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Intro with some questions
Hi Folks, been on CPAP for about 7 years. Happy to be sleeping again and actually DREAMING!!!

Recently went from 15 to 16 on my pressure as I was needing a nap in the middle of the day. Once I upped my pressure I didn't need the naps anymore.

Well I just got a new doctor and new insurance, he prescribed a new APAP for me, the resmed Autoselect s9.

I'm not sure it's doing it's job for me as I am needing a little nap occasionally in the past couple days, after eating and I catch myself getting heavy eyed when driving in the middle of the day.

I'm almost thinking I should switch it to CPAP function and do my 16 pressure so I don't need these naps anymore. So far in the resscan I see the pressure hasn't gotten above 13.
I am attaching a screen cap with last nights stats.

Thoughts and answers would be much appreciated.

oh and what are the AHI's I am seeing? I've just found this board and am trying to read and study up on this but I didn't know a board existed for us with Sleep Apnea. Pretty cool!
Just trying to educate myself.

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Welcome, xwindowuser, the Resmed S9 Autoset is a fantastic machine and quite a few of us on here use it.
AHI's are how sleep apnea is measured these days, it stand for Apnea Hypoapnea Index, it is the average number of times we stop breathing per hour for 10 secs or more.
It's is also the way sleep apnea is measured for serverity and is a guide to the pressures our CPAPs need to be set at, normal people stop breathing between 0-5 times per hour, 5-15 which is mild, 15-30 which is moderate and 30+ which is servere, so our goal is to be as low as possible and anything under 5 is good. Hope that answers some of your questions.
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Your AHI at 2.1 is fantastic. Anything less than 5 is "normal" and generally a target used to see if the treatment is effective. You are using the software to monitor your treatment. You are way ahead for most new forum members!

Your usage shows you're going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. Excellent sleep hygiene. I'll also assume the short usage periods in the afternoon are your naps. Again, using your machine, even during naps, is a recommended and good habit.

So all this is good but we frequently advise people to use the "how am I feeling" test. If you think your sleep quality has diminished, there are some things you can try.

Look at the IPAP maximum and EPAP minimum. Machines are often provided set at 4 - 20 cmH2O, what we call "wide open." Many people report improved treatment when they narrow the range to about 2 cm H2O below the 95% value and about 3 cmH2O above the 95% value. This makes the machine run in a narrower range of pressures with less swings and, again, many have reported a decrease in AHI as well as an increase in comfort.

The second option, as you mention, is to put your machine in CPAP mode at your choice of set pressure.

For either option, you need to keep a log of the change and date, and I'd recommend that you live with a change for about two weeks before you make another. One or two nights is not a trend.

The S9 Auto is a good machine, giving you lots of information and options to customize your treatment. There is no "right" answer to your question, but continue to work on your therapy until it is optimum for you.

Best of luck and Sleep-well!
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Hi xwindowuser,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I echo what has been said so far.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck.
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(06-20-2013, 07:23 AM)jdireton Wrote: Look at the IPAP maximum and EPAP minimum. Machines are often provided set at 4 - 20 cmH2O, what we call "wide open."

Interestingly this is how I got my machine. 4-20.

ok I am going to Narrow the pressure ranges and see what happens.
Thanks so much!!!
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I forgot to mention, the 95% value may change. Keep on eye on your data with ResScan and adjust accordingly. We've even had reports of people who's 95% value has dropped 2 or more cmH2O after they acclimate to the machine for a few months.

Day to day things like alcohol use, weight loss or gain, sleep position, fatique, over eating, etc., change our condition every night. That's why I recommended a couple weeks per change to really evaluate it.

It's an ongoing process. Good Luck!
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definitely give it a while before tinkering with settings......4 days minimum or longer...or a couple weeks as suggested is even better..a few in here have been known to change their settings a couple times in the same night even after they were explicitly told NOT to do that several times because it is not advisable for any reason that I can come up with
I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see
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