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Is OSCAR showing my life at risk??
Is OSCAR showing my life at risk??
I FEAR my ResMed Air Curve 10 BiPAP model S may be putting my life at risk:
BUT I cannot make total heads or tails of the reports.
The ResMed reports on OSCAR are very different form my Dreamstaion.
They report NO Obstuctive Apenea AT ALL AND LOTS of Unclassified Apneas and Hypopneas.
BUT When I lowered the base pressure the Unclassified Apneas went way up and when I raised the base pressure they came done. As I have always shown Obstructive apneas I believe I still need a higher base pressure to control them, raising the base pressure changed the reports.
Also I have not felt any pressure changes or read any, do these machine NOT try to prevent farther Apneas?? All my Phillips machine respond to apneas by changing pressure to stop future apneas, but I THINK this ResMed does NOT, and the chart I believe shows this lack of response. There are no pressure changes shown. Unlike my Phillips machine do.
I have been told I have complex sleep apnea, I have been on your ASV machines sense 2013. After I needed a Quad Bypass. Which I believe my sleep apneas caused.
Here is the worst part, going by OSCAR’s report I am NOT Breathing a lot of my time on this ResMed machine.
Last night my respiration rate dropped to ZERON a lot.
Only the ResMed shows a Resp. Rate FROM ZERO to Forty…my Phillips only show the lowerst reported  breathing rate which has never dropped below eight. I went back thought some 5 months of reports and NEVER has my breathing rate dropped to ZERO on my Dreamstation. Note on showed ZERO when a mask was removed at end of session once or twice, not in a session.
IF I am right I am at a much higher risk of health problems by the fact that these machines cannot take care of me like my Phillips ASV, can and does.
My finding or these tree major problems in reporting very scary, a lack of real reports of a apneas, lack of any responses to my apneas with pressure changes and lastly my breathing rate dropping to ZERO scares me to death.
All my Phillips machine have reported all three of my kinds of apneas, Obstructive Apnea, Clear air Apneas (Centrals) and Hypopneas.  Plus ever so often other breathing disorders. As long as I have been on CPAP.
Please look at these charts and tell me in I am right or wrong about this ResMed machine?
Is it as dumb as I think it is??  Am I risking my life on IT??

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RE: Is OSCAR showing my life at risk??
First, your OSCAR version is so outdated, that explains the 0 (zero) reporting.    Upgrade to the new OSCAR 1.4.0 before anything else.  Also, try rebooting your CPAP.   Sometimes their reporting gets wonky and is corrected by this step.  If you reboot, remember that the reporting period (if you changed it) will be set back to the default 1 month time frame.

- Red
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Is OSCAR showing my life at risk??
You are using a "S" machine. S as on simultaneous as in no backup rate on your breathing. This machine is not designed to treat complex or central apnea. It applies your pressure support, of 7, only when you simultaneously initiate a breath.
It is not a replacement for an ASV.

Your ASV was triggering a substantial number of your breaths because of its algorithms

What was the rational for the change to basically a high-end CPAP?
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RE: Is OSCAR showing my life at risk??
I have been told I have complex sleep apnea, I have been on Phiilips ASV machines sense 2013. After I needed a Quad Bypass.

I was able to remove the foam in my Dreamstation ASV, and later replace the chamber with a unit made without the foam, I had NO problem with the foam.

I tried the ResMed ASV and hated it. So I stayed on the Dreamstation. As it seems Phillips is still deeply under water and there is NO parts for repairs I will make a harder effort to learn to live with my current BiPAP Air Curve 10.

Checking with my local authorized repair shop I was told they CANNOT get ANY parts and at this time they have NO idea when/if ever they will be able to get repair parts. They have not been able to do any service on any Phillips systems for the last year.

BUT so far all my Phillips ASVs have failed within three to four years. My current machine is getting that old.

I am VERY concerned about my future treatment and rather I will be able to have my Dreamstation ASV repaired, or replace in the near future.

I cannot get Medicare to pay for an ASV Machine, they claim my apneas are not bad enough, they prescribe a simple APAP. I have had over 6 sleep studies and they keep coming up with the same reports.

My Doctor kind of agrees with me and my first Doctor BUT HIS word is NOT good enough to get them to buy anything better than a APAP.

Due to the above problems in repairs and replacement Phillips ASV machines I considered I MIGHT be OK on a nearly new ResMed Air Curve 10 BiPAP model S machine with under 30 hours on its clock.

I Keep being surprised by how limited these so loved ResMed machines are, I cannot believe how many people love them.

But with so much love by others I kept hoping I was wrong and thought I have figured out how to stop ResMeds Slow rising breathing system by turning off Easy Sleep setting ….but like my test for a week of ResMed ASV, ResMed seems to screw you IF you do not run it at factory settings.

I was told:  

By “Pugsy”:

You are now using the ResMed fixed bilevel machine the AirCurve 10 S
It CANNOT auto adjust anything...nothing in it will react to anything to prevent anything. It just can't do it.

You were using a DreamStation ASV machine...totally a different kind of machine that can auto adjust to anything.

You simply cannot compare the two machines...apples and kumquats.

Is this machine putting your life at risk? Dunno but it sure isn't dealing with whatever is going on because it can't.

If the clusters of UAs reduce with more minimum baseline EPAP...that points to those events being obstructive in nature and you just need more minimum to deal with things.

Do you have a screenshot handy where the UAs or whatever are much less numerous with the higher minimum EPAP?


Dog Slobber wrote: ↑
Sun Jul 17, 2022 11:33 am
The 10 S or Vauto in S mode, must have Easy-Breathe enabled for CSA detection. I
Ahhh...thanks...I wasn't aware of that little tidbit.
I can't imagine anyone turning off easy breathe...so hadn't really thought about it.

GOOD GOD: what a system.

Well I have my answers, ResMed is in my book: crap.

EVERY Phillips machine EVEN a simple APAP machine will autoadjust to try to prevent future apneas, NO Matter what changes are done to its settings.

In fact this slow poor responses but none the less its rising pressure settings were a cause of destroying my getting deep sleep and REM sleep by disturbing my sleep cycles.

I find it inconceivable that a CPAP system with either NOT have such function or TURN THEM OFF if you chose to change ANY setting….

Now I know, I ran into similar problems with ResMed ASV machine it really bit my ass when I tried to tune it to what I felt better and now I find out the Model S is also crap.

Thanks everyone for your help.

I will now do everything I can to get a spear Phillips Dreamstation ASV, it is not full of BS settings.

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