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Intro and request for advice
Update for anyone who is interested: I went to the sleep doctor today for a checkup. There is nothing else that they can do for me. I'm on my own now to get to the root of the problem.
(08-24-2015, 04:52 PM)Seabird Wrote: Update for anyone who is interested: I went to the sleep doctor today for a checkup. There is nothing else that they can do for me. I'm on my own now to get to the root of the problem.


Keep your pecker up, ol' bird. I know this latest report probably feels pretty hopeless. But you knew it was important to confirm what you already suspected (i.e. gotta look elsewhere for an answer).

Here's an off the wall question I am not even qualified to ask, much less advise upon the answer....

How's your SpO2 levels?

Back when you had your sleep studies, they would have been looking at this number, and it might be expected that it would drop with sleep apnea. Then as you treat the sleep apnea, I wonder if anyone has been looking to see if SpO2 came back up?

Maybe yours never dropped below normal. Mine dropped significantly during obstructive apnea episodes. Then they prescribed CPAP therapy and I felt better. Nobody has checked my SpO2 since the original study. I wonder if anyone is looking at yours?

We have sleep tech folks on this forum who would have a qualified opinion about whether this is all wet or worth pursuing. I defer to those folks.

Since we are grasping for elusive answers, I offer my dumb question: have you checked to see if your SpO2 is okay?

If this question even makes sense to ask, you could find the answer and either identify an issue to pursue or else rule it out for not too much money.

There's an answer out there. Don't give up looking.

Saldus Miegas
Hi, I guess I don't know what my SpO2 numbers are. I have two sleep studies so I'm assuming that that is something that they would have looked at but I'm not sure.
Yes, it's important to know. You should request copies of your sleep studies. You can also purchase an overnight recording monitor (fairly cheap) and then import to sleepyhead.
Your levels may be dipping too low while asleep. Something to ponder. Thinking-about

Don't know if you are watching other discussions. This one might be interesting and maybe even encouraging to learn that there are others in your situation who have "good" AHIs but still fell lousy. The thread is about someone experimenting with different indicators when the AHI is good and sleep quality is poor. Maybe helpful in your search for answers about your situation.


Saldus Miegas
Thanks to everyone that provided information for my situation. At this point I am not going to put any more mental or physical energy into trying to figure this out. I've been to so many doctors and spent so much money that I am finding that it really isn't worth the amount of effort I am putting into it. Thanks again for all the help. I wish everyone luck in their treatment!

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