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I stop breathing when I use my Auto A-Flex
Hello members! Another Newbie here. I apologize if this has been answered.
When I put my Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex on (using pillows) I quit breathing at times. I wake up tearing my mask off gasping for air. I know I quit breathing sometimes at night before I got the machine but it did not wake me up. I must be getting less air with the machine. My pressure is set at 7 and I am using the heated humidifier set at 2 (that's comfortable).
I have been having a hard time breathing out (exhaling).
It''s 2AM right now and I every time I doze off I quit breathing and wake up. Last night I slept most of the night until about an hour before I was to wake up and ran out of air (same settings). So why can't I breathe tonight and could most of the night last night I wonder?
I may have to sleep without it a night just to get a little rest.
Ideas and opinions appreciated.
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It sure sounds like your pressure isn't set right, or your machine is broken. You have an Autoset machine but you say that your pressure is set to 7 which is pretty low. Most autoset machines, when set to auto, are set for a range of pressures like 6-14, which is what my machine is set to. I start off at 6, and throughout the night it automatically changes pressure settings to meet my needs. My machine tells me that 90% of the time my pressure is around 11. It sounds like you need to ensure that your machine is adjusted to meet your needs. This can be accomplished by your DME or your doctor. Failing that, the clinician manual for your machine is probably available that we allow you to adjust these settings yourself.

Waking up gasping for air is NOT normal when undergoing CPAP therapy. Get it fixed.
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If your machine has an EPR setting, you can also change that. My new machine has it and I use it...it makes it easier to breath out, and now I feel like I am breathing as I normally would.
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I have the same machine and my beginning setting is also set at 7. My auto range is 7-14. I agree it should be set on auto. maybe it is set without auto. You should never be waking up gasping for air because that is what a c-pap fixes. It provides the air you need to keep them open. Go see you DME asap. As for adjusting machine, it was too complicated for me to try to up my beginning number. It is the pressure you begin with while still awake. This can be fixed easily. The reason we use c-paps is because w do stop breathing or it is obstructed when we sleep. See your DMR asap. You are suffering needlessly. I also have the pillows and they fit well with no leaks until I need to replace them.
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Tex.. you shouldn't have a hard time exhaling with only a 7 pressure. There isn't much resistance there, however it does take a period of adjustment for a new CPAP user to overcome the sometimes claustiphobic sensation. Do you have the operators manual that came with the machine? If so there are paragraphs that relate to exhaleration and how to cope with it. Respronics has a system that they call Cflex. It is available to help the user overcome the pressure to exhale comfortably. It can be accessed by the on/off wheel. Turn the wheel to the right and highlight the CFLEX screen. Then push the knob down and select 1, 2, or 3 cflex. 1 is minimum relief, with 3 being the most relief. Push knob to select your choice and then back to return to the therapy screen. The machine does not have to be on to make this change.
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Did you mean A Flex the name of machine or the feature? That would make a difference. I did not kn ow what AS Flex was when I replied; now I know it is a feature. I will let others bettrer qualified to reply.
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(06-05-2012, 01:44 AM)Texasaaa Wrote: When I put my Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex on (using pillows) I quit breathing at times. I wake up tearing my mask off gasping for air.

Are you mouth-leaking? That is, when you wake up to you have air hissing out of your mouth? Leaks like this render the CPAP ineffective and it therefore cannot prevent your obstructive apneas. These could be waking you up. Check to see what your percent time in large leak is.

Quote:I have been having a hard time breathing out (exhaling).

Set A-Flex to the maximum setting of 3.

Discuss these problems with your doctors and equipment provider. They should be able to help you resolve them.
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I would also make sure that the nasal pillows are not squished by over tightening the headgear. With headgear on but not attached to the main hose, your breathing should be close to normal. Being a newbie my self, I just figured this out last night after having the same problem you mentioned. I would also check the pillow itself to see if the inner part is not squished. Good luck!

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Yes, make sure the nasal pillows are too tight....when mine are, its as if the mask is pinching my nose shut.....

OTOH, I didn't like C-Flex on my CPAP....the machine trying to anticipate my breathing was interfering with my breathing.

Don't know if its still the case, but its one of the things you normally can't turn on and off yourself. If its on, you can vary its level. But, to turn it on and off required going into the other menu on my machine....which is one of the benefits of this board. Big Grin

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