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I hope I'm on the right way now
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I hope I'm on the right way now
I have now used my CPAP for a month and I'm trying to find out what is my best way to beat the apnea.
I have for the last years felt me very tired the whole day and especially in the evenings. In front of the TV I almost fell in sleep after some minutes.
I visited my lokal doctor and she sent me to hospital for testing.
I went home with a box to put on my stomace and some connections to sensors on my body. There was also an oxymeter connected to the box.
In the morning I went back to the hospital and they looked for the recordings.
I had an AHI of 20 and oxymeter showing 73%, so I was ordered a CPAP machine.
I got the Philips Respironics and an Activa LT mask number " S "
I must say I wasn't comfortable with this mask. I adjusted it after descriptions in the manual, with place for my fingers unter the headgear. As I am often sleeping on my stomace, and turning from one side to the other, ( like a propeller ), I have problems with my mask and of course leaks. A big problem was also the tube around my neck.
I went back to my hospital after two weeks and got a Swift LT which I found much better, especially the placing of the airtube over my head.
But reading the SD Card I found not so good results as with the Activa LT.
I'm now back sleeping with my Activa LT. But a big problem is, as I'm so much moving in bed, that the Activa LT is pressing me so hard under my nose and my teeth so the last night I stopped my PR machine.
Tonight again I will change to the Swift LT.
Now I'm thinking of testing a Quattro FFM.
I don't know if I can have the same size of mask ( the "S" ) as my Activa is?

Mostly now I have an AHI lower than 5. The lowest during 34 days is 0.28 with the Activa mask.

Someone who can advise me?
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12-20-2012 01:14 PM
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RE: I hope I'm on the right way now

Your AHI numbers are pretty good. It's nice to always have a perfect AHI of 0, but few ever accomplish that.

The devil is in the mask, and leaks are the biggest problem. My AHI is always higher when I have had a lot of leaks, so getting the leaks under control is the key. There are about a hundred different masks being manufactured, so you still have lots to try. Smile

I went through eight masks before I found one that works well for me, and I'm not unusual.

Check out the supplier list (link at the top of the page) and look at pictures of different masks. Some may not be available in Europe, but most are, and your European suppliers may have additional masks that are not available here as well.
12-20-2012 01:56 PM
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RE: I hope I'm on the right way now
The mask is the hardest part of CPAP therapy, so don't give up, it can take lots of PATIENCE.! You might have to try quite a few 'till you get just the right one that works best for you.
Best of luck to you.

12-20-2012 03:01 PM
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RE: I hope I'm on the right way now
mask choice is very personal ... what works for me is not necessary work for someone else
its matter of trial and error to find the right mask ... the best mask is the one that works best for you

Activa LT is my favorite mask and recommended for active sleepers, gives me the least leak and AHI
at times zero for both but not at the same night

started out with med size cushion but now finding large size cushion feel better, both cushions fit on the same frame
small size cushion only fit on the small frame and also can be used with SoftGel cushion

mask can be worn loose without the need to overtighten the headgear and the active cell cushion maintain an effective seal
wash cushion daily so its squeaky clean. me would try a chinstrap over the mask ... helps keeping mask in place and with mouth leaks

mask fitting ... Resmed channel
12-20-2012 04:28 PM
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