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Is my pressure too high?
This is what i gathered from the first report.

Your 95% leakage is only 1.2 which is outstanding. I think your mask is getting knocked out of position, and then you wake up a few minutes later from the resulting huge leak. Then the machine has to work harder to keep up with the leak.

Does it seems like your mask slides around on your face easily? I had that problem, and I had to try several different headgear to fix it. Your headgear should hold your mask securely in position without tightening the straps excessively.

If you sleep on your side, you may want to try a CPAP pillow, in case your pillow is knocking your mask out of place.
It would help if you can post charts (pressure, leak, AHI ...)

Attached is a screenshot of what's been going on, any insight appreciated....

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Dennis--Your charts look quite a bit like mine and it does look like you are definitely on the right track overall! I agree with Big_Dave about your leak business. That 95 percentile of 1.2 is, as he wrote, outstanding. But the 162 max shows, as Dave said, that for brief periods you're having a large leak. I'm wondering if you are aware of a leak problem from a particular area of the masks seal? My guess is when you get rid of that high max leak, your AHI may well show up under 5, which is the goal
Oh, I also meant to mention that your pressure of 18 for 95th percentile and max. of 19 says that you, like me, do need fairly high pressure to get your apnea under control. If the chart you posted is fairly typical of your pressures over time, that would confirm that you need a pressure in the neighborhood of 18, as do I. My machine is currently set for a range of 8-19cm, and I'm planning to ask the doc on Wed. what he thinks about narrowing the range since I now know what pressure the Autoset is using for 95% of the time.

The question I have is it it simply the mask getting knocked aside causing a leak which causes a huge pressure increase thus exacerbating the leak problem, or is it actually the machine responding to an apnea and increasing the pressure immensely causing the mask to leak?
It would be helpful to post the detailed graphs. If all of the high leakage is at the end, it's probably caused by the mask moving out of place.
(10-15-2012, 07:30 AM)DennisM Wrote: Attached is a screenshot of what's been going on, any insight appreciated....
cannot tell from the summary graph whats going on ... need to look at the detailed graphs
when machine chase leaks and increase pressure to compensate ... in turn would cause more leaks
you need to find the cause of the leaks and if were me would lower the maximum pressure to something like 15 and increase the minimum pressure something like 8 or 9 and see what happen also would turn ramp and epr off but everyone is DIFFERENT
if leaks under control the minimum pressure is most important ... have to feel comfortable and close to what need to be


I believe Zonk's right, Dennis. A look at the detailed graphs for a couple nights where high leak is present might help. Meanwhile, I can tell you that the machine is not going to increase the pressure "immensely" due to apneas because it's set to a max. of 20, I believe you said. So, pressure-wise, it won't go over that upper limit. The detailed graphs should show you if the extra high pressure periods are very short vertical spikes or last over several minutes. If they last awhile, that says it's an ongoing leak episode. A narrow vertical spike to high pressure indicates something like a momentary leak as you changed position in bed or something like that.

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