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I need to fire Apria
I'm new to this board. I need to fire Apria Healthcare and find a CPAP supplier that will work with my insurance company.

My experience with Apria continues to get worse. The final blow was when I called them to let them know I wanted to try a new mask, the Resmed Swift NX Nano. They told me I would have to come in for a fitting. I agreed and went to their office yesterday in a snow storm. When I arrived they didn't have or know about the mask I asked about. They showed me something similar which was a Resmed Air Fit. There was no fitting. They just plopped it on the table and had me sign for it. I tried this mask last night and it's no good. There's no way to properly adjust it and it blows air in my eye. I can't use this mask

Apria also never gets my order right. They constantly send me the wrong parts, parts that don't even work on my machine, and parts I don't even need. I am done with these people and am firing them.

Any suggestions on a good company that will work with my insurance? I'm going to talk to my Dr. and insurance company too but would appreciate any references.

Thank you
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Dave, it's easy. Call your insurance and ask for a list of in-network DME providers in your area. This information is usually also online. Choose one and go there instead.

If you have continuing automatic resupply with Apria, cancel it.

With regard to the mask, you asked for something that does not exist. There is a Swift FX Nano. The Resmed Airfit P10 is a similar and very popular mask. It is normally sold with three different size pillows in the package that can be fitted to the frame. If you didn't get all three, you should complain to Apria. You might find better fit with a different size. The Airfit head straps adjust according to how close the straps are to each other. Keep the straps close together near the crown of your head for tighter fit. The mask gets looser as you move the straps apart towards the base of your skull and top of your head.

This information should have been communicated to you when you went in. Mask fitting for nasal pillows is a farce. Never fall for it again. The packages always come with multiple sizes so fitting can be done by the end-user.

Apria has a return fit guarantee...use it. Then as I suggested, you have the option to use a different supplier if you can find one in your area.
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Hi David Waples,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon thing with Apria.
Hopefully, you will find another DME in your insurance network.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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I have observed that Apria is much despised.
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(01-22-2015, 02:23 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: With regard to the mask, you asked for something that does not exist. There is a Swift FX Nano. The Resmed Airfit P10 is a similar and very popular mask.


This information should have been communicated to you when you went in. Mask fitting for nasal pillows is a farce. Never fall for it again. The packages always come with multiple sizes so fitting can be done by the end-user.

Actually, the Swift FX Nano is a mini nasal mask on the Swift FX frame....more akin to the AirFit N10 than nasal pillows. I can see them wanting to do a fitting (if they had the right mask).

David, if they gave you the AirFit P10 (nasal pillows) then there isn't really a fitting...they either work or they don't and they are supposed to come with the various sizes of pillows for fitting. If they gave you the N10 (nasal mask) there is a potential for more fitting... *BUT* if they just plopped the mask on the counter (regardless of which one), then it wasn't a fitting. Check with insurance....if they submit a bill for a fitting that didn't happen, then it is something the insurance will want to know about (it is fraud to charge for services not provided).

Regardless, when you are on the phone with them flagging the fitting that wasn't, get a list of the DME's "in network" in your area and see if they will allow you to do anything out of network (i.e. internet or other local DME's) and submit the bills....it will give you additional options and could be cheaper for them.


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the Apria location I went to you don't even have masks that you can try on they have masks you can look at I also fired Apria after about 3 months which cost me 3 months in copays and I was still dealing with them a year later to correct their billing errors and from what I understand they may have gotten it all done now and it's been a year and one month but I have never been happier to get rid of them even though the company I'm using now has never gotten any of my orders correct they are still better than Apria
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I contacted my insurance company and they gave me a list of company names that I never heard of. I tried searching for information about them and could find very little. I found more negative reviews about Apria though. Anyway, the companies my insurance company gave me are...

American Home Patient
Edgepark Medical Supplies
Landauer Metropolitan
Meddling Healthcare
US Medical

Has anyone had any experience with any of these?

The other option I was looking at was going through somebody like Supplier #1, paying for it, and then filing a claim with my insurance company which is Aetna. Has anyone had any experience with that?

Thanks again
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Except for masks, which are a prescription item, I buy most of my supplies online and just pay out of pocket.
One reason -- My DME sends me no-name filters that do not fit as well as those with the Brand Name.
I'm on US Medicare so I am required to use a competitive bid winner as a DME; reimbursement is not an option under my circumstances.

I think some of our members have had bad experiences with #4 on your list...
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Yeah, you do.

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(01-22-2015, 02:48 PM)justMongo Wrote: I have observed that Apria is much despised.

I went out of the country a couple weeks ago. Apria decided maybe a week before I went to start calling me and called me all through the 10 days I was out of the country. This despite a frantic (well annoyed) text to my husband who went through their voice mail hell and finally got a manager who assured him that they would put me on their no call list.

A week back and I am still getting near daily calls from them. I've half a mind to demand they reimburse me for an extra charges I incurred on my phone bill for their calls that I don't even want!

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