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I got SHINGLES from the vaccine !!!
(10-30-2014, 06:41 PM)Marnid2014 Wrote: Thanks Doc.

Today the Opthomologist said it looks like the blisters are drying up. I am experiencing pain, like shooting nerve pain that comes out of nowhere. She gave me Hydrocodone for pain. I have been on the Anti Viral, Nurontin and an antibiotic. The lymph nodes are swollen as well. I do believe I am in the end stage of it, the horrible swelling in my eye is gone, THANK GOD. She doesn't see any problems with the eye and my vision is normal.

I will take your advice about the Lysine.

It is perfectly normal for the lymph nodes to swell, painfully even, as you are indeed fighting a major viral infection, so you should not worry - also it is common for the lymphatic swelling to happen in the later stages of the outbreak as the body's immune system rallies and tries to clear the debris of the battle between the virus and the various immune responses to it.

In your case, it is most likely that you did not get shingles from the vaccine at all - you already had the virus present in your body, resting as it does hidden in the base of the spine (and can remain hiding for decades without an outbreak - it is one of the most common retro-viral infections in humans). The vaccine prompted an immune reaction that encouraged the already existing virus to express itself. You may never have had an outbreak before, and that is common. It really only ever attacks when you are heavily immunocompromised for one reason or another, stress being a big one, or simply due to weakness of age.

We don't commonly do the vaccine here, although it is on offer in some clinics and often only for older patients.

I don't exactly know why you were given an antibiotic - it has no effect at all on viral infections - is your doctor suspecting that a bacterial infection weakened your system to allow the expression of the virus? At any rate, antibiotic dosing in the US is far more common than in Europe - we tend to really only use it when we absolutely know it will do some good, because otherwise you can develop strains of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant, but I get the impression that US doctors try to cover all bases more than we do. That may be due to a different "drug culture" than we have, or it may be due to the high rate of malpractice lawsuits in the US, prompting doctors to give out antibiotics even when not necessary, just to be on the safe side.

If you have a recurrence of the attack in the next year, you may need to discuss with your doctor a regime of prophylactic medicines, like Zovirax or other Herpes prophylactic drugs. Also, the only way to be sure that you indeed had Zoster, from the vaccine or otherwise, would be to take a sample of the fluid form the vesicle and send it into a lab for analysis - there are other types of Herpes out there - I vaguely recall something on the order of 130, 8 of which commonly infect humans, but don't quote me on that, and viral expression around your eye may point to another type of herpetic outbreak. Equally, had you chickenpox as a child, you would have the Zoster virus dormant in your system and it would have come out with the vaccine.

Either way, like a kidney stone, or the '70s (also very much a kidney stone - the '80s, too, come to think of it), this too shall pass, and you will be hale and hearty in very short order. Do look into lysine bearing foods as a good dietary method of preventing outbreaks, keep up good sterile practice so long as the disease is expressing, and you will be just fine.
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