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Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
I'm using SH 1.1.0 on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3
I've successfully imported data for first 3 days of use.
On the 4th day I had 2 sleep sessions and successfully imported the first, but the 2nd session won't import, even though I can see the data for the 2nd session inside the directory.
Has anyone encountered this difficulty?
Might it be a glitch in SH, or a constraint in the Resmed System?
I've tried rebuilding, but doesn't help.
Would appreciate any comment or pointers.
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
When importing them, did you do both at the same time? If not, delete the data for that day then import both at the same time.

P.S: Welcome
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
Thanks for getting back so quickly.  
And thanks for your welcome to my 1 st post.
I followed your suggestion assuming that the Purge function = Delete, but the problem persists.
I 'purged' (using Menu/Data/Advanced/Purge Current Selected Day) for the partial day and the previous day.
I then attempted to Import from SD Card, pointing at the Catalog folder.  When this failed I also pointed at the daily folders. but that also failed.
I quit SH and repeated above, to no effect.
I then used the Menu/Data/Rebuild CPAP Data function and was able to recover the deleted sessions, but still unable to import data for latest day, even though it is present in the the daily data file on the SD Card?
Any other thought Crimson Nape?
Thanks again.
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
You need to point SleepyHead to the root of the data.  If you are importing the data directly from the SD card, then you would point SH to the drive letter/name/designator.  IF you are importing from a data archive directory on your computer (Highly Recommended), then you would point it to the directory name.  SD cards can, and do, go bad in a heartbeat.
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
Thank you for your further advice.

I'm an Apple Mac user, so need some help to follow your instructions because some of the terminology is unfamiliar to me.  I've still not succeeded with importing the data since the first of two sleep sessions on 21March, so I'll list the steps I've taken to see if you can point out my error.

I've attached two images which show the contents first of the SD Card, named NO NAME, and the second image is of the copy of the 'DATALOG' folder from the SD Card made to the hard drive on my Mac.  I have assumed that 'DATALOG is the 'root directory' that you refer to. The images are: 

1. The SD Card named NO NAME.jpg
2. Copy of the DATALOG directory renamed to include day and date.jpg
As you can see the folders and files are there on both the SD Card, and in the copy of the DATALOG folder on my hard drive, for all the dates since I collected the ResMed S10 on 18March.

I have tried importing by pointing to "DATALOG Sun Data for 23Mar19" which is the renamed copy of  DATALOG form the SD Card.
I've also pointed to DATALOG on the SD Card.

Neither of the attempted imports were successful.

Can you see where I've gone wrong?
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
I haven't tried yet (a Windows user) but do not rename anything on the SD Card.  Place the entire, unaltered contents of the SD card in a new folder named "DATALOG Sun Data for 23Mar19" which starts with "DATALOG" within it
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
I use Windows and Linux.  I'm trying to borrow an Apple to see what it looks like to better answer your question.  I guessing here but when you insert the SD card in your Apples's card reader, I would expect it to display some type of name for it.  This could be either on the desktop or in your file browser.  This name is the root to use.  

It's approaching midnight as I right this and people get a little testy when you ask to borrow their computer this time of night.  .  .

. . . OK!, when I insert the SD card, it appears as "NO NAME"  on the desktop and also under Locations on the Finder file viewer.  That is the root directory name you want to provide SleepyHead with.  DATALOG is a sub-directory off of NO NAME.

Good Luck!
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
Thanks Bonjour, but I'm still missing something.  

Following your advice, as I understand it:
  1. On my Mac I created a folder in which to archive copies of the SD Card, named "ResMed SD Card Archive".
  2. Within that I created a folder for today's copy, named "ResMed SD Card 190323".
  3. I dragged the entire contents of the SD Card and dropped it into todays folder, i.e. 'ResMed SD Card 190323' as above.
  4. This image shows the contents of todays folder containing the top view of the contents copied from the SDCard including the DATALOG,     
  5. This image shows the same with 2 of the DATALOG subfolders open to show that the data is present,    
However, whether I point the SleepyHead importer to the DATALOG in my archive, or in the SD Card, the import fails, as shown in this image,      .

Where am I going wrong?
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
OK after reading your last post, you need to open the SD card, select everything, copy, and paste those contents directly into your "ResMed SD Card Archive" directory. Do not create any new directories under the main name. Allow the existing files in your PC's directory to be overwritten with the newer ones because they are updated daily, using the same file name.

The DATALOG folder will add new files each day, containing your sleep data files. Your identification file should stay the same. I think it's the machine's serial number.. The Settings directory is basically a flat file database that stores each day's summary information.

I hope this helps.
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RE: Importing Resmed SD Card Data to SH
Midnight success!

Thanks Crimson Nape! (... and your apple friend.)

I successfully imported all the missing data by pointing to the SD Card which is imaginatively named, "NO NAME".

It seems from what you said in an earlier post that you recommend that I import from a copy of NONAME which is archived on my Mac.  It may be an Apple idiosyncrasy, but if I try to drag and drop the "NO NAME" SD Card into my Mac, it creates an alias folder, which means I can't archive the contents.  So what I've done is created a "NO NAME" folder within the archive folder for today, "ResMed SD Card 190323", and dragged the contents from the SD Card "NO NAME" to my archive folder,  "NO NAME".  

I can't test this until tomorrow when there's new data, but does that seem workable.

Thank you.

OK. Got it!

Will follow this advice.

Thank you again.
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