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I really think my sleep apnea is killing me. :(
If you can find a source for a reader, I suggest you use ResScan since it has the drivers for the reader.
Make sure your kluged mask does not cover the vent holes; or you'll be rebreathing CO2.

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(06-17-2016, 07:59 AM)justMongo Wrote: Make sure your kluged mask does not cover the vent holes; or you'll be rebreathing CO2.

Good catch! Could this be the source of headaches and dizzyness?
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(06-17-2016, 06:57 AM)Sleeprider Wrote:
(06-17-2016, 05:45 AM)Weird Tolkienish Figure Wrote: The card reader is a lot cheaper than a new machine. There's a chance you just need to do something simple like up the minimum pressure. And if you do get a new machine, you will still want a card reader to analyze how well it's working.

Your machine now might even be fine. We'd (well the propellerheads on the forum, not me) need to see the data no matter what.

WTF, actually the Resmed smartcard reader for the S8 costs about $55 plus shipping, and is money probably better spent elsewhere than a legacy machine. The S8 does not distinguish between clear and obstructive apnea, and that distinction would be one of the more important ones to determine.

[Image: bert1.jpg]

Thanks My mistake. I thought this machine was one of the newer ones!
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That is a very good thought!

Higher concentrations can affect respiratory function and cause excitation followed by depression of the central nervous system. A high concentration can displace oxygen in the air. If less oxygen is available to breathe, symptoms such as rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, clumsiness, emotional upsets and fatigue can result. As less oxygen becomes available, nausea and vomiting, collapse, convulsions, coma and death can occur. Symptoms occur more quickly with physical effort. Lack of oxygen can cause permanent damage to organs including the brain and heart.

Carbon Dioxide
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all the best and hang in there
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You can get a USB card reader at any dollar store for a buck.

I agree you should get your machine working, but a used auto machine would be a wise investment for you especially if you have no health insurance. But honestly with the help from this forum and Sleepyhead software you should be better off than letting the BS heath jerks overcharge and misinform you as many here have experienced.

I was having difficulties with my cpap and when I went to an auto unit I found it much better. The autos let you set a minimum and maximum pressure. I set mine at 11-16. From Sleepyhead I can see my pressure will be at 11 for some of the time, but fluctuates between 11-13.
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The simple fact that you bothered to search out this forum and join is good news! You're only 31 and have so much more ahead of you! Other than what you've written, I don't know your financial situation, but it sounds like you are personally getting desperate over your medical situation. Maybe you should take a look and see if you can swing a new machine. Supplier #2 sells both gently used and new-open box machines and good ones for as low as $349 and even the used ones come with low hours and a 6 month warranty.

So if you can afford it, you might want to consider it. It's an investment in your health and welfare. Good luck whatever you decide!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Totally agree with all!! Hang in there - get a working machine (I bought one from secondwindcpap = fantastic!) and listen to the advice given here. The forum will give you tips and advice that is informed and carefully thought-out from people who have first hand experience.

Im not sure how the USA system works in terms of insurance etc (in Aust medicare covers some of the doctor's costs and private health insurance re-emburses around $500 for the machine purchase) but 'gentle used' machines (see recommended suppliers) can be purchased without a prescription and the prices are very good. As for access to a sleep specialist - perhaps your family's GP could help monitor etc ??

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So many replies. I honestly wasn't expecting it. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. It really means a lot.

As far as anything blocking the vent holes, I only have tape on the part where the clips are since they broke a few years back. So there's definitely nothing covering them.

I think the card reader will be a good place to start so I can at least get a better idea of how I'm actually 'sleeping' at night (if you could call it that). The auto machine sounds like it may even be more beneficial... But unfortunately money is pretty tight right now. Even a $350-$400 investment is too steep at this particular moment. Did I read correctly that a used machine can be purchased without a prescription? Or were you just saying that having insurance isn't necessary? What do you guys mean by "Supplier #2"?
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Quote:Did I read correctly that a used machine can be purchased without a prescription? Or were you just saying that having insurance isn't necessary?

As I understand it, a prescription is required to purchase a machine (even a second-hand one) in the US. People have been known to get them through "irregular" channels such as Craig's List, but this is not strictly legal.

Quote:What do you guys mean by "Supplier #2"?

At the top of each page in this forum there is a series of links in bold black text (just under the logo). Click on "Suppliers list", then select supplier number 2. For reasons I won't go into (but which potentially involve lawyers) we don't allow direct links to suppliers in the forums and refer to them by their place in the suppliers list.
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