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Insomnia after 3 weeks on the C Pap
Good evening, I've been on C Pap for 3 weeks and my anxiety has still not lifted. My Dr prescribed me .25mg Xanax but, I don't want to take them because of the high risk of addiction they have and the side effects listed of them. Any one know any natural remedies that are good and don't cause excessive drowsiness?Dont-know
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If one of the Moderators are on I suggest TBlizz's query is a different post to this one and I'm sure there will be others wanting to discuss anxiety and stress and herbal remedies, if they haven't already.
TBlizz, anxiety and stress are something we all have and need, it is the excessive anxiety or stress that causes the problem. Do you know what causes your anxiety, is it the CPAP or something else, you need to get rid of or deal with the cause to get rid of the problem. I agree with your assessment about the Xanax and most meds, doctors prescribe them to get rid of the symptoms but don't fix the cause so the anxiety will aways come back and most times worse. I go to a course each Saturday where we learn to live with and accpt our stress and anxiety through things like meditation, yoga and mindfulness.
I have been off all prescription meds for over a year now as they can be addictive and like I said only mask the fix.
Some herbal things you can take are Valerian and Chamomile tea, the Valerian is good to calm you while you sleep sometimes just Paracetamol will help, I do still suggest you don't take it for long and try to find your cause and fix that. The other thing that has helped me is the meditation, yoga and mindfulness and you don't have to take any pills, the idea it to try to still your mind.
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Thanks, I went to the grocery store & brought the Chamomile tea. The anxiety comes on when I think of going to bed with the C Pap at night & praying that I can learn to sleep on my side & not roll over to my back. I always think I'm going to fail on the machine
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TBlizz, do you have a medical reason as to why you can't sleep on your back? If not, it is fine to sleep on your back with CPAP. This is all in our heads and you will overcome it, just try to relax, put your mask on and go to sleep and enjoy your sleep and don't over think things.
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No medical condition that prevents back sleeping, just all the talk here about sleeping on your side to get good ahi #'s. my ahi stays at 3.0 to 0.98 at the lowest I got 1 night. I still feel exhausted at 3 weeks into C Pap but I probably owe a sleep debt
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Tblizz thanks for clarifying, you can sleep on your side or back or whichever way you prefer, the CPAP adjusts for you because you are using the autoset. You are right about the sleep debt and it takes time to heal, between 3.0 and 0.98 is very good, keep up the good work.
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When I first started on the machine I didn't experience insomnia & now I can't seem to sleep. What is going on?
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TBlizz, I'm splitting this thread off from the "Success Stories" thread as it's evolved into a separate discussion.

Anxiety is a common ailment among those of us with sleep apnea. There are two reasons for this, I think. One is sleep deprivation, we're so tired all the time that we don't have the strength of will to fight it. The other is that we are missing out on the restorative effects of deep sleep. I personally believe that when we sleep and dream we are sorting out the vast amount of information we take in through our senses when we are awake. We can't do that sorting out because we're not spending enough time in deep sleep.

Now, as to your request for a natural sedative and your concern that you not become dependent on a sedative. Those two issues are not at all connected. Natural sedatives, such as opium, are highly addictive.

Take the Xanax that your doctor has prescribed so that you can get some sleep and get yourself sorted out. Once that happens you will be stronger and in a better position to no longer need the sedative. Look at it as a temporary measure.

Your body has had to adjust to life with sleep apnea. Now it has to adjust to life without it. It needs some help.
Apnea Board Moderator

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TBlizz, do you think the insomnia is from the CPAP use or do you have other things going on in your life? I hate the word insomnia, insomnia is a symptom of some another cause, like a runny nose is a symptom of a cold. Anxiety, stress or worry can stop us from sleeping properly. The Xanax may help you in the short term and you would get addicted if your only on it for a few weeks. If we don't won't to get addicted to prescription meds we won't.
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Thanks for the advise! I don't know what I would do without the support here
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