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Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
Wow, Wow I am just taken aback by all you have done to help me.  I have have read all everything you wrote and will for sure need to get back to this in the morning when I have coffee and more light.  I also need to think about what you said regarding updates and taking this chromebook back.  You are such a generous person.  I am amazed.  I need to reread your instructions again and again.[Image: thanks.gif]
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook

I guess I've done enough damage for the night.
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
That's a bit strange. I've tried this already on my own systems, and I did't see that. But I am more confident now that you do have the Linux
subsystem, and that we will manage to get it working.

And you haven't done any damage; because this Linux beta is a secure container, it can be deleted and recreated, and in won't have done any damage to the
Chrome OS system.

I'm on the hook to provide installation instructions for the next release of Oscar, so you're actually being a big help by effectively being my test install person.
You came along just in time  Grin

But yes, let's take this up again in the morning.
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
That was the very first screenshot I have ever taken (on purpose) and the only one I have ever been able to put to good use.  I even think I can remember how to do it again.  Which is a big deal for me because as time goes by I want to put up some of my Oscar data and see what I can find out about it.
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
Yes, I haven't done that many Chrome OS screenshots myself.
You probably know that Oscar can take screenshots of itself also, which is what people here usually do, and that also works on Chrome OS.
Although the Google method seems like it would be acceptable for posting Oscar shots as well.

I needed to tell you how to take a Chrome screenshot so I could learn from difficulties you were having.

Along that way, I realize that I had forgotten one of the good features, of Chromebooks, the remote assistance feature. Windows and probably Mac have had this for ages, but the Chrome one is pretty easy to use.

At some point along our journey, We might use it if you're OK with that. Basically it works by asking you to go to a google web page and ask to get remote assistance.
The program then gives you (IIRC) a 12 digit number.
I'm on the phone with you, and you read me the 12 digit number.
I'm on the same web page, asking to give assistance and I type in the 12 digit number.
Your system asks you if you want to accept assistance from me
When you accept, your whole system appears as a window on my system, and my mouse controls your cursor and my keyboard types into your system.

So it's really giving over your machine to someone else, so you you probably don't want to do it with someone you've just met!

For me, it would allow me to get you going more quickly, but the downside is maybe that I wouldn't learn so much about your difficulties, and so i wouldn't be able to
write about them so others wouldn't have the same problems.

So i think it's good that we could use that if we wanted to anyway.

If you can find that black background window, that's going to be the key to getting you going. It should be appearing after you've clicked on the Launcher button (with the circles in it on the bottom left of your screen). like on windows, holding down the alt key while pressing on the tab key will cycle through all the windows that are open, so that may be helpful assuming you're not seeing it because it's under another window. Or the chromebook way to do that would be to press the key on the top row that has the rectangle with the 2 vertical bars just to the right of the rectangle. That shows smaller versions of all the windows.

So let me know on the forum if you can bring the black window up. If you don't manage, I think it may be time to use the remote assistance feature, so have a think about whether you're OK with that.

And if I can be of any assistance if you have questions about Chromebook updates, we can do that by PM.
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
[attachment=20677][attachment=20677]I will keep fooling around with it for a bit, but here is a new scrnshot.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
OK, this is not caused by any of our attempts to install Oscar, this is a problem in the Linux (Beta) subsystem for this particular platform of Chromebook, (specifically "banon").
The Linux (beta) subsystem for all Chromebooks is codenamed "crostini".

Google will fix this eventually, and in fact you may want to file a bug report with Google on this.

I might say that this has nothing to do with Oscar, except that without "crostini" working properly, we won't be able to run Oscar on your Chromebook.
So it's good that you found this.

The Icon shown in your screen shot of the Launcher page, actually the 2 Icons both with the label "Terminal" and the symbols ">_", one that is wider than it is high just under the search bar (That one is there because you recently used it), and the other one that is inside another Icon labelled Linux Apps are both icons that should do the same thing, they would (if they were working correctly) bring up the Linux (Beta) or crostini subsystem and show you the black background.

I'll post a screenshot that shows how it would look.

So basically we're stuck until Google fixes this. It's not broken on any of my Chromebooks or Chromeboxes. (but see last sentence)

So I don't know what your situation is, and I don't need or want to know. But at this point, if you bought this Chromebook at a retail store to which you might still return it, I would find out how long you have left before you can't return it. To me, this is mostly about the short time before updates stop. I won't mention this again unless you ask. It's your business, not mine.

I'm still a fan of what Chromebooks give in terms of cost, security, and relative immunity to viruses, the regular 6 times a year automatic updates, the crostini Linux subsystem which I use a lot, so i don't want to put you off Chromebooks.

That all being said, there is another option available to us.

For Chromebooks, Google has 3 levels of what they call "channels", and most of the time, most users only know about the default channel which is labelled the "stable" channel.
There is also the "beta" channel, and the "dev" channel. (if you google these, you may also find information about what google calls the "developer mode" which is not the same thing as the "dev channel".

These other channels are the pathway through which google funnels new development and bug fixes. It may be that this bug is fixed on the beta or dev channels. Against that, there may be newer bugs for banon in those channels. It's not difficult to change from the stable to the beta or dev channels; I have a Chromebook on each of those channels.

It's also not difficult to change back ot stable, but the catch is that for security reasons, whenever you change to a more stable channel, ie from dev to beta or stable, or from beta to stable, your whole chromebook is wiped, and you log into it again just like when you first got it. This means all files on your system are gone. However I'm sure you've realized by now that Google doesn't want you storing important stuff on the chromebook, it wants you to store on your Google drive, and that isn't wiped. Nothing is wiped when you go to a less stable channel, it's only when you come back. If you want to try this, let me know.

A recent bit of searching shows that it may be worth going to the settings page, and removing the Linux (Beta) system, and then turning it on again.
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
You bring up a very important point to anyone following this thread. How can you tell which version of ChromeOS a laptop has when looking for a ChromeBook laptop?
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
A screenshot of the black window

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RE: Installing Oscar to new Chromebook
(03-06-2020, 12:50 PM)Crimson Nape Wrote: You bring up a very important point to anyone following this thread.  How can you tell which version of ChromeOS a laptop has when looking for a ChromeBook laptop?

Yes indeed. Anyone considering a Chromebook should be aware of this, and for that matter, also the ability to run the Linux (Beta) subsystem which is not available on all Chromebooks, although if it's a model launched in 2019, it probably does.

You can find the links for both these pieces of information in my post #10 in this thread. The third link I posted is the link to the end of life or end of updates, and the first two will let you discover how to find out if it supports Linux, and hence Oscar.

I had hope the "Quote multiple posts" button on here would let me give a better response, but it's beaten me.  Sad
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