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Just Diagnosed - Starting Treatment
Sleepysleeps, you're officially a Sleepyhead data posting ace. There is a lot more information in that graphic, but as said before, no need to make changes.

With regard to mask liners, your supplier will often have sample packs that let you try before you buy. See if it works or not. I have no idea if they will facilitate glasses, but your eyes might be red from small leaks at that part of the mask and the liners would help with that. I think Maskup's suggestion on strap tightening sounds pretty good. You only want it as tight as necessary to keep it from moving. Don't crank down on the straps, especially the top ones.
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I left a message for my DME this morning, and they have yet to call me back on whether they offer the mask liners or not.

The top straps on the mask were just barely closed, but I may be able to back them off maybe an 1/8", which may make a big difference.

There was no leak that I could tell. In the office of the DME, there was some leak on my chin. I have a beard, and understand that this makes it more difficult to prevent leaks. Working with the DME, we were able to get the leaks under control by tightening the bottom straps.

Thanks for the help.
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Well, I feel worse from last night, than I did on night 1. I woke up a lot during the night, always felt "uncomfortable". Anyway, definitely had some mask leakage going on, and it was definitely going into my eyes. Maybe on night 1 it was the same problem and it just didn't wake me up.

Interestingly, if I am resting with my face pointing straight up, I don't seem to have mask issues. When I lay to one side or the other though, even on my stomach, that is when all of the issues come into play.

I was NEVER a morning person before starting treatment. Only 2 nights in, and it seems that I will become one. 2 days in a row I am up before 6 am.

My AHI was .78 last night, so that is good. Unfortunately, that is just not translating into me feeling better. Although, I understand that it can take quite a few months before treatment really makes a noticeable difference.

Here is a copy of my last nights data in case it reveals anything notable.

[Image: nr3CtQ2.png]

Thanks for all of the help.
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Forgot to add, I did loosen up the top straps and that was definitely more comfortable initially. Although, noting cause and effect, it was most likely was the cause of the mask leakage, since it was leaking around my nose.

Seems so clear in retrospect. I wish I would have realized this when I was half-asleep, angry that I was "awake", overtime I woke up last night.
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Sleepysleeps, your pressure is staying low and is effectively treating your apnea problem. I suggest that you reduce the level of EPR to 1 and see if that works out better for you. I don't think that will translate into higher overall pressure for you, in fact it might be possible to lower the minimum APAP pressure eventually. Since you are just starting out, I'd rather have you try alternate "comfort features" than mess with pressure yet. Also, I think the mask liner may help diffuse the leaks if not stop them, but won't know until you're able to give it a try. The leaks seem to become progressively worse through the night and I have no doubt it is disruptive to your sleep.

Clearly from a "data" point of view your results are extremely good, which is why I don't like to overly focus on data. It's not a good obsession unless you're trying to solve a problem. Anyway, the suggestion to reduce EPR is partially from the perspective your pressures are low, and should be tolerable with minimal EPR. No assurance it will help with better rest or lower leaks, but it's worth a trial.
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Thanks, Sleeprider. I will play with the EPR and see how that responds over a couple of days. Also hopeful to try some mask liners.

I think I am going to have to get a new pillow ASAP. Not sure whether it will be a cpap specific, like what was mentioned earlier, or if I will get a wool or latex pillow. Anyway, I am not able to get my neck supported on my side. The last couple of nights I have had to fold my pillow over sideways, but it is a little too tall, so not nearly as comfortable as one would hope.

We shall see what night 3 holds.
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I have always used a high quality full-down pillow. I have never found much comfort with fiberfill pillows or foam. The down can be gathered to support my neck and hollowed to avoid dislodging the mask. It's hardly CPAP specific, but it works for me.

Good luck, sleep well.
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Well, after a couple of days, lowering EPR to 1 has definitely made a big difference. Thanks for that tip.

Unfortunately, apparently I am just getting tons of mask leak being reported, that only appears to be going up every night. I am not sure whether it is a good or bad thing that I am not waking up to fix it.

Also, here is a chart of last night below. Now I am off to find out what "unclassified apnea" is, and how it is treated differently.

Thanks for all of the support.

[Image: wIUeTWK.png]
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(09-12-2016, 08:02 AM)SleepySleeps Wrote: Now I am off to find out what "unclassified apnea" is, and how it is treated differently.

An unclassified apnea is when the leak rate is too high to accurately determine the cause.
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Time to tell your supplier (DME) that mask leaks are out of control, but otherwise things are fine. You need a different solution or size.
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