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I'm back y'all, and had a good experience with a DME
I'm back y'all, and had a good experience with a DME
Hello everyone! I've been lurking around this past week and haven't gotten back into the swing of things just yet, but I'm working on it. My interest in sleep apnea and therapy has taken a back seat to real life responsibilities but I never lost interest, just had to put it on hold for a bit.

It's good to see that the community here is growing and people are getting great advice, as usual, and I hope to get back into focus as I may put my two bits in here when I can.

I wanted to get my first post in with an experience that I recently had with a DME that we all know. SecondWind CPAP.

Allow me to preface a little. 

I suffer from severe obstructive apnea. I went a year on doctor's prescribed settings and ventured into therapy on my own with help from Apnea Board and acheived top notch results. None the less, pleased. 

I'm the experimenting kind, so I went a little deeper and wanted to know more. Auto CPAP was working well but I wanted to try all the different modes of therapy and I managed to obtain all the machines I could. Old, new, travel machines, "bricks", fixed pressure, BiPap....even ASV. Many may recall my adventures and nonsensical trials. Eventually, I settled with the Aircurve 10 Vauto for it's wide spectrum abilities, which I do not need but enjoy having. It is an excellent machine in my opinion and satisfies my thirst for having, what I consider, the best all around machine. Just my opinion.

I got the machine from SecondWind CPAP with 1 hour of total time on the machine, which technically is used, but still like new and virtually unused therapeutically. I've logged over 3000 hours on the machine and, all in one night, it went berserk. The machine had a whine and a vibration which matched in frequency. Diagnostically speaking, these characteristics pointed to a mechanical malfunction of the electric motor within the unit. I knew this but I had to change all of the peripherals to make sure that I wasn't making a diagnosis without, at least, eliminating everything else.

I sent an email to SecondWind CPAP. The intent of the email was not to obtain a machine replacement. The intent was to get some information about what I could do to remedy the problem. Maybe they would have some parts? I'm not scared or apprehensive about working on my own equipment. It's what I do for a living, fix things.
I didn't hear back from them immediately, so I called and couldn't get through. Those folks in Tracy, MN are busy. I left a message. Within just a few hours (same day) I got an email. The email was from their purchasing manager. He wrote to me that there was a machine being sent to me with a return label enclosed. Just like that, the problem had a solution. No worries. In the world of customer service, it doesn't get better than that. 

So, I'm not saying that SecondWind is who you have to deal with. There are many, many, many options out there for those of you afforded options. I am saying that if you can take a moment to shop around and choose who you hand your prescription to, look into the company and read the reviews. Most times, DME's are rightfully looked upon as enemies to the patient. If you have a choice, there are DME's out there that are good at taking care of their patients. Please take your time, and find the DME that best suits you as a patient rather than a customer with a wallet or a vector for insurance money. 

Personally, I get my regular supplies from Patient Aids which is a local DME that I've gotten to know well. They take care of me and are always great to visit. 

SecondWind has supplied me with the machine. I chose them for affordability and excellent reputation. This reputation has proven to be unmatched in DME customer service, which some may consider priceless.

TL;DR- There are good DME's out there. Find one that suits you best. I think that Second Wind is an excellent DME.

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RE: I'm back y'all, and had a good experience with a DME
Great testimonial Jesse. I have always heard good things from members on Supplier #2, both domestically in the U.S.A. and their overseas customers. Great prices and they treat you right long after the sale is complete. Thanks, and hope to see more of you here.
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RE: I'm back y'all, and had a good experience with a DME
glad to see you back JesseLee. while I have learned a great deal from a whole lot of folks on AB, helping me get from there to here, my 'debt' to you is a big one!
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