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Intro and request for advice
Hi, sorry for the slow reply. I have never really had any dream recall. I have in the last 6 months occasionally started recalling that I did dream, but not what the dream was about.

I don't remember how much REM sleep I had in the sleep study. Like many people I didn't sleep much during the study. I did go into stages 3 and 4 a few times so they were able to get some data. I don't know the length of each stage.

Here are some screenshots from a recent night. Let me know if this doesn't give you enough info.

[img][Image: bM9oOgL.png][/img]
[Image: Ro7ZQxK.png]
[Image: clEFQDr.png]
I'm not sure. I don't know anything about VPAP.

(05-26-2015, 03:04 AM)me50 Wrote: I wonder if a VPAP might help some. Seem as though most everything has been tried. Just a thought.

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Looking at your latest chart I find myself torn... Torn I say!

On the one hand, your numbers aren't really all that bad. But there are enough CA and Hypops that make me think that if we were to look at your RERA, or Flow Limit graph we would see some troubled water. In other words, enough junk going on to just keep you from getting that really nice quality sleep.

With CA's, if they are "true" CA's, you don't want to mess with the pressure too much because that can cause them to get a little worse. But I'm not sure they're real. I wish you were on a nice "range" of pressures such as 7 to 12, but you're not. I really think that if you raised your pressure just a smidgeon you might calm those underlying waters and get some rest. I think it would be good to discuss this with the docs. They have your sleep lab stats, and are in position to weigh in on whether or not a small (as to 7.5 or 8) pressure increase could create any difficulty.

So off ya go! Ask Mr. Doc's if a small pressure increase could help reduce RERA effect and allow you to feel more rested. They'll look at you with the deer in the headlight sort of glazed expression, and then you can proceed from there.

Your leak events look fine. Not to worry about that right now.
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Seabird, it would help if you'd keep the summary data on the left column visible when you take the screenshot. Also, the second graph is not too helpful, but it would be good to see the flow rate waveform on your graph, and possibly flow limitations.

You have made good progress at getting the leaks better controlled, and the CA events you're having are a little bit of a puzzle. It would be interesting to see your unit set to auto mode and a little bit of range added to see what might shake loose. 7.0 seems like a pretty good pressure for you to extinguish OA events, and I'm sure that's the rationale for setting the machine there. Using an auto range of 7-10 would show whether you respond positively or negatively to the auto.
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Here is some more info:

[Image: d6uEWby.png]
[Image: LJTiFPD.png]
[Image: kI101jN.png]

I was initially on APAP with a pressure of 5-15. I was having a lot of leaks and problems sleeping so we changed it to a constant 7.

I'm not sure if my doctor would be opposed to changing my pressure but he hasn't mentioned that as an option. I could adjust the pressure myself if that might help.
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Just don't know what to do with ya Birdie... Your numbers don't look bad at all. The flow rate is not anywhere near as choppy as I thought it would be. So I really think maybe we're just best doing nothing for awhile and see if things don't smooth out for you with some time.

You're really doing well.

Up the pressure a little bit? I'm not sure anything much would be gained, and it's possible it would make things a little worse.

Go figure.

But, the good news is you really are doing well.
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Yeah, that's the thing. The numbers look good but that doesn't reflect how I feel. So my doctor really doesn't know what to do with me. He thinks that my issue is something else but he doesn't know what that would be.
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Well, maybe the best thing to do is just sing a little song..............

"If you're sleepy and you know it, clap your hands."
(clap clap)
"If you're sleepy and you know it, clap your hands."
(clap clap)
"If you're sleepy and you know it; if you're sleepy and you know it; if you're sleepy and you know it clap your hands."
(clap clap)

....... Better now?
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You tried APAP at 5-15 and found that disruptive. If you feel okay with making minor changes, I's suggest trying 7-10. The changes should not be very noticeable, and from what you're saying sleep has not greatly improved on constant pressure. Honestly, there is almost nothing I can see in your data that would compel me to change the settings as your results are numerically good. I think you may be having some RERA events that your machine does not report. Bottom line is you need to get comfortable, because, you are effectively treated now. The only thing that stands out for me is your respiration rate of 11.0. That is pretty slow, and I would bet that is a lot to do with the CA you are recording, because you have such a long interval between breaths, it would be easy to record a CA as a false event.
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thanks for the info seabird - I got what I wanted from you, and have a feeling you are on the right course, and your confirmation that you are getting SWS and REM just makes me more sure you just need to stay the course and sleep sleep sleep. meditation may be something you'd gain a little benefit from, but no need to go out and get that right now.

soon you will be doing a happy dance.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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Thanks for the input. I guess I will just hang in there and hope for the best.
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