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I fouled up paths for OSCAR and SH to take and ask for guidance
I fouled up paths for OSCAR and SH to take and ask for guidance
The key question: Would I be successful if I simply populated a folder with selected profile folders and then directed OSCAR to that folder when installing OSCAR? A step farther: If dad, mom and grandma were all hoseheads who kept SH records on their three different laptops, could dad decide to monitor everyone's SA by simply copying and pasting in mom's and grandma's profiles from their machines into his own folder that holds all his profiles--assuming he has more than one for himself, say one for each year? Or are there distinguishing elements for each user/patient that become embedded in the base "boss" program (not embedded in only the profile) that pulls history in from any one of the resident profiles that is selected for review?  

In the midst of sudden trouble with a sticking-and-then-jumping cursor (along with newly deranged key stroke responsiveness) I inadvertently copied my overpopulated Desktop and pasted it into an unrelated subfolder farther down in the same directory branch. Resisting doing an immediate delete, I put a test file into the parent (SH related) folder and into the misplaced folder; I found that deletion of the file down the folder-tree branch would also delete that same file in the original folder. I can't find a simple way to recover. (I see various tools for eliminating duplicates, but such as I have tried will delete the parent file if the child file is deleted.)

At first I was unaware of the blunder. But SleepyHead immediately greeted me as though I had just then installed it, presenting me with a EULA or something similar. It became "lost" due to my blunder that scramble paths. Thrashing around, I eventually uninstalled SleepyHead and Downloaded OSCAR (which I have been using on a different computer that was in the shop). That OSCAR dialog box with the one-time-one-step opportunity to bring SH history in showed the fouled up and duplicative path to Profiles and the first time around I thought "just go with it" for now. In later re-installs I answered "No", but made no headway on that route. As any expert here would likely know, these approaches did not work. There is more to the story, but this gives an idea how my pitfall hole began to be dug deeper yet and what kind of mess I have on this back up computer.

I would like to preserve the 5 USER/"patients" that I have been or am (the past 4 years), including where possible the oximeter graphics.

It would be helpful to know the connections between components and which ones are critical to preserve and be available for presentation. For example, I assume all files in a profile comprise, can I say?, an organic whole. You must, I assume keep, all those several files together as they were when that profile was last changed in some way--even though only the file for last night's data was updated today, for example. On the other hand, I'm not concerned about cosmetics like the order of the graphs and would prefer to dismiss/ignore such special files as I assume all that can be reset very easily.

Thank you for reading and any suggestions for this bungler. 2SB
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RE: I fouled up paths for Oscar and SH to take and ask for guidance
Bump, will one of you take a look at this
Fred Bonjour - Project Manager and Lead Tester for OSCAR - Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

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RE: I fouled up paths for Oscar and SH to take and ask for guidance
Am I mistaken in my belief that if you manually import from data card and specify a folder there, OSCAR will use that folder going forward?  That seems to be working for me after I installed FlashPAP,  manually imported from FlashPAP directory, and now I tell it to import and it automatically goes to the FlashPAP directory to get data.

Maybe you mean something else?

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RE: I fouled up paths for Oscar and SH to take and ask for guidance
Thank you for responding. I think you are correct as far as I understand you have gone. 

However, responding to you far beyond my knowledge and pay grade here, I think that such an import in one sitting can be only a beginning with whatever history and single patient/user profile and history is recorded on that data card on that first day (which can be copied onto, say, the hard drive and be imported/loaded by SH or OSCAR). Subsequently SH and OSCAR will carry forward by appending new recordings to that first import/loading of that profile's data. 

I don't know, but think other users' data card holdings could be added under another name, reaching back even farther in time than the first user's data beginning. This may be the route I will need to try one day soon. I do have complete data card sets of files backed up at, in most instances, 15 to 28 day intervals.

Right or wrong in my 4+ blundering years of PAP, I have created new users for my changes of machine and, sometimes, masks and computers. I apparently have a user and data file history mess that I complicated even more with one frustrated jerk of a sticking/jumping mouse that copied and randomly pasted in elsewhere in the folder tree a copy of my hard-drive's working-and-resident set of the several SH support and data files.

Lacking responses to my two posts about this, I eventually deleted a profiles.xlm file and went through steps in the second paragraph above to start afresh with what history was on the SD card for one user/patient, me. That xlm file had been changed by my mouse mistake. It had been misdirecting first openings of my new installs (multiple trials, in turn, of either OSCAR and SH) to my faulty, inadvertently copied and pasted in folder of the full set of SH's "back room" working and data history folders. I wanted to and still do want to delete that set of duplicate folders and files. But being careful before deleting them (I thought) I checked and saw that deleting a dummy file I put into both the original folder and into the "duplicate" folder would delete both files. 

Though reaching back to being an old CPM (as that OS came with Kaypro) and then DOS user who was dragged into Windows and mousing, I'd like to learn the following and may one day. I have never liked or fully understood the "This PC" and "Quick Access" duplications of location indicators, but I do find "This PC" is where you can see and switch storage devices

Any of those with understanding who read this post now will likely join others who see even less reason for wasting time to help this errant mouse-driver and W10 blunderer. Dont-know
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RE: I fouled up paths for Oscar and SH to take and ask for guidance
I have no idea what to say that could be helpful... except that just today I accidentally did something quite similar as you. But I had only been operating in Sleepyhead. So how I moved forward was to download OSCAR, and upload my Sleephead data into it. But going forward, I sure hope my OSCAR knows where to pull the info from... because I'm afraid my moving-around-of-folders-named-the-same-thing may have messed up my stuff.

So basically... I have nothing helpful to add, except to let you know that you're not alone in computer blunders.

Good luck!
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