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Is my breathing shallow ?
RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
dwd, with that very irregular breathing pattern I recommend you turn off EPR completely for a while. Your machine simply has no means to determine whether to deliver IPAP or EPAP at any moment. That may help to stabilize the pressure. In addition,your leak rate is relatively high and constant through this short period, but your average leak rate of 12 is also unusual. I suspect this may have something to do with the modification you made to the mask vents.
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
thank you very much for that screenshot. (yesterday I was asking myself what the machine would do if EPR was turned on on such a curve ... looks like you found the limit of the turbine's reaction speed. Thanks )

Your "breathing" looks un-doable! honestly - even if I would adjust the leakrate and therefore the 0-line of the flow rate in my head - your breathing "pattern" looks pretty much impossible.

The only thing I could imagine (and I'm already doing a wild-guess here) is this:
you cut too much in the holes or cut a cross into it, which than spontaneously opens up wider if the pressure is high enough - thus resulting in an very unstable leakrate.
(If I would see just that chart without any explanation I would ask what your girlfriend / wife was doing during that very erratic "breathing"^^) Too-funny

double or triple inhale and double exhale ... sometimes you exhale next to nothing than take 2 or 3 inhalations and finally exhale double the amount? ... does not make any sense at all! This has to be a "false reading". (I would assume if that really would show your breathing you would know^^)

maybe the origin of the problem will reveal itself in the screenshot with an unmodified mask.
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
I had better resp rate and increase in tidal volume.
I didn't sleep much after about 0330 just lied in bed wondering what my breathing was doing,and happy that I was ha ha.
unmodified mask
[Image: 5VnQ9Pi.png]
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
Thanks for all the help on this.
And now to return you to normal viewing a more standard chart.
[Image: v7aKUYO.png]
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
looks much better .. although I'm a little bit astonished that your machine does not flag the flowlimitations ... how distorted does it have to be to be flagged as such?

looks like you totally did the modifications on your other mask .. or it simply is the age and it is due for a replacement?

If it is no problem for you, I would like to see the whole night with the new unmodified mask ... (normal graph order) ... if there is nothing of intereset in the resp. rate than you can exclude that as well. nevermind ... you were faster than me^^

have you ever tried the "soft" mode (or if you have it the "for her"-mode)?
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
My machine doesn't have a soft mode Dec 15
Here's a chart from 19 March 16 looks like resp rate was up, must be how I am.
[Image: nNxEkKr.png]
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
Glad you are still with us. You really don't like doctors, do you Smile The registrar did your vitals, now it's time for the GP, for a referral.

I'm still not convinced, you had BPM of 13 in a zoomed in section before, you may not have got to the time/problem when you pant. It's still a pretty sh*tty breathing pattern either way. Irregular and out of the norm of most of the charts we see here.
I would think it's time for a respiratory specialist. I would go private, take your SD card and if your GP calls a favour with a respiratorist, you might get in in a week? Or at least have a look at your SD card for an initial assessment.

It's nothing obvious like a change of meds?
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
For auto-cpap, from machine data or software. You can set the min pressure 1 or 2cm below 95%. Or clinicians commonly use the maximum or 95% pressure for fixed pressure CPAP, this can also be used for min pressure.
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
I think what ajack is saying is mandatory - no matter what!

in your profile I can see 3 different masks ... any chance this "breathing" pattern is only related to the P10?
As I said - not the first time I see such a pattern on a Airsense 10 - one resolved itself after a mask change to a different model (all FFMs). Looked in the end like the intentional leak rate was not sufficient.

If it happens - more or less - on all masks you have in your profile .... maybe time to try a FFM? ... tonight you also had some rapid breathing around 00:20 to 00:50 ... but I would suspect "double breathing" there as well.
anyway - you have some serious flowlimitations / obstructions / distorted breathing (whatever you like to call that) and your machine is giving you the "all fine" - either the machine is not working for you or the combination of the machine & your mask ... or maybe you and the mask-type.

And as Sleeprider already pointed out: EPR is not helping you in any way (in fact I would say: EPR is making things much worse!)
At least try a night with EPR OFF! ... If you need it, put EPR on ramp only and the ramp to auto ... should at least get you to sleep.
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
Well I got an appointment with me sleep Dr for the 15 Aug.
I've turned off EPR and hooked up my FX nasal mask for to night. See if it changes anything.
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RE: Is my breathing shallow ?
FX nasal mask and EPR off
Went to bed around the normal time fell to sleep and slept to about 0350. When I woke my right nostril was completely blocked and left one stuffy . This is not unusual for me. I sleep mostly on my right side.
Downloaded data and sleepyhead is not happy with the amount of leaks. Probably my worst night ever for leaks. Oh-jeez
[Image: yvAPyT6.png]
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