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I'll have some cheese with my whine!
I. FREAKING. HATE. CPAP!!! After laying in bed fiddling with my mask and hose for an hour I finally threw my mask across the room, well, as across the room as the hose would allow, and turned off the machine. Sleeping should not be this complicated!! I can not get my mask adjusted where I can't feel a tiny breeze blowing from it, except when I am laying on my back and I absolutely can not sleep on my back. That tiny breeze may be acceptable in relation to therapy and the machine working correctly but I can not ignore it enough to fall asleep!
Anyone ever heard of misophonia? It literally translates as "the hatred of sounds". Certain sounds, most commonly chewing or BREATHING noises, can cause the person to panic or fly into a rage. My own breathing noises have never triggered me before but on CPAP, they do!! Especially, tonight when I am already annoyed with my mask!! Ugh!!!
I really don't expect anyone to have any advise, I just needed to vent to folks who have an idea how frustrating getting used to CPAP can be. I'm gonna sit here and do some deep breathing for a few more minutes and then give it another try. If you've made it this far in my rant without writing me off as a complete lunitic, thanks for listening!!

Good night!
Starr, the chick with the strangest quirks ever
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This won't help you tonight but if you can, take the mask back and try a different kind. A lot of people swear by the P10 and I think wisp is a great mask but it is not pillows, it is a nasal mask.
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(06-22-2015, 12:51 AM)Starrbelie Wrote: I. FREAKING. HATE. CPAP!!! After laying in bed fiddling with my mask and hose for an hour I finally threw my mask across the room, well, as across the room as the hose would allow, and turned off the machine.

Been there, done that - many times. Still do occasionally. It does get better but some for some people that happens sooner than for others.

Getting a comfortable mask which doesn't leak is the hardest part, and probably the reason many people give up. The general view is that a pillows type (eg P10) is the most forgiving for most people - I can't stand them! But it might be better for you. You might also try a mask liner such as Remzz or Pad-a-cheek. I use a Pad-a-cheek and find it stops most of the leaks on my Quattro Air.

Be prepared to try out several masks (and different types such as pillows, nasal and full-face) until you find the right one for you.
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HI Starrbelie.

Your misophonemia would make the "stop copying me" game a really hoot! It usually took a while to spin up my bro, but you'd be a cinch.

I really hope you can relax and think of the noises your machine makes as harmony in the great battle for best wellness.

good luck.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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Fit your mask during the day!
Trying to fit it right s bed time when you are tired and your GIS quotient is used up is only gonna go wrong-at least for the high strung.
As for noise can you explain to my wife why I hate her fn WIND CHIMES? !
I use my PAP machine nightly and I feel great!
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So sorry you have such quirks. Have a family member with Aspergers who is sensitive with sound. He got used to the sound of a fan (white noise) and that helped a lot. No other sound worked for him and that drowns out the utter quiet that makes you react to other sounds. For my Mom, it's ocean waves. I gave her my clock radio with nature sounds after getting an I touch and that is how she discovered that. My other relative with autism sleeps to wind sounds. I use forest sounds to distract from tinnitus. My point is, if you have a smartphone, experiment with sound generating apps to find the right one. Then set it up to play all night.

Can't help you with the blowing. It bugged me too (and my cat), but unless RLS is troublesome, I fall asleep in less than half an hour with the cpap.
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Sorry you're having trouble. Happen to me too. I think everyone has a "toss the mask across the room" night. Remember that pulling the mask to tight is just as bad as not tight enough. Hang in there!

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I use an oxygen concentrator with my cpap, it makes a constant thumping noise as its working and the noise bugged me, so instead of moving it into another room, as many people do, I just started using those little yellow 3M foam ear plugs and it made a huge difference! When I travel and don't use the oxygen concentrator on the road I still use the foam ear plugs and it's made a big difference and I get considerably more sleep now with the ear plugs than I ever used to without. I think I've always been on the hyper sensitive side of things as far as noises go, wish I had started wearing the ear plugs a lot sooner!

Stick with it, the major key to sleeping well with CPAP is finding the right mask, I went through about ten different masks before I found the right one for me.
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You said you didn't want advice, but I have to at least inform you about one of my best friends. She suffered with insomnia for years before she realized she has the same problem with sounds as you do. Another friend had suggested earplugs. So she experimented with all types, until she found the ones that worked well for her. Insomnia cured. She just told me the other day, that it's been life changing, it's helped that much.
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Hi Starrbelie,
I'm sorry you are having trouble getting used to CPAP therapy. I know it can take time to get used to and the mask is the hardest part of the whole thing.
Just hang in there and try as many mask as you need to, 'till you find the one that will work for you.
Good luck to you.
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