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My son went into the hospital last night as he was having surgery on his knee early this morning. When we got him settled in last night the respiratory therapist came in and set him up with a BiPap machine, got it programmed and he went to sleep, all was well. The therapist said his sleep apnea is noted in his patient care flow chart and once the breathing tube from surgery was removed they would place his mask back on him while he was in recovery and however long it took for him to wake up. So he goes in for surgery, we wait and worry and then afterward we were allowed to go to his room. I heard alarms chiming as i walked in and i find my son with his arms and legs tied down, no BiPap on and his oxygen saturation was at 77% and he was obviously having apnea when we walked in. I blew up went and found a nurse who told me they could not figure out why he was moving around so much after surgery SO THEY JUST TIED HIM DOWN. After I told her he needs pap therapy she told me he would have to wait for the respiratory therapist as that was not her job. I went and found the hospital administrator and asked why people were working there if its not their job.

Just wanted to rant a bit as I am still sitting in Carters room waiting for physical therapist to come to give him discharge exercises to do. Be careful when going to the hospital, there most likely are others out there who think something as important as reading a chart is not their job.

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Better she could have said, that's not my area of authority but I will see to it that the proper person is notified immediately.

Also you must realize that the person/persons who restrained him either had the authority or asked for permission from someone who did and it all happened under the standard of care being practiced at that hospital. The administrator will likely check that out since risk management is something they also take seriously.

I'm glad it turned out better from there on and it's all behind you now, even the ranting...which is good release. The whole learning experience, albeit a dangerous one, may serve you well in some future situation.
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SO glad you were there for your son. I am of the FIRM belief that every ill/hospitalized person needs a patient advocate.
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A hospital is the best place to go to GET SICK.
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Anytime someone is in the hospital and is unable to tend to their needs they should have a family member or close friend there to make sure that their needs are made clear and taken care of. You never know what can happen when you aren't able to speak for yourself.
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my sister has a disease and even when she gets really sick with one of the side affects from this disease, she will not go to the hospital if she can keep from it because of the very reason that people can get sick or get MRSA or worse when in the hospital. she is smart enough to go if she is in need of hospitalization. glad you were able to be there for your son and catch what was going on.
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Sorry to hear your son received such poor treatment in the hospital, with the apnea noted they should have been able to provide better care.
For my knee surgery, I asked and was able to take my own CPAP machine. My husband set it up next to me, and if needed I could have reached it myself.
I hope your son is feeling better,
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I would file a formal complaint on this one. It was noted on his chart to start bipap as soon as they removed the tube, and they did not do that. That's an error on the hospital that could have had catastrophic repercussions. They need their hands slapped so perhaps next time they'll follow their own orders.
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The devil may be in the details...the ones we don't have. If he was flailing around to the extent that he had to be restrained, it would make it hard to install a mask and expect to get effective treatment for apnea. I think that will be their defense argument, justified or not, we don't know.
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it was the same flailing he did during his apnea periods on his sleep study.
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