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I have no clue and need guidance.
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RE: I have no clue and need guidance.
Hi Not2, nice to have you join us around here.

The DS560 is a fully featured machine. So you can set it to a range of pressures. Having only done a home test, that's what should have been done, as your specific needs haven't been fully determined.

Start by requesting the manual for this machine from the links at the top if you haven't already done so.

Then you can of course simply do nothing because that's what Mr. Doctor told you.

However, if it were my machine and my cute little body hanging onto the end of the air tube, I would set the machine to apap mode, minimum pressure of 8, maximum pressure of 14. I might also set the EPR to allow for a reduced pressure on exhale. I'm not sure it's designated the same on your machine as it is on mine, but the idea is when you exhale the pressure is automatically lowered by a set amount. I would set it to 3, giving me an exhale range of 5 - 11, and an inhale range of 8 - 14. Then I would begin using the machine making sure I do indeed use it anytime I'm laying down, no exceptions. I would keep track of my results and provide that information to the nice folks back here on this site. I would make no other changes for a while until the machine, mask and I have become one.

Also from the links at the top, be sure to install the Sleepyhead software so you can begin monitoring your own progress on a daily basis for awhile until you are comfortable in how everything is going.

Then I would immediately make an appointment with Mr. Doctor, and when he asks how I am feeling, I would respond "Fine, thank you.. How are you feeling?" ....and leave.
02-04-2015 12:38 PM
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RE: I have no clue and need guidance.
What retired guy said, except on your machine EPR is actually called Aflex. The range is 0 to 3 and increasing number provides more pressure relief at transition from inhale to exhale. Leaving your maximum pressure open for now lets the machine auto-titrate just as it did during your test. It won't go higher than necessary, and since your doctor set your pressure to 16, it's likely that matched your maximum pressure need at some point.

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02-04-2015 12:43 PM
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RE: I have no clue and need guidance.
Welcome not2shygrrrl,
I have the 560 auto CPAP. I had to get my doctor to write script stating auto CPAP, but he left pressure open at 4 to 20. The script should state Auto and patient choice.
I found out pretty fast that a starting pressure of 4 is not great. You will feel as if you are not getting enough air. So once you get your machine, check back here and someone will help you with pressure settings. I agree that having a fixed pressure of 16 when starting out new is terrible. I wonder if the person prescribing this pressure has even been on CPAP? You need the best chance possible to succeed. If you really need to be on 16 to clear an event, the auto machine will take care of that, but I personally would set it from maby 5 or 6 to start and leave the top number open.
Then watch your data on sleepyhead. You will be able to see where you pressure goes. The you can adjust accordingly. My advice is only from my own experience and everyone is different. Bottom line is...fight for a fully data capable auto machine with heated hose! There are a lot of people on this forum who will help you.
Good luck

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02-04-2015 01:54 PM
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RE: I have no clue and need guidance.
Hi not2shygrrl,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I know this is a very trying time and I'm sorry you have gone through so much, but just hang in there and keep coming back to this board; as you have already found out, there is great help and information here.
Just stick with CPAP therapy, it will get better.
Much success to you.

02-04-2015 03:36 PM
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