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I'm curious. What was your untreated AHI before you started therapy?
70 ahi, oxygen average 76% when on my side and 53% on my back.
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(01-09-2017, 07:47 PM)KiwiGal Wrote: 70 ahi, oxygen average 76% when on my side and 53% on my back.

I forgot mention a few things in my first post.

Didn't get beyond the first two stages of sleep, so no REM sleep and probably none for decades.

My treated ahi results are pretty good. With nasal pillows 2 - 4, other masks - resmed air fit f20 and F&P Eson 2 around 4 - 6 but leak issues. ( I m still trying to find the perfect mask.......a little CPAP humour ?)
I have had two nights with 0.5 ahi which was amazing.(nasal pillows).

I've been on the machine for 48 days now and still feeling pretty sleepy but a different kind of sleepy, not the mind numbing demotivated couch dwelling exhaustion I had before. I'm much more alert and the damned restless legs are gone.
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I had a home study done and an AHI of 16, Oxygen level down to 74. The longest OA was 53 seconds, which made a big impression on me, knowing that I can't hold my breath that long if I tried. I wasn't going to agree to sleeping with a mask in my face until I saw the results of that study.
Since I'm on CPAP I have never felt sleepy while driving, when I used to have to fight to keeping my eyes open. Still working on optimizing the therapy, I'm envious when I see people here reporting an AHI of under 1. Smile
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90 something sticks in my head.... I recall my Dr reading me the report saying "You may not be the worst I've ever seen in 20 years but your certainly in the top 5." He had this fun way of explaining stuff, and he was a funny guy. I recall him saying something like this is what it should look like, BUT you were awake, and here's a small 30 second portion where you actually didn't have an event but all the rest is pretty terrible. He was really a good guy, and fun to speak to. He suggested I get a machine, do not pass go, do not collect $200, just get a machine, lol.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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First study in 2015 ... AHI 16.
Second one in 2016 ... AHI 3.2.

I trust the first one.

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I'm a UARS type, so my numbers are a little different.

AHI 6, RDI 55-60, O2 was generally low-to-mid 90s with a few desats into the mid-to-low 80's when I did have "real" apnea events. Even though my AHI was low, my rest disruptions were quite high as my body woke up to deal with all the not-quite-apnea events.
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My AHI was 65 when I had my initial test about 29 years ago. My current AHI taken from my machine averages about 2.4
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Overall: 28.1 events per hour
REM sleep: 104 events per hour
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Two tests (one home and one clinic) both showed 35
Now average less than 1.00 using my favorite mask. If I use my spare mask it jumps to mid 2's
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(01-09-2017, 05:43 AM)Johnboy Wrote: This was a great post which i discovered due to my new found addiction to all things Hosehead.

I am interested in all of the info you guys were given at diagnosis. In the UK i was given an overnight oxymetery meter (end of finger) which i returned the next morning (after worst sleep ever as i was very aware of the reader). 3, yes three, months later i got a letter from the consultant telling me i had OSA, that i would get a CPAP machine in 3 months time, and to stop driving. I was fuming with the letter and eventually got to speak to consultant. All i gleaned from this conversatioj was that my reading was 52. I didnt know enough then to probe this but i assumed that this provided an AHI equivalence of 52. On CPAP (which i am presenrly paying from myself whilst the NHS catches up) i now average around 3 and have no tiredness (although has negatively impacted on my generalised anxiety) but looking forward to getting to those <1 readings many on this forum achieve.

Good to get a comment from the UK.

Most of my dealings with our so called Sleep Department were with what I guess are described as nurses.
The only time I did see a consultant was in desperation having made no progress, I paid to see the consultant privately, £175 down the drain.

The greatest improvement was when I was eventually given a heated hose for the ResMed machine.
I say improvement, but I have never had any of the symptoms so graphically described on the site, and no problems sleeping, so I would say there is little or nothing improve on.

Of course the comment that is often made is "well you must have had a problem in the first instance", well, not really, they were looking at suspected epilepsy which has never really been confirmed and they came up with this.
Doctors and web searches are unable to confirm definitively whether there is any connection between the two.

I look upon the mask I wear 4-5 hours a night as the cross I have to carry in order to get my driving licence returned, considering in my case the treatment to be worthless.

I might also add that while waiting for my licence to be returned (yawn) out of boredom I went off treatment for 7 weeks with no side effects, and clearly I am still alive.

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