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I keep getting sick
RE: I keep getting sick
Many years ago, I had a yr long battle with allergies. We just could not figure out the cause and finally figured it was just this old house and I'd get used to it. Then I went on vacation to FL with family and assumed I'd be fine.

Nope. Same symptoms. Came home and we started going through everything again. The only thing connected was clothing (soap, dryer sheet, etc) and the CPAP machine. We'd already gone through the clothing route so I called my DME. They said it could be it. They gave me everything (but cpap itself) new. And the symptoms went away. The DME and I assume it was something in the hose. They didn't give out new ones but once a year or more. And they were not smooth on the inside, but ribbed from the coil.

So I understand your issue.

I like the idea of moving you and machine (with new filter) to another room for a while. Check the surface where the CPAP sits. Last year I went through another bout of sneezing my fool head off. Didn't clear after hose change but did get slightly better after filter change. I removed the CPAP into a room with better lighting, cleaned all I could, and went to put it back. The shelf where it sat had dark spots from moisture. I'm assuming the tank was leaking. Cleaned that up with bleach, let it air out a few days (slept in my home office) then tried again. All better.

If you have changed out all components that are changeable, then it isn't the CPAP. It is something around it. The shelf, the wall, the floor, the air. Something.

And don't rule out allergies.

And please go to another doc besides your wife. Nothing bad on her, but you really need a second opinion.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: I keep getting sick
(10-16-2019, 12:38 PM)OpalRose Wrote:
(10-16-2019, 11:34 AM)jteetie Wrote: I was wondering if there was anything besides the stuff i can remove, that may need cleaning/sanitizing.  If i put vinegar in the water tank and ran the machine, would it damage anything?  And would that potentially kill any germs that are in the machine parts i can't remove to clean.  That's what i'm wondering about.  Not the stuff i can remove and clean, but the rest of the machine.  

If you put vinegar in the tank and ran the machine, it’s not likely to damage anything, but not likely to clean any better than your own washing routine.

The air only runs one way. In other words, air is filtered from your room through the machines filter into the machine and out through the humidifier into your hose.  So putting vinegar in your humidifier and running the machine isn’t going to clean the internal parts of the machine.

Was your machine new when you purchased it?  Has it been exposed to any air pollution like smoke or dog or cat hair?

The machine was new  No smokers in the house  We have a dog, but I've had dogs my whole life, 40+ years with no issues.
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RE: I keep getting sick
Thanks, everyone for the advice.
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RE: I keep getting sick
Lots of great advice from everybody.

SoClean machines sanitize the air pump as it circulates ozone through the whole system, which you cannot do by any other cleaning methods that I am aware of.  And they are very popular.  So, you might consider talking to all of your friends that you can possibly think of, and somebody might have a SoClean machine that you could borrow for a few cleaning sessions.  I know about 25 close friends who are on PAP machines and one that I know of has a SoClean.

Just an idea.  Best of luck.

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RE: I keep getting sick
Just be aware that ozone is said to be a respiratory irritant and so could make any existing problem worse. I doubt that much lingers in the machine but I would run it for a minute or two after cleaning, just to be sure. Also operate the cleaner it in a well-ventilated space. The manufacturer probably advises these things in the manual?
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RE: I keep getting sick
There are bacteria that can be harbored in humid environments and that can cause respiratory disease (Legionaire's disease for example). Since its hard to clean all of the surfaces that might harbor microbes, I think occasional use of an ozone generator can be helpful, especially if someone has a weakened immune system. To save money, I bought a $50 ozone generator online and run the ozone into the supply tube for a few minutes (with an empty water tank) and let it sit for a while (about an hour). Then I run the machine for a few minutes to flush it out. Could be my imagination but I think I get less congestion.
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RE: I keep getting sick
I have a form of Lyme disease. Come from being bitten by an Australian tick, probably years ago.
When I feel sick I need to go through everything in my environment that has changed.
Last time it was some curry paste. Had "Caramel I" in it. Must have been made from milk.
For cleaning my mask I use my own hair shampoo. Some dishwashing liquids have ingredients made from animal fat.
The way I found it was by progressively eliminating everything from my diet. Sometimes I felt better. Sometimes I felt worse. Turns out taking something out of my diet meant I was eating more of other things.
Eventually my partner and myself were watching a TV show on tick disease and my partner said "That looks like you.".
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RE: I keep getting sick
Are you changing your water every day?

The humidifier tank can get slimy inside, if you don't dump and rinse/wash it each day. The slimyness could irritate your sinuses.
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RE: I keep getting sick
I have chronic sinus infections. My worst ones are usually in Jan-Feb time frame. Had them before I started CPAP and the only change is they have lessened in severity so my ENT doesn't believe it has to do with CPAP. He feels CPAP is actually reducing them by filtering the air. I run my humidifier as a pass over and it provides enough moisture at night.

My ENT believes a possible contributing factor is my 20+ years of military aviation and breathing the extremely dry air on the airplane as well as aviator's oxygen. On one aircraft it got so bad we were allowed to carry bottles of Afrin to help with any issues. Aviator's oxygen has no moisture in whatsever as most of it is generated from liquid oxygen and the moisture would freeze up the system. He said it had dried out my sinuses to the point where I am more prone to infection. I usually end up using a single course of antibiotics and a good nasal spray the rest of the time.  BTW, you may want to wipe the tip of the bottle off with an alcohol wipe after each use to reduce the bacteria on it and replace it after about 30 days.

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RE: I keep getting sick
I agree that going to your doctor and getting treated for a sinus infection is a good idea.
Apnea Board Moderator

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