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Inspire Implant : My Journey
RE: Inspire Implant : My Journey
Malloc - Any updates on your Inspire journey? I’m still looking at this and am interested to see how you’re doing.
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RE: Inspire Implant : My Journey
Just over two months in and not much to report at this time. I've worked up enough stimulation tolerance to move forward with the followup titration sleep study, but the labs in this area are backed up due to C19. Increasing the initial delay helped greatly and overall Inspire is still working well for me.
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RE: Inspire Implant : My Journey
Finally had my first titration study on 7/9. The process was simple and quite a bit less stressful than my first in-lab study circa 2013. I remember being nerve wracked the whole time just hoping for some answers, but this time I just went to sleep. They attach a transmitter to you so the tech can play with settings while watching apnea events.

In the morning they gave me back the remote recalibrated to a different range of settings with similar intensity. For example, I had worked my way up to 8 out of 10 until this point and now the previous 8 became 3 so I have more range. I didn’t ask what specific settings needed changing besides intensity since the device has about 20.

Afterwards, my sleep doctor called and was very excited to report that my AHI with optimized settings was down to 1. Yes, all the way down to 1 from low 20’s. I didn’t necessarily feel that much improvement the morning after, but apparently I was somewhat restless in the early part of the actual study. Since then I do notice some improvement at home. Honestly it was working so well before the study I wouldn’t have felt the need to do one.

Overall Inspire has been a life changing and successful experience for me.
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RE: Inspire Implant : My Journey
Since I haven’t posted in awhile and there seems to have been more Inspire interest lately: six months in I’m still doing well with the therapy and basically don’t even notice the device under skin or worry about it. The scars have finally started to noticeably reduce in size and color as well. My mind has become so used to the sensation I actually don’t even need to pause any more in order to fall back asleep.

Inspire ended up reaching out to me for some focus group input which was a very positive experience overall. One piece of feedback shared by most users seems to be the lack of a public community where people can get non curated experiences when they’re considering Inspire (hence one of my motivations for posting here in the first place). Here’s to hoping they listen.

For now, I would encourage prospective Inspire candidates to check out the private Facebook group (it’s not required to have Inspire implant, just have to request access) since there are lots more consolidated user experiences there.
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RE: Inspire Implant : My Journey
Some small updates since I think they might be helpful.

Winter in Colorado is known for being very dry and I've always had more trouble sleeping in winter due to dry mouth. Inspire actually seemed to make this worse since my tongue would often force open my mouth, precipitate dry mouth, then reduce the effectiveness of Inspire. My sleep doctor recommended trying a chin strap or mouth tape to which I was somewhat resistant at first (why do Inspire if I need yet another thing to attach at night right?). After trying and failing at using a chin strap because it kept me awake like CPAP headgear, I gave in and tried mouth taping combined with Inspire. Early verdict: it's actually surprisingly effective and the feeling of tape on the mouth doesn't keep me awake. The only downsides are cost of the brand name strips and the fact that they don't stick through the night if you have more than two days facial stubble.

In other news, since my oral appliance was no longer needed, my dentist strongly suggested I consult with an orthodontist since it had greatly (and negatively) impacted my bite. Turns out two years of dental appliance will require almost two years of orthodontia to correct. Let's just say I'm not so hot on dental appliances anymore since it didn't work out for me and ended up causing problems.
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