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IS Resmart CPCP machine any good?
From Supplier #1: RESmart™ Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex with Heated Humidifier $329.00
[Image: RESmartAuto-CPAPwithHumidifier.jpg]

The RESmart™ Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex with Heated Humidifier offers advanced features for therapy comfort and success. RESlex™ Exhalation Relief makes breathing out against the air flow easier while the Auto-Adjusting technology provides optimum therapy pressure on a breath by breath basis. Advanced data is available on the screen each morning or access the data remotely using iCode. The integrated Heated Humidifier is included to maximize therapy comfort.

Manufactured by 3B Products. 1% of AutoCPAP Machine product buyers choose this product.

Product Features

RESmart Auto CPAP Machine is an auto adjusting machine that delivers a therapy air stream at the optimum air pressure based on the user's needs throughout the night.

RESlex Pressure Relief
Auto-Adjusting Technology & Sensitivity Setting
iCode™ Advanced Data
iPhone and Android Apps Available
365 Days of On Board Memory
Auto On-Off Feature
Auto Altitude Compensation
Power Off Alert
Leak Alert
Integrated Heated Humidifier Included
Easy Carry Handle

Therapy Comfort: Auto-Adjusting and Pressure Relief

The RESmart Auto CPAP uses auto-adjusting technology to provide the best level of pressure for effective therapy. The machine adjusts the delivered air flow based on information gathered on a breath by breath basis. The pressure range is set in the Clinical Menu with MaxAPAP being the highest pressure and Treatment Pressure being the lowest pressure.

Sensitivity Setting, a feature unique to the RESmart Auto CPAP, allows the user to set the responsiveness level of the auto-adjusting algorithm. It offers settings 1 through 5 with 1 being a "soft" adjustment and 5 being a "hard" adjustment. "Soft" means that the adjustment will be applied over a longer period of time and "hard" means it will be applied more quickly. The machine is set to a default setting of 3 or mid-range Sensitivity Setting.

RESlex is a therapy comfort feature that reduces the air stream pressure during exhalation making it easier to breathe out against the flow. RESlex can be set to a level of 0, 1, 2, or 3 with 3 being the largest drop in pressure at exhalation. The default setting for RESlex is 0, or 'off. See the Important Tips tab for information on accessing the Patient Menu to set RESlex setting.

Therapy Data and iCode

iCode information maybe entered here: iCode Report Site. https://www.bmc-icode.com/

Access advanced data remotely! The RESmart iCodes are displayed in the patient menu. View a sample of the RESmart iCode Report showing: http://f409096db18d4d4c5ac8-7518c0400f86...pdated.pdf

Days Count
Days of Therapy Greater Than 4 Hours
% of Days with Therapy Greater Than 4 Hours
Average Daily Compliance
Average Pressure for 95% of Treatment
Mean Pressure
AHI Apnea-Hypopnea Index
SNI Snore Index

The RESmart holds 365 days of information in the on board memory. When the data storage is full the oldest data drops off to make room for the new information. iCodes are available for:

1 Day
7 Days
30 Days
90 Days
182 Days
365 Days

View the RESmart iCode Quick Reference Sheet for more information on iCode functions. http://f409096db18d4d4c5ac8-7518c0400f86...erence.pdf

Smart Phone Apps - iPhone & Android

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, the manufacturer of the RESmart Auto offers the free 3B/BMC iCode App. Search iTunes or GooglePlay to locate and download the application.

Available Alert and Auto Functions

In addition to auto-adjusting technology and Sensitivity Setting, RESmart offers a number of automatic features making it comfortable, reliable and easy to use. Auto Alert functions can be changed in the set up menu.

Auto On-Off starts the therapy session with breathing into the mask and turns off when breathing into the mask stops.
Auto Altitude Compensation adjusts between sea level and 8202 feet. If desired, the altitude can be manually set to 3 levels - see the Specs tab for details. Manually setting the altitude compensation may be helpful for users living at very high altitudes.
Power Off Alert sounds if the power to the device is interrupted during use.
Auto Leak Alert notifies the user of an open air circuit with an audible tone.

Heated Humidifier

The RESmart heated humidifier snaps onto the front of the device using the same power supply as the machine. Set the humidifier between 1 and 5 based on desired therapy humidification level. The RESmart chamber is designed to avoid flow of water back into the machine from the humidifier reducing the chance of water damage to the machine.

Important Tips

Review the Quick Reference Sheet RESmart Auto & CPAP for help with settings. http://f409096db18d4d4c5ac8-7518c0400f86...ESmart.pdf

The RESmart iCode Quick Reference Sheet offers information on iCode functions and reports. http://f409096db18d4d4c5ac8-7518c0400f86...erence.pdf

RESmart machines use a standard, 22mm hose and are not compatible with 15mm hoses.

RESlex Setting: The default setting for RESlex is turned off with a setting zero. RESlex is set in the Patient Menu. To access the Patient Menu:

With the machine turned off, press and hold the Ramp button.
The "Heater" setting will appear in the window.
Step through the settings by pushing the "+" button. RESlex is the seventh setting.
To change the RESlex setting, press the Ramp button one time, on the display screen a square next to the setting number will flash indicating it is active.
Pressing the "+" and "-" buttons select the desired level of RESlex. 0=Off; 1= the least drop in pressure at the time of exhalation; 3= the most drop in pressure at the time of exhalation.
Press the Ramp button once to set the RESlex setting.
Step through the remaining 6 menu items by pressing the "+" button until reaching the word "SAVE"
Press the Ramp button to LOCK IN any changes made. The screen will display will return to the ready mode.
NOTE - If the settings are not locked in with SAVE the changes will not be in place when using the machine.

DelayOff with Humidifier Usage: If a humidifier was used during the therapy session, the machine will continue blowing in a 'DelayOff' mode at a very low pressure to cool off the heating elements. This is normal operation for the RESmart line of machines. This feature can be changed in the Patient Menu as detailed above for RESlex. Look for the feature "DelayOff."

When "Enable" is selected, a machine with humidifier will run at a low pressure to cool and dry the machine. When "Disable" is selected, a machine with a humidifier will turn off when the therapy session is ended.

Range for auto-adjusting: The RESmart Auto machine refers the pressure range with the terms MaxAPAP (highest pressure) and Treatment Pressure (lowest pressure). Some manufacturers call these the Max and Min pressures. The machine will adjust to the optimum pressure between the two. When in auto-mode, the pressures displayed on the screen under the word "Ramp" and the ramp time are the starting "Ramp" pressure on the left and the Treatment, or minimum, pressure on the right.

Filter Change: Remove the filter cover by depressing the tab on the bottom of the cover and pulling up on the flare at the bottom of the cover. Insert the filter with the smooth, flat side facing INTO the machine. The textured side of the filter will be showing when installed correctly. Snap the filter cover back in place. Never install a wet filter.

Humidifier Chamber: The humidifier chamber is sealed and cannot be taken apart. It is recommended to fill and empty the chamber through the top port. Alternately, the silicone plug on top of the chamber can be removed to allow emptying. To replace the silicone plug, set the chamber on a hard, even surface, line up the tabs with the holes on the chamber and press firmly downward.

CPAP Power Options

NOTE: Using the RESmart with DC power requires an Inverter such as 400 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter. When calculating the run time of a battery source consider that the inverter itself will draw power during usage. Using the heated humidifier with a battery will further reduct

This Product Includes...

RESmart Auto-CPAP Machine
Heated Humidifier for RESmart Auto-CPAP
6 Ft Hose (22mm)
Carry Case
Power Cord
2 Disposable Filters -1 Installed & 1 Extra

Product Specifications
Machine & Humidifier Warranty 2 years
Pressure 4 to 20 cm H2O
Ramp Time 0 to 60 min. (5-min. increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure 4 to min pressure
Machine Dimensions 8.7"L x 7.6"W x 4.4"D
Machine and Humidifier Dimensions 12.3"L x 7.6"W x 4.4"D
Machine Weight 3 lbs 8.44 oz (1.6 kg)
Machine & Humidifier Weight 5 lbs 4.66 iz (2.4 kg)

Filter Disposable - Dual Filtration

Sound level ≤30 dBA

Operating Altitude Sea level to 8202 ft
Manual Altitude Settings Can be used in addition to r Auto Altitude Adjustment

0 = less than 2460 ft
1 = 2460 to 4921 ft
2 = 4921 to 8202 ft

Tubing Standard 6 Ft Hose, Flexible plastic, 22mm inner diameter

Device Set-Up Control Panel Push Buttons

Humidification Integrated Heated Humidifier or Pass-over Humidifier

DC Power Use with Inverter

Data Storage Capacity Display: 365 days summary data

Temperature Range for Operation of Machine 41 to 86° F (5-30° C)

Humidifier Temperature Output Settings 1 - 5 (104° to 149° F)

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(07-09-2013, 05:35 PM)zonk Wrote: ...
Auto On-Off starts the therapy session with breathing into the mask and turns off when breathing into the mask stops.

Umm, isn't "breathing into the mask stops" also the definition of an apnea event? And that turns the machine off?!

(07-09-2013, 05:35 PM)zonk Wrote: ...
Operating Altitude Sea level to 8202 ft

Good luck to you at 8203 ft altitude!

I don't think this product description was well proof-read.
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(07-09-2013, 05:42 PM)RonWessels Wrote:
(07-09-2013, 05:35 PM)zonk Wrote: ...
Operating Altitude Sea level to 8202 ft

Good luck to you at 8203 ft altitude!

Or in any of these places below sea level...
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it is the perfect machine !! you will never stop breathing in your sleep again cause it is SO NOISY you will not be able to sleep. I had a different brand one for 4 weeks on loan and got the RESmart this week … really disappointing !!!
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Hi Blackwid0,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your new machine.
You might see if you can send it back and exchange it for one that will be better for you.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck.
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I started my therapy with a 3B medical apap because all my prescription specified was an auto cpap. My DME must have thought that would make them the most profit. I didn't know any better until I came to this site, it did the job just didn't have the card to see the data. I did not ever see the serial port adapter mentioned anywhere. I used it for 8 months no problems. I bought a S9 autoset used for the data reporting and do like it better, humidifier easy to empty and fill and it is more quiet I think. So my 3B med unit is a good backup, don't know if I would suggest someone buying new but the price is low and if that is the only worry I guess people will.
Good luck and keep reading, this site is the best thing I've done to see the whole picture and strive for the best treatment I can get.
Doc J
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Thanks trish6hundred and Doc J

I was not given a choice in the first place, my MD referred me to a sleep lab and they then "sorted everything out" ... they contacted the medical aid and provided quotes ect as I am on medical aid. I was only provided with a copy of the test results and that was explained.
I had NO knowledge of machines or types of machines and nothing was explained to me either (although I am learning fast).

The medical aid pays through the sleep lab (although they only pay about 50% of the cost of the machine) and I do not have any say in this. The sleep lab stone walled me for obvious reasons and is leaving me in the dark. And yes, I also HAVE to have "auto" too.

I received the "brand new" RESMart machine with scratches on the casing ... to me it says a lot about quality control.

The machine constantly sounds like a jet taking off (or fan spinning up and stop and spin up and stop) every time I breathe in ... the guy from the sleep lab now told me it is my lungs wheezing (I am convinced that I will be able to have a GOOD laugh about this in the near future).

Thank you for having a forum like this and I am sure I'll be able to find answers for my questions and learn a LOT more.

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What a world, that I am sharing anything with someone from South Africa is a crazy thought. I do enjoy this forum it is the best info I've seen and knowledge is king.

Good luck BlackWid0 and if your ever in Nebraska look me up...... Later Doc J
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Actually, the 3B/BMC unit is sold in 120 countries. While relatively new to the U.S., BMC had its start as a manufacturer of sleep lab polysomnography equipment, and then as an OEM manufacturer. The use of "RES" is just about every manufacturer's products has a very simple explanation.... "RESpiration (i.e. ResMed, Respironics, Respcare, Respicare, RESmart, RESlex, etc.).

In terms of noise level, the unit tests at 28 db which is extremely quiet.

The units report have full clinical efficacy and compliance reporting, one of the easiest menu systems, and one of the lowest warranty return rates in the industry. Anyone with questions is invited to email at info@3Bproducts.com. We'd be happy to help with any questions, comments, or compliance issues. You're also invited to PM me. 3B/Customer Service Rep
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(08-17-2014, 03:48 PM)3Bmedical Wrote: Actually, the 3B/BMC unit is sold in 120 countries. While relatively new to the U.S.
Hi 3Bmedical, welcome to Apnea Board
Please, can explain the price difference between U.S and Australia
Mask is included in Australia but BMC masks are not that expensive

RESmart Auto Adjusting CPAP Machine with Humidifier
U.S: $375.00
Australia: $999.00

RESmart Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine with Humidifier
U.S: $275.00
Australia: $799.99

U.S: Supplier #10
Australia: CPAP Sales

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