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Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser

Just found out the results of my watchpat one home sleep study thru Kaiser. I have attached a screen shot. I am 5 ‘ 1 and weigh 134 lbs. seems like they have old weight data on me. Went for colonoscopy two months ago after 3 years and stopped breathing while under hence the sleep study. I am so depressed. I don’t know why all of sudden I have this.  Can’t get into sleep study expert to review my results until 9/13 (and it’s a video call) and then they want me to make an appointment for a phone call with a respiratory therapist. How wil they know why I have this if no one is physically seeing me. I also have hashimotos with a big goiter but they said that’s not making me have sleep apnea (they reviewed  previous ultrasound).  Help what can I expect from these appointments and what should I ask etc? Should I insist on more tests.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser

Sleep apnea is classed as mild (AHI 5-15), moderate (AHI 16-30), and severe (AHI 30+), so you're really on the borderline between mild and moderate, and it's nothing to get overly worried about. Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest health maintenance organizations in the U.S., but they lost a lot of people during Covid and are still suffering staff shortages, with resulting long wait times. In your case that may not be all bad, as you have a lot of learning to do, and the more informed you are before your appointment the better. And the best news I have for you is that you have found Apnea Board, where there are thousands to help you figure things out. Jump right in, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Oh, and as for the cause of sleep apnea, there are several, but they mostly have nothing to do with other ailments. Overweight, for example, is commonly blamed, but the truth is that overweight can make sleep apnea worse, but is not the primary cause. An overweight person with mild sleep apnea may find that the sleep apnea disappears if they get down to their ideal weight, but even if they maintain an ideal weight, years later the sleep apnea symptoms come back. It gets worse as you age. My sleep apnea is severe, but I could get completely rid of it if I stop getting older. Unfortunately, that remedy does not appeal to me. Sad
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
(08-04-2022, 11:51 AM)Gogirl Wrote: ... I am so depressed. I don’t know why all of sudden I have this. ..

I would bet my next pension cheque (I'm in Canada) that you've been slipping for at least two-four years.  You don't 'suddenly' have it; you suddenly have learned that you have it. That's the way it goes for probably 95% of us.  And we're all dejected, a bit shocked, dismayed, a bit miffed....even vexed!  How can this be?!?!?  I sleep like a bunny wabbit!  Well, ummm...no....no, you don't (and this is where you get the Benny Hill pat on the head).

You have a lot to learn.  About yourself and how you're going to have to manage this disorder, how to interpret the reams of data your machine can provide you each morning, and how to relax and let if flow over you.  You'll start to get good sleep again...and that's no too shabby....is it?  You will live longer, better, happier, and with more energy. 

Try not to fret too much.  It will all be dealt with in time, and you'll have lots of time to start googling, reading here (natch), learning terminology, and getting used to sleeping with something other than your hands over your face.  Smile  You should find well-intentioned professionals willing to teach you, to monitor you, to coach you, and to help you to adapt.

A brief story: the first night with my machine, I did as they suggested and sat in bed to read with the mask in place and the machine working. It was weird.  I eventually got tired, turned off the light, and went to sleep.  For about one full minute...maybe less.  I awakened to air rushing noisily out of my open mouth.  Blink  For the rest of the very short night, this pattern repeated itself.  Next day, I called and spoke with the nice respiratory therapist who fitted me with my machine and gave me some tips.  She said either a chin strap (nope) or, and she couldn't recommend doing so, but some people find that taping over their mouths works.  Ah, that sounds more like my style.  And I have done it for almost 2000 nights now.

This is an example of what awaits you.  Deal with it, don't be hard on yourself, do NOT throw your machine...at all, anywhere....and I think you'll be fine.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
There's no reason to be depressed about this.
Sleep apnea is not a death sentence. You've probably had it for years and now that you've been diagnosed, you can deal with it properly and improve your health. You should be excited about this. You're no more likely to die in your sleep now than before you were diagnosed. 

Just try to relax and follow whatever instructions your doctor gives. Use your therapy and hopefully it can be properly tuned for your specific needs. There's lots of help here, so don't be a stranger. Ask questions and you'll get through it fine.
My get-up-and-go musta got up and went.  Cool

Download OSCAR for your sleep data.  

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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
Yes, I would see it in a positive light. That you have discovered a problem that can address to improve your sleep quality. It's better than ignoring it for a more prolonged period and cause great issues. Best to address it as soon as you find out.

In my case, I was having high blood pressure issues, and little did I know it was related to my sleep quality. Now that I'm aware, my bp is under better control. So, it's good to be aware of stuff like this.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
Gogirl - I am also a Kaiser member with sleep apnea. We live in the SF Bay Area, so a different geographical Kaiser region. I suspect Kaiser operates differently in various regions. But my experience with them has been great. I check in with my Respiratory Therapist every so often by email, just to keep the relationship alive. If I see a mask I want to try, just to try it, I email my RT and (if they have it in stock) she sends it to the sleep clinic front desk with my name on it for pickup. When it comes time to reorder, Kaiser has me call a special phone number -- staffed by Apria personnel but a dedicated Kaiser patient unit. This is NOT the same phone number used by the general public. I suspect that Kaiser is Apria's biggest client and that Kaiser has demanded better service. Process is easy and items arrive quickly. Don't automatically believe all the negative remarks about Apria -- make you own decision.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
I agree that the sleep apnea has probably been slowly creeping up on you. You may have thought (I did) that the fatigue was just normal aging (or other medical things). It's truly impressive how much of a difference the machine therapy has made to my life, and Ive only been on it for a few years.
That being said, it's not without it's burdens.
Wearing a hose to your head is pretty odd at first, but you get used to it.
Cleaning the mask/hose is a bit of a chore, but it gets to be like brushing your teeth etc.. just a habit.

As for being diagnosed with sleep apnea.. I was kind of taken aback too, but eventually I figured at least its something that is easily treatable (ie could have been worse).
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
I guess there is a shortage of machines but when I called Apria they said they give you whatever machine they have. Currently is the resmed  10 with no modem but a sd card. Do you know if I will be able to get a better one after they have new ones come in?  I have to pay 10% of the cost. I think I want the bleep mask cuz I am super claustrophobic.  I am just disappointed that I have to wait six weeks to talk with someone.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
I have been using the RESMED AS10 'Elite' model for nearly seven years.  It works well, I am well treated, and I intend to replace it with a new RESMED in about six month's time.

If by chance your unit doesn't include an SD card, they can be purchased at drug stores and electronics stores for a few dollars.  The only RESMED AS10 model that doesn't need an SD card is the basic 'brick', I forget its designation now. It doesn't have a modem, so you don't need an SD card for it. But the Elite and other models like the Air Curve, and such, are all able to report detailed statistics over the air.
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RE: Just found out I have sleep apnea - kaiser
The AirSense 10 Card-to-Cloud is the same exact machine as the regular AirSense 10 AutoSet, only without the Modem. You could request the A11, but I personally don't think it's superior in any way.

The Card-to-Cloud is fully supported by OSCAR.
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