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Initial sleep study results - Doc thinks I may be dead...
(04-10-2015, 09:34 AM)wp6529 Wrote: First night on the S9 AutoSet, 7h 53m and 8.1 AHI. Not bad and certainly a huge improvment over 91 AHI.

Good job WP. Now it's time to download & install Sleepyhead so you can see what is making up that 8.1 AHI. How many OA vs CA vs Hypop's.

If I was prone to guessing, which I am, I would guess that your CA's are quite a bit of that 8.1. That's actually good news, because I expect you will see them calming down all by themselves as you cute little brain things get used to the "new you."

So that being the case, tomorrow morning you may be below that arbitrary and somewhat capricious mark of 5.0 AHI. Which would be fantastic.
I'm using ResScan so I have all the data there I just haven't had time to dig through it yet
A week in and I seem to be doing well, AHIs in the mid single digit range and mostly uninterrupted 7+hr nights. After a few nights I ditched the ramp, a couple more and I increased the min from 6 to 8. I'm not getting any sort of high energy thing, but the chronic fatigue and low level headache seem to be gone and I'm able to get a lot more done each day. Progress I think..

Hey WP, good to hear from you. Yes, it sounds like you're off to a very good start. How about update your sidebar with your machine type, mask type, and all that so we can help you better?

You do need to download the Sleepyhead software and begin reviewing your actual results if you are not doing that yet. With a better idea as to what kind and how many apnea events you are experiencing, and what pressures you are using we may be able to suggest things that will help you on your journey.

But a nice turnaround from where you were!

Good job...
Two and a half weeks in and I'm still doing well. I only had one night where I got a couple hours in then woke up with severe congestion and gave up for the rest of the night. That was after a long day of clearing brush and mowing so presumably some grass allergy kicking in.

The chronic fatigue and low level headache are gone, and I'm finally able to get some exercise and will eventually get back in better shape. A weekend prior to getting the APAP I worked all day trimming trees and clearing brush and at the end I could barely stay awake, the following weekend after the APAP I was physically tired but still wide awake after similar work.

Another thing I've noticed is I need less sleep. When I started the APAP the first night was just shy of eight hours, since then six and a half has become the norm so I've gained an hour and a half of useable time each and every day which is pretty dang significant.

You're doing great wp, thanks for coming back.

Congrats WP! All that fresh air is bound to help you too! Keep up the therapy and let us know how you do!
PS. You can always come up here to do clearing...

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