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I snore, therefore I mouth breath?
Prior to using cpap therapy my husband claimed he could hear my snoring in the basement which is directly under our bedroom. From time to time he will tell me in the morning, "I could hear you snoring last night, did you remove your mask?" About 95% of the time now since using the P10 mask and medium pillows, hubby does not complain about me snoring. He is pleased to be able to get a good night's sleep w/o listening to my snoring.
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(03-13-2015, 12:39 PM)ClarkK Wrote: I was a snoring mouth breather before CPAP -- now I'm so quiet on nasal pillows with my mouth shut, my wife checks to see if I'm still breathing.

Yep same here use to Rock the House, Now the Wife does that, I sleep like a baby, yes I feel the wife hand on my chest once and awhile so I know she's checkin. Smile, Total nose breather now.
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Hmm, now you guys have me thinking I can actually make the change, I'm glad I raised this question. My numbers have gotten progressively better in the 3.5 months of CPAP. I'm finally seeing AHI under 5. A few nights anyways, any chance moving to nasal pillows will help my AHI?
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(03-14-2015, 01:21 AM)sumzzzs Wrote: Hmm, now you guys have me thinking I can actually make the change, I'm glad I raised this question. My numbers have gotten progressively better in the 3.5 months of CPAP. I'm finally seeing AHI under 5. A few nights anyways, any chance moving to nasal pillows will help my AHI?

I have found that wearing a full face mask increases my AHI and results in the need to increase pressure vs. wearing the cloth nasal mask or nasal pillow mask. Obviously, I can't guarantee that wearing nasal pillows will help your AHI but I don't think my experience is uncommon.

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For all you folks who don't know you snore - if you've got a phone that can record (surely that's all of 'em now?), record yourself at night. I have a smartphone (Samsung S4) that has a voice recording app and plenty of space as long as you remember to clear off old files, and can record several full nights of sleep. My recording format of preference is m4A as seems best quality.

For analysis, I copy the files to my PC and use AVS Audio Editor (you can open files in the free version to look at) and check the waveforms for when things are going on. Helps a lot.
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I used the sleep bot app on my iPhone. It dutifully recorded my wife and dog snoring, but it turns out I don't produce audible noise while on the machine. A good screening device, but I didn't find it useful enough to keep.
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I've tried these movement recording type apps, and also didn't find them useful enough. Particularly that they cut out the silences on the audio track and I'm sure they don't pick up movement that well. What I use is just a simple audio recorder. Creates a 300mb odd file on M4a format but if seen in an audio editor like AVS or Audacity, you can find your non-breathing events - importantly the long silences. That's how I twigged I definitely had SA. Having a recording of yourself snoring like a trooper and then going silent for 1 min 20s then suddenly gasping for breath is a bit disconcerting to say the least. I'm using the same process now to spot mouth breathing with my pillows. When my oximeter is delivered I'll match all the data up and see what I hear Big Grin .
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Don't know about all this.... Yesterday when we were out I left my video camera on to record what the puppies were up to while being "home alone." Then when we came back, I copied the files to my computer and played the beginning of the recording. The little one got terrifically upset! My goodness, she was distraught! I'm not sure if she was upset because of the little dog that somehow got trapped in my computer, or if she was that indignant over having her "space" violated. But whatever, it took a long time to calm her down. I guess I'm going to have to move my computer to the garage if I want to hear the "puppy movie."

Anyhow, back on point: I'm just not sure how she might react if I were to record me and put it in the computer. On the other hand, she might think it's fine that I would be locked up with that other dog.

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If the seal fails on my face mask or the cpap stops during the night because of power failure......the neighbors call 911 thinking there's an earthquake going on.....Lol
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(03-13-2015, 12:20 PM)retired_guy Wrote: Since beginning cpap therapy, one of the nice results is I no longer have to have the bedroom ceiling re-plastered everytime I take a nap.

I think as Sleeprider pointed out, you can snore with your mouth closed or open. Certainly in my case I was an equal opportunity snorer.

I do not do that anymore. Thank you Mr. Cpap.

It stopped when I got the apnea controlled. First using a nasal mask and full face mask, then moving to a pillows mask. I've been using the P10 just about since it came out and I don't see any re-occurrence of snoring on my charts.

Sometimes your chart will show "snoring" when actually something else, like mask leaks, is going on.

But, if you need confirmation and since you don't have a partner right now, we could ask "Mansehen" to pop over and listen outside your bedroom window...........

Good one Retired Guy, ceiling plaster!

I could listen outside the window for sure but that wouldn't tell us if his mouth is open or not, cause we've had sworn testimony here that some folk snore with their cake holes shut. That said perhaps he could ask the Lunesta Moth to flutter by and see if it's open?

Why does the OP want to know if their mouth is open? I personally believe one can learn to more or less keep mouth shut in order to use nasal pillows, at the very least with chin straps. It is certainly worth a try before assuming full face maskdom.

The Hen, now taking bookings for window listenings but I've got to be back to the coop before the rooster crows!
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