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I'm new at this!
Even technically drinkable water can have a smell that would be completely intolerable in a CPAP humidifier.
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I've now had my cpap, 8 nights. Seem to tolerate it well and am sleeping some better. Not quite as tired. I have a smiley face every morning when I check my machine but my AHI ranges 3-9. Also shows L/9 or other numbers. Why does it show a leak rate and still get a smiley face? Also what do I need to do to lower my AHI? Do I need to wear a chin strap?
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(07-24-2013, 02:38 PM)mommavic Wrote: Why does it show a leak rate and still get a smiley face? Also what do I need to do to lower my AHI? Do I need to wear a chin strap?
ResMed machines subtract mask vents leak rate from total leak and report unintentional leak (mask plus mouth leak)
The number you see on the screen is 95% percentile leak rate (unintentional leak) which leak was at or below that number for 95% of the time

9 L/min is an excellent number, mine can goes higher than that, ResMed consider anything below 24 L/min is acceptable number, as far as not affecting the performance of the machine but if its affecting your sleep quality is something else

Mr Smiley face shows up when 70% percentile leak is less than 24 L/min which indicate good fit

Chinstrap can help keep mouth closed, if your mouth feel slightly dry in the morning might indicate some mouth breathing

As far as AHI goes, as you settle down and get used to sleeping attached to 6 feet hose, AHI would settle down too, might take some time but you,re on the right track
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Firstly, you should continue with your current settings for at least another week to get a good baseline.

If your AHI continues to exceed 5, you might want to download some software to examine the detailed data from your machine. Wildly guessing, it may be that your prescribed range of 8-11 is actually too low and your machine wants to use a higher pressure. In other words, you are not getting enough pressure to fully treat your apneas. The pressure history graph would tell you that. If the pressure reaches and flattens out at 11, that's a good indicator that it wants to go higher but is prevented from doing so.

Eventually, I would recommend that you change your pressure settings to 8-20, since (except in rare circumstances), there is no reason to prevent the machine from reaching its maximum pressure. Either you don't need it and it will never get there, or you do need it so why not let it provide it. However, as you are new to CPAP, you are still getting used to the pressure, so it's better to get used to it while it is under-performing than to allow it to fully perform and possibly stop being able to tolerate it.
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