don't care about the 5% that can't use their products as is and no one is going to manufacture an affordable solution for them. Sometimes you just have to figure out what stuff is out there that can help.

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RE: I do not get good sleep
Thank you for your suggestions! Thanks  I appreciate them a lot!  It is aggravating to say the least.  But I am also paranoid I'm going to die if I don't use the mask, so I use it every night (unless I have a cold and can't breathe. Fortunately we have a Tempurpedic type bed and I can raise up my head.  Sometimes that helps a bit.  With the chin strap and the headgear, I have permanent dents on my head (under my hair); sometimes I wonder if that is healthy.  I've tied my hose to my headboard and that has made a good difference, keeping just enough slack so that I can move but not get tangled or make it pull on my mask.

I hope you get good sleep!!! Sleep-well
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RE: I do not get good sleep
Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
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RE: I do not get good sleep
Dormeo -
   Thank you for your reply!  I have tried different ideas for staying on my back, but the fact that I was a stomach sleeper prior to my cPap hasn't helped my cause.  The more I try to stay on my back, the more I want to turnover and the closer to a panic attack.  I taped my mouth shut for awhile, I'm not sure why I stopped, don't remember back then.  One thing about the chin strap, I think it actually helps keep my mask in place a bit better.  I have a lot of trouble with the masks slipping on my hair, so now I put it under my hair to help stop the slippage.  I will look into the mask you mentioned and check it out.
   I do find it annoying that my insurance only carries a few masks, and they want me to sit in a chair to try them on; as if that will simulate sleeping in a bed.  Then when I do choose one, I am stuck with it for six months before I can get a new one.  I will check out yours on Amazon and see what I can figure out financially, if it looks like it might work for me.
  I do not understand all these numbers and charts people are posting.  When I originally received my machine it had a transmitter to make sure I was using it, but it kept flashing at one point and when I questioned it I was told that it no longer worked.  They didn't send me a new one, I took this one off and stuck it in a drawer.  I don't know if newer machines have some kind of wireless to connect with the OSCAR software people are talking about, so I can't check out things like they do.

I have no idea what the software programs are, what OSCAR is, or how it would apply to me.
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RE: I do not get good sleep
Ah, if you're a stomach-sleeper by choice, I wonder whether you might like to experiment with the Bleep mask. Lots of reviews are available on line. I tried it, and it wasn't for me, but it has a lot of fans.
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RE: I do not get good sleep
Dormer - thanks.  I’ve not heard of that mask.
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