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Information about CSA...
I have complex (or mixed) Sleep Apnea and recently started using a new ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt SV machine. The Central Apnea events have completely disappeared as well as the OSA events. However, this comes at a cost of greatly increasing my Hypopneas and to a lesser degree, mixed apneas as well. In 24 nights of use so far hypopneas account for more than 90% of all events, with mixed apneas accounting for the other 9-10 %.

Overall my AHI is down a lot. (about 1.75 per night on average) I had one night with an AHI of 0 (Zero). I use the machine 7-8 hours or more each night; and tolerate it much better than the ResMed S9 Autoset I used about the same number of hours each night, so that seems odd.

I still have excessive daytime sleepiness each day even though I am certain I'm getting better sleep. That was one of the justifications for my sleep specialist prescribing the SV Adapt - hoping to reduce or eliminate daytime sleepiness.

Does anyone with sleep apnea (or Complex/Mixed Apnea) have any information on a drug called Modafinil which is the generic name for Provigil? I don't take it but I am considering asking my Dr. about it next visit. It apparently is very effective at dealing with excessive daytime sleepiness.

It seems it's used by quite a few "yuppies," students and other Gen X brainiacs and techies as a drug of choice to help them focus during the day. It's even used by the military as a way to stay awake in combat situations. That's not me at all, but I would gladly use it if it would help my EDS.

I use SleepyHead and ResScan to track my data. SleepyHead is much, much easier and faster to use than ResScan. ResScan does generate nice reports but it takes forever to get them. I export SH data to an Excel spreadsheet where I can study it from many different perspectives.

Ratt Huhsign
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Pete, I have CSA and only use a Auto CPAP rather than a VPAP, the auto seems to fix my obstructive and in turn my centrals are way down, if your AHI average is 1.75 and you sometimes have zero, you are doing very well, not sure what your AHI was at your sleep study. The small AHI's that you have can still be casued by other things like movement or mask leaks if you have any. I asume you have been on CPAP for a while so the daytime sleepiness should have lifted, have they checked for Narcolepsy, my sister has OSA and is still tired and now they are checking for it. Lots of people take Provigil but think you should find out what is causing the daytime sleepiness first.
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Those AHI numbers are using the new machine. They were often much higher on CPAP. About 75% of all events on CPAP were centrals on the old machine. i think my EDS may be hereditary; my mother would fall asleep in 1/4 mile in a car and before the first commercial on a TV program she liked. Hopefully I'll find out soon...
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It could also just be your body catching up. Give it some more time. How long have you been using the ASV?
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Hopefully you will find out soon, the waiting is the hardest part, lots of these illness's are hereditary, may sister and I have OSA and it wouldn't surprise me if my father has it as well.
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My mom had it and after having a stroke, she went in for two sleep studies and obviously, they found that she had severe OSA. My dad has it and "WON'T" get treated for it and, voila, I'm a shoein. After my husband kept moving the bed to get me to quit wrattling the walls, (Ha-Ha-Ha,), I thought it was time in 2008 to get mine treated and haven't regretted it a bit.
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trish6hundred, I moved out of our bedroom before I was diagnosed because I used to kick and toss and turn and would jump 6 inches off the bed, when I was diagnosed with SA, they found I also have PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder) which was probably caused by the lack of oxygen to my brain from the SA. I was given meds but decided not to take them and my CPAP has started to correct that illness as well. I still sleep in a different room as my wife hates my CPAP, but who cares, my life is more important and has cured my depression and I now can live life.
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I moved out of our bedroom for a short time so that my husband could get some sleep.
Its too bad that your wife hates your CPAP but you need to take care of yourself, that's for sure.
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Hello Pete,
Regarding your question about Provigil, I was prescribed this medication after using Nuvigil (150 mg) and complaining to my doctor that it was TOO effective (it kept me wide awake for about 20 hours). The Provigil "only" lasted about 18 hours but the side effects were killing me (uneasy feelings, headache, etc.), so I stopped using it. I only take the Nuvigil when I need to drive a long distance (more than eight hours). To ensure complete alertness for short driving distances (less than eight hours), I take Ritalin (5 mg). It is very effective for me and I have never had a problem with side effects of this drug.
I hope this helps.
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I used Provigil and Nuvigil for about three years, my idiopathic hypersomnia still comes and goes, but neither of those drugs work for me now. I had no side effects on doses up to 400 mg Provigil or 300 mg Nuvigil.
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