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Is there a TOP 5 for Lowering AHI?

So apart from my getting my data onto the screen which I am still not quite "at" figuring out...will work on that this week with the pointers I got, thanks.

What would the top 5 go to-look at- fixes for AH too high?

I had pre-pap 26.6 I have avg AHI at about 5.8 now after 210 hours over 23 days.

I've had about 10 days of under 5.0 mostly grouped in my first 5 days of therapy and the last week.

My pressure is avg of 10.8.
Lowest setting 5.40 (I changed up from 4 a few days ago)
my leaks are under 17.00 avg. Max avg about late 50's 60's, once in a blue moon get an 88 or so, very short duration.

I have about 1/3 of my AHI in centrals.

Am I the only person who sees the bottom of the ResScan when on 24 hour setting and see's a MOB picketing (-: numbers and signs...10, 11, 18...and so on? They look so much better when spread apart on the 2 hour screen!

ALSO...please someone...what are the blue squares on the incident line? is that Mask off? or ? the one's with no words or numbers on them, just a blip?

Thanks in Advance,

Susan in S.F

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The blue squares you are referring to are called Hypopneas. Those are times when your aspiration volume dropped by at least 50% but you did not stop breathing entirely. The next step up (worse) would be an OA event (Obstructive Apnea) which stops the breathing completely. Either event has to last at least 10 seconds to be flagged. Just think of the Hypopneas as early warning events that cause less harm than a full blown OA. They're not good but not real bad and can be helpful in setting therapy pressure.

The "pickets" you mention are the actual events that have been flagged based on your pauses in breathing. The numbers on the picket sign represent the time in seconds that the event lasted.

Your other questions will be best answered after you post some graphs. You're doing well enough for the meantime and risking any changes without full data wouldn't be smart.
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Thanks Dude,
I miscommunicated, I know that the "pickets" are events and the numbers are the time they last and the colors are diff for centrals, obstructive and unknowns, I mean I "see" in my minds eye when the graph is in clumped together 24 hour view, a crowd of folk carrying picket signs outside say, city hall? It makes me smile even though I'm annoyed they are there!!!

Still working on the graph thing. Thanks,
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There is a really good explanation of how to post your Sleepyhead images from Imgur to the forum.

It's really easy to take screenshots by using the F12 key. It takes the screenshot and saves the PNG file to your Sleepyhead Screenshots folder (usually in My Documents in Windows). Once you are in Imgur, you can simply drag and drop the screenshots, or use the upload dialog to find the file(s) and put them on Imgur.

Hope this helps.
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Don't look at it in 24 hour view!! Smile

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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OK, Yes, I agree, it's a mob scene carrying sign that rub it in cause you aren't getting the right therapy. Wink

Hang in there, you'll get the graph posting mastered soon enough. I think you're getting good enough therapy in the meantime so no worries there.

I'm no expert on this stuff since I've only been doing it for about six months but I managed to get it going in good shape and even get zero AHI reports frequently. I give full credit and thanks to this forum and the members that give of their time to help folks with this device that is quite confusing at the beginning stages. I hang around to give back whenever I can to help some others that are like I was back then. I know very well how they feel and if I can help in any small way, it makes me feel great and even helps me sleep better. There's nothing like helping others to get you mind off your own problems and in doing so they lose their power over you.

All the best, Dude <end of novel>
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Well, let's see:

1) Start using xPAP every time you sleep
2) Don't sleep on your back
3) Lose weight if that is part of the issue
4) Make sure the minimum APAP setting is high enough to discourage OA events
5) Make sure the maximum APAP setting is low enough to discourage CA events

That's the top 5 the way I see it.
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Thanks All! I appreciate the encouragement. Tyrone, nice succinct list there. Well put.

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I would like to modify one of Tyrone's bullets as follows;

1) Start using xPAP every time you sleep and ensure unintentional leakage is within bounds.

This may seem trivial but numbers 4 and 5 depend on accurate scoring of events and that depends on the unintentional leak rate being within the guidelines.

Nice list Tyrone.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Yep, nice list Tyrone. Maybe stick something in about getting the SH software since lots of folks ask for help and don't have anything for show 'n' tell time.

All the best,

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