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I'm curious. What was your untreated AHI before you started therapy?
81 here!

I did do a search prior to posting but didn't find anything.

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no idea. I had a home test, and definitely was not sleeping for most of the time they calculated the AHI on - really don't think I slept more than a minute here and another there. They said 10, with higher during REM (I doubt there was REM and the home test can't tell, those are just the winks I got) and "many" (?!?) RERA events. 10 was enough to treat, so no one cares Big Grin

My fathers was in the 70s IIRC and my son's was > 100. Can't get my girls interested in testing... but it is obviously inherited. Brother has it too, and chooses not to treat Confused
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Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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I only slept 2 hours at my titration and they told me my AHI was 33. Don't know how accurate that was with 2 hours sleep and no REM. Sad
Oxygen level dropped to 69% during that time. No wonder I lived in a fog most days! My AHI now stays under 1.

My daughter needs to be tested, but has changed jobs and no insurance for 90 days. Tried to buy something to get her and baby through this 90 days (Obama Care), but that seems to be held up in red tape. Her father and I will probably pay for her to get an apap and go from there. It doesn't look like Ohio can get their act together for folk that are between jobs and have no coverage.
We have a crazy health care system for sure.

Ok, done with rant. Oh-jeez

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My AHI was 93 and no REM in 5 hours sleep.

Side note: My car was envious of my wiring harness.
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Days were Ok but I could not sleep at night.
Still don't sleep at night but getting better.
Days are better too. Didn't know I was sleepy during the day.
After 4 months, I am down to <2. Some days better. Still trying to get used to the mask.
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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My AHI was 56 and 73 during REM. My sleep test/analysis was very good and the results were spot on. My major problem with PAP was getting help from Apria's RTs. Did not really get any good help until I found this forum.

Best Regards,

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Per my sleep study at the lab, 62 AHI combined with 42 PLM. Sa02 dropped to 88%. Took me 75 minutes to get to initial sleep onset.
I've been using my CPAP since early January and I'm averaging an AHI of 0.35. Looking at Sleepyhead (the "By Pressure" graph on the very bottom), I average about 7 minutes to fall asleep. And I have yet to wake up with a headache, which had become a daily occurrence. Definitely feel a lot better.
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During my initial sleep study it was AHI 47 with O2 level at 92%, during the second one hooked up to CPAP is was close to AHI 0 with an O2 level of 99%. My long term average is now AHI .55, successfully since early February.

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29 and FIL was 39 though he swore he did not have SA, his wife said otherwise Smile
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Hi nzbnate,
I'm not sure, it seems like the sleep tec said it was somewhere in the 30s.
My mom had OSA, (treated, but rebelled against her CPAP machine for a long, long time.) My dad snored and gasped, wouldn't even look into sleep apnea(but went in for Open-heart surgery,) something' wrong with that picture, I'm confused.
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