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Information on OxiMetry Report
Howdy. New member here.
I bought a CMS50D+. The first night I recorded with no drugs straight out of the box. 8 hours long.
I printed the OxiMetry report using the software included with the oximeter.
Last night I recorded again, with my favourite drugs- Sudafed and a sleeping pill. 7 hours long.
I printed this as well.

What info is important for comparison between the first and second printout? The graph looks roughly the same.

I slept way better with the drugs than without. Without the drugs I wake up with a headache and a poor feeling [medical terminology].
I dont take the drugs every night- it's more of a treat to myself. I dont want to get used to them so that I would have to increase the dosage.

P.S. Not having a time set in the recording is a pain.
The sleeping pill is "doctor prescribed".
Sudafed is Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride
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Hi breathfull,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for answers to your questions and best of luck to you.
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Do you have a problem breathing through your nose, for example is your nose stopped up when you wake up in the morning? Waking with a headache is sometimes caused by O2 deprivation during sleep and should be checked out by your doc. Taking a sleep aid wouldn't normally be advised in that condition but when you report that the headaches aren't occuring when you use the double treatment of a sleep aid along with Sudafed, it could point to a sinus condition that might be giving you a breathing problem at night.

Stick around for one of the resident experts that may have something more to add.
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My nose is stopped at night and is clear by 4AM.
Possibly mildly allergic to my cats. If it's really bad, I use shortened milkshake straws up my nostrils. [about 1 inch long--not as long as John Belushi's]
But the question is what do all the numbers and words mean in the Oximetry Report that runs on the CMS software. Both printouts were different but I dont know where the improvements are. Smile
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Maybe if you publish the data/graphs people could help you interpret it.

I am not an expert about this, but I think that what you need to look for are dips in your SpO2, and dips or spikes in your pulse rate (PR). Then search or ask if the values of these parameters are normal or not. You could also set an alarm to wake you up when these extreme values are reached, so you will wake up and evaluate how you feel when it happen.
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Here are the reports in pdf. second report exceeded 200kb
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(08-14-2014, 07:54 PM)breathfull Wrote: My nose is stopped at night and is clear by 4AM.
Possibly mildly allergic to my cats. If it's really bad, I use shortened milkshake straws up my nostrils. [about 1 inch long--not as long as John Belushi's]

I use and recommend Nasacort (recently release from prescription only to over the counter) for the stuffy nose since one treatment lasts a full 24 hours and is approved for continuous use with no adverse affects. My ENT told me it was safe to use daily for as long as I needed it but not to exceed the recommended dosage, 2 squirts up each nostril once daily.

I tried everything before discovering Nasacort, I have some nose cones (actually tried the straws like you first) that I found to be effective but tended to fall out during the night and were rather uncomfortable. I found Afrin to be very effective but you can't use it over three days lest it turn on you and give you worse problems (rebound effect).

My morning headaches were the main reason I was seeking relief and Nasacort has stopped them completely. I am cursed with not being able to count on mouth breathing when need be. Perhaps I have Bruxism, I don't know, but whatever it is Nasacort lets me breathe easier.

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(08-15-2014, 08:16 AM)breathfull Wrote: Here are the reports in pdf. second report exceeded 200kb

Something is wrong, I can't see your attachment.
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You look for several things.
First is SPO2 events, defined as a 4% drop in O2 saturation (the amount of oxygen in your blood.
Next you look for dips below 88% SPO2 and how much time you spend there.
Then look at Pulse Rate average and spikes. The average is a personal thing, the spikes and dips indicate events (bad things, another medical term).
Finally look at Perfusion Index PI. This tells you if the device was paying attention, or did it fall off your finger, or is it on sideways, etc.

There are magic requirements to post an image. Someone smarter then me will be along to tell you how.
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This should work.

.pdf   pdf010.pdf (Size: 90.6 KB / Downloads: 248)
there are two pages in this pdf.The second one is with drugs.
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