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Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
I ran into this video on Youtube that tells you how to optimize your pressure settings.  

This is a question for the experts here that provides recommendations on CPAP settings: I  was wondering if this video lays out a good baseline of how one can figure out the best settings for one self.  

Are mean/avg values from many nights of OSCAR data be used for setting the minimum pressure?

Should the 95% pressure be the ideal max pressure?  

Is there some sort of guideline you guys follow when analyzing people's OSCAR data to provide the best recommendations?  I'd like to learn more about how to determine the best settings myself and any helpful guides are appreciated.  Thank you.
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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
Start here

Post some of you OSCAR data. I thought you already had a treatment thread though? like here http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...P-Problems
Thank you,
Brent aka Factor

Just a Regular guy.
My untreated AHI was 87.  You can do it hang in there.
"You can if you will"   Jerry Kramer

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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
Start by learning what is actually happening and going on thru the night.
What we do not do is dial winging, randomly changing the settings, When it looks like we are doing that it is usually an experiment, to see how you react to the setting change.
Basically we mostly follow the titration protocols with the exception that each setting is for a min of overnight.

There definitely is a certain amount of experience in this. Ask why we do something if we don't state it outright. There is a school of thought out there to NEVER use EPR because it can cause central apnea. Our stance is to try it and see what happens. That way we are going from knowledge, and not a guess. If and when we see a reaction to a setting change we evaluate it then determine if it is good or bad then go from there. The end goal is a full night of restful sleep with your apnea symptoms either diminished or gone. It is not all about the numbers!
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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
@factor, I was looking for feedback on the video from those that provide pressure recommendations here. If what's shown on the video is the general way to figure out the pressure settings, and any thoughts about the way of determining pressure settings shown on the video.

Yes, I have gotten treatment feedback on my OSCAR data, but I looking to learn more (I've done plenty of reading here) about how the pressure setting recommendations are determined.
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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
I mean, in general, yes... it does seem fairly sound. But it's also very general. And the thing is, it's based on the absolute minimum of data. Average can be a variety of things (mean, where you add everything up and divide by the number of values, median, where you pick the most common value, mode, where you pick the value directly in the middle of all the values when put into numerical order, and so on) and there are pros and cons to each figure. Something like OSCAR shows far more data and lets the people with the know-how examine all of those to come with the best idea. For example, the machine report says nothing about flow limits - and from experience, we know that high flow limits can be just as disruptive as registered apneas and hypopneas... and so even if your AHI is zero, or close to it, a person may still need higher pressure, or a change in EPR to help them feel better. It's also really necessary to know exactly what kind of apneas you're having - your AHI may stay fairly stable, but that's because you might have swapped obstructive events for central ones if you're particularly sensitive to pressure changes or EPR for example. And while yes, you could randomly change the settings and somehow come to a good value for you, that's not the same as getting advice from people more familiar with it.

So the TLDR: yeah, it would kinda work, but you have to remember that the more data you have available, the more individualised the results will be, and this technique only uses a very broad overview (which, to be fair, my Airsense 10 doesn't show - the machine itself only shows me the average pressure, not the 95% value).

See my comparison of Viatom/Wellue and CMS50F oximeters here.

Not a doctor, definitely not your doctor, all advice is given as-is and represents simply my own understanding as a fellow patient and OSCAR user.
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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
I would add another view from my side, which is that I actually set my pressure max wide open because I'm a not-rare combination of low AHI and high flow limits who can produce a stunning number of apneas and significant desaturations in a very short time if I get into positional apnea. I am NOT particularly bothered by pressure changes, and so my goal is to be able to hit the high pressures over those short couple-minute bursts of needing pressure and then return to lower pressures quickly when whatever crapfest is over. And if I do put myself into some severe chin tuck, then I'm hoping that a blast of 20 will wake me up enough to get me to move out of the apnea.

Sometimes all I need is a swift kick and then I can have a great rest of the night!
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RE: Is this a good way to figure out the optimal pressure settings?
I'm glad I looked.
Wow. Things have changed since I was first diagnosed, sold a "brick" machine and a mask.  $43! was my score. Missed my lucky number.  that's 42.

Last night I got up, turned off the machine and took off my mask.  Score was 0.0 which changed to 0.1 before my eyes. I like what the people have done for me here so much.

Compliant for over 30 years

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. I hope to learn everyone, and that's why I share here. 
Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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