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Internet retailers concern ResMed
RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
(03-12-2012, 08:48 PM)zonk Wrote: At issue: Online retailers who sell CPAPs at prices so discounted that they can't afford to offer follow-up service, maintenance or education. The result: Very low compliance.

"We view this as a quality issue," added Stefan Elterich, vice president of sales, North America. "If the follow up care isn't there, it ultimately
reflects on our products and the quality of therapy they provide. From that standpoint, this policy serves our interests in providing high quality therapy."

That's a pile of B.S. It's like saying car dealers should be required to provide driver education with every car purchase. Although the skill level required for managing one's own CPAP treatment is greater than I expected, driving a car takes far more skill.

With any purchase you can choose either a full service retailer or a discounter. Common sense tells you to go to the full service retailer if you require their higher level of service, or to the discounter if you know exactly what you need.

CPAP patients would be better served if patient education was provided, similar to that received by diabetes patients. Such education should begin immediately after screening and before the diagnostic sleep study. It should be provided in a clinical setting, preferably at the sleep center. It also should be independent of the DME to avoid a financial conflict of interest.
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RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
(03-13-2012, 08:27 AM)Lucy Wrote: Although the Rsmed rep makes some valid points as regards follow-up, I find it hard to believe that the sometimes large difference in price between the DMEs and internet providers is necessary to support the follow-up. I did use a local DME when I got my first machine and didn't get more than 1/2 hour of support. Now I buy my machines on the internet and use the forums for info. It's worked well for me. For those who need more support, a local therapist can be undeniably helpful. Had I needed more support initially, I probably would have stayed with the local DME. I see it as a case of "we're all different". Why should I have to pay the high prices for support I don't use or need?

like you said, you only got 30 minutes when you got your cpap from a DME. that isn't enough time to do more than show you how to put it together and try different masks until you find one (and even doing that little is pushing it for 30 minutes time). Then they shove paperwork at you to tell you how often to clean out the hose, chamber, etc. if one is lucky. I have seen DME's saying that 8 AHI's is acceptable when other DME's will say the 5 I have read about here. They don't bother to tell you about leaks and how leaks can affect your AHI's, etc. IMHO, 30 minutes and even an hour isn't much time to give to a new CPAP user when that means finding the right mask and fitting that mask, never mind the rest of the story on use, etc. So, the service after the sell with DME's is not the best either and they should be held accountable just like those are claiming the internet providers should be!! okay, off my soap box for a while lol
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RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
What I think concerns them is their profit margin. They would rather you bought the DME from them and only them. Don't even get me started about the FDA rules that drive insanely high prices and their connection with doctors who push their products.

Case in point, I had to replace my machine that finally stopped working. This meant I had to see a doctor (pointlessly spent $$$) who pushes the ResMed drug. The only way to get ResMed products here (I'm stationed in Germany) is through ResMed themselves.

I had an appointment to have the rep come to my house with the new machine for the usual setup and mask fitting. They showed up 2 hours early. I couldn't leave work and they wouldn't come back, so they left everything with my wife. When I got home and saw how much everything cost I called them back and told them to come and get their stuff as I didn't want it. An S9, humidifier, FX mask, and climateline hose was €2800 or almost $4000!

Poor customer service and being way overpriced drove me to an online retailer in the US for my new equipment. Before I moved here, I always went to my local rep, but now I'll just cut out the middle man and save myself some time and cash.

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RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
Is it just me, or is this a year and a half old thread that was based on six-year-old news at the time it was written?

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RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
(09-09-2013, 05:33 AM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: Is it just me, or is this a year and a half old thread that was based on six-year-old news at the time it was written?


Point well made - Resmed have been behaving badly in this respect for a long time, and they have not improved.

They would be so much easier to boycott if their products were not so good.
After all, after seeing other threads like this one I still bought a Resmed and am glad I did, though not at the Australian pricing
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RE: Internet retailers concern ResMed
When I got my first machine from the DME, the guy came to my house, showed me how to put it together and mentioned cleaning it and LEFT. He was at my house the whole sum of 30 minutes or less. Four years later when I got the 2nd machine, it was the same guy and he said "Since you are already familiar with the CPAP - I will just leave the machine, had me sign the papers and he was gone.

I've learned more from this forum about my machine and sleep apnea than I ever learned from the DME or the Sleep doctor who prescribed the machine.

It was the same with my diagnosis of diabetes. The doctor gave me a vial and a syringe and told me how many units to inject and that was the end of the conversation. Doctors don't seem to like it when patients or consumers get information from the Internet (forums).
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