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I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
''Navi exhibited fair sleep architecture throughout his home diagnostic sleep study. He had a sleep efficiency of 92% with a short sleep latency of 4mins. REM proportion was reduced. Sleep was predominately in the supine position and supine REM was seen. 

Rare respiratory disturbances were noted with an AHI of 1/hr. These events were associated with an average oxyhaemoglobin desaturation of 3% with a nadir saturation at 94%. Average saturation during the study was 96%. The desaturation index was normal at 1events/hr (Normal <5/hr)

Moderate snoring was implicated. Limited ECG - sinus rhythm with a baseline heart rate of 69bpm. 

Physicians Conclusion: Despite the pre-test clinical information, significant sleep disordered breathing is unlikely based on the information. Upper airway resistance syndrome cannot be excluded. Other sleep disorders cannot be excluded

So after 7.5 weeks I finally got my sleep report back. During the 6th week period I bought a Resmed autoset S10 as i thought for sure I got sleep apnea. I still haven't been able to sleep a full night with my mask so I can't conclusively say whether it helps me or not at the moment. 

The Charts do show that my brain is active during sleep, and yes I wake up every 3 hours or so. 

My question is, has this ever happened to anybody? the results say you don't have sleep apnea but a CPAP machine actually helped? 

What is my problem with sleep then? Should I take another sleep study as this one took so long to get back to me maybe its wrong?? 

Oh God I wish i got diagnosed with sleep apnea then I would know what is wrong with me and then fix it... 

I guess any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Kind Regards,
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
I feel your frustration.  This only ruled out sleep apnea.  It did not rule out upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) or other disorders.  There is also periodic limb movements that could be causing this.  You need to keep looking, keep pressing on your doctors.  
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
Did your sleep report include and RDI calculation? In my case I had a AHI of 27, but an RDI of 57. Since your sleep study could not exclude URS, that may be something you can kind of check for with your Airsense since you have used it anyway. To look at this you need to download sleepyhead (see the link at the top of page) and then post the results here. I would lie to see not only the AHI traces but also the RERA. Also, what settings have you been using for your device? And finally, it never hurts to consult with your sleep doctor about what is happening with your sleep and how you feel.
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
If your sleep study was like mine, I didn't sleep very well and it was a short night. I believe the AHI can be higher during the later stages of the nights, when REM sleep is more frequent, but I didn't get to that stage, so the AHI was under-estimated probably.

I guess a CPAP machine may still help.

If you get used to the mask (can take several days or weeks), and set the Airsense 10 autoset to a low pressure (e.g. 6 or 7, so that most events are still happening), the machine will be as good as a sleep study to show you the number of events during the night.
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
you probably don't have apnea, you could put the cpap on fixed 5cm pressure and see if there are any apnea and see what the flow rate is like for the night.
but there are other things that disturb sleep, what would be a copay on a full sleep lab test? they should have tested for PLMD. you can do your own test by setting up a video camera and seeing if there is any PLM. you could also consult a sleep specialist.
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
For auto-cpap, from machine data or software. You can set the min pressure 1 or 2cm below 95%. Or clinicians commonly use the maximum or 95% pressure for fixed pressure CPAP, this can also be used for min pressure.
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
I'm a UARS patient and I use CPAP as therapy for it.

In my case, my AHI was 6 for my sleep study (barely made guidelines for "mild sleep apnea"), but my rest disruption index was over 50...so I was not getting the apnea events and desaturations (just like what was shown in your study), but I was getting many of the symptoms of sleep apnea. For me, CPAP therapy has helped significantly (my brain doesn't have to keep "flinching" to catch the pre-apnea events all the time, so I get much better sleep).

Definitely something to investigate further....it may not be sleep apnea itself, but, like Chill says, it's definitely something to keep on the docs about.
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RE: I just got my sleep results back and I dont have Sleep Apnea???
After 3 years of bumbling around not qualifying for CPAP equipment but being told I had a problem  I finally had a sleep doctor tell me I had UARS. Medicare won't cover it but most of the major insurance companies do. 

It even has a diagnostic code, of sorts, per coding clinic 2Q 2007 page 6, 327.8 is the diagnosis code for UARS

ICD-9-CM 327.8 converts approximately to:
• 2017 ICD-10-CM G47.8 Other sleep disorders

Google gives some interesting reading


She modified my settings to 4-11. I stay around 10. Interesting for someone that does not need CPAP.

Medicare has got their nose bent out of shape thinking people are just rushing to get free CPAP equipment. They are so rigid on their 5 cutoff that are missing the real problem. They should focus on compliance rather than on an artificial cutoff. I do not know anyone that wants to use a CPAP just because Medicare will pay for it.
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