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Intellipap and sleepyhead
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Intellipap and sleepyhead
Maybe I am missing something and folks who know better can help out.

My issue is getting Sleepyhead to work with an Intellipap machine. This is not a software, but hardware question. How do I get my data on an SD card from the Intellipap without spending mucho bucks on their proprietary hardware?

The Intellipap has an output jack that resembles the old PS/2 connector on PCs. To work with a card reader it needs to translate to a USB connector. I have an adapter for PS/2 to USB and a card reader, but the Intellipap will not recognize the card.

Deep in the dim corners of the net I found an entry that says SD cards for Intellipap need to be formatted in FAT16. So I tried that. No luck.

I notice Devilbiss sells just the card for less than the $100 they want for the reader, etc. Is there something proprietary in the Intellipap that it will only read those cards?

Will purchasing the card then allow me to work with Sleepyhead or I am I firmly in the clutches of the octopus?

Figured out the battery issue without resorting to expensive manufacturer alternatives. Is there a work-around for this one?

Thanks for your help!
08-11-2015 12:13 PM
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RE: Intellipap and sleepyhead
I just started using an Intellipap as well, and would like to get info too.
08-28-2015 06:13 PM
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RE: Intellipap and sleepyhead
I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK:

You MUST have the $100 "SmartLink Therapy Management Module".
I think any SD card should work.

It's REALLY unlikely that's a PS/2 port. I hope you haven't done any damage by plugging in the wrong device there. .

What DeVilbiss model do you have? Some of them don't record much useful information anyway. I don't have a good "spotting guide" for DeVilbiss CPAP machine identification. I've got some notes here, but I'm not really that familiar with them. I think they have the model name right above the display.

Dozer, is your machine an "IntelliPAP AutoAdjust?" "DeVilbiss Intel Lipa Auto CPAP with Smartflex" is confusing.

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08-29-2015 04:14 PM
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