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Just got my prescription, can you guys look it over and let me know what's up?
RE: Just got my prescription, can you guys look it over and let me know what's up?
I have an update to my prescription based on your guys' comments!

Here it is (I skipped the part about the replenishment schedule since it's the same as before and not particularly relevant at this time):

No Substitutions

ResMed S10 AirSense auto CPAP FOR HER (E0601)     Pressure range: 6.0-10 cm H2O

Mask Type: Patient preference.- Including Mask Fit Packs and Complete Mask Package with pillows and cushion

Heated Humidifier    (E0562)                                  
Heated tubing (A4604)
Airview  (lifetime) and SD card
Chinstrap (A7036)
Airview  (lifetime) SD card

Note the change to the actual CPAP unit. I know it doesn't say "AutoSet" and just says "Auto" but I don't think ResMed makes any other "for her" model that isn't an Autoset so I think I should be good here. 

I also had them change the language for the mask type. We removed the P10, and instead kept it solely "Patient preference" and added the additional language for the complete kit and mask package.
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RE: Just got my prescription, can you guys look it over and let me know what's up?
(02-26-2019, 06:35 AM)Fats Drywaller Wrote: It sounds like you're lucky to have an understanding & accommodating doctor.  My experience was much more average: I was given a generic prescription with no specifics, which is basically OK and usable; then I was referred to an incompetent DME, which I had to fire eventually.

Thank you for your wonderful writeups! I've had them make the necessary changes you and OpalRose mentioned to the prescription. I posted it in the post above this one! 

I will try out the Brevida mask you mentioned. I'll make a request for that first. Hopefully the DME does not take forever to swap out masks during the 30 day trial. 30 days to figure out what mask you want seems a bit rushed. I feel a good 5-7 days is needed to really get a feel for it per mask (unless you really hate it from night 1). The insurance rep said that the DME needs the mask back from the patient so they can "return" it to the manufacturer to get a credit for the mask before giving me a new one to try. Sounds like to me there is going to be downtime during my 30 days when I won't have access to a mask to use. 

Does the Brevida work well with the Hose Buddy contraption? I plan on buying that so I can toss and turn easier. I like to sleep on my sides. 

(02-26-2019, 08:19 AM)OpalRose Wrote: A few P10 facts:

The ResMed P10 ”For Her” comes with 3 nasal pillows, size X-Small, Small, Medium.  
The headgear is pink/gray.

The ResMed P10 ”regular” comes with 3 nasal pillows, size Small, Medium, Large.  
The headgear is blue/gray.

Be sure the Script calls for Mask Fit Packs, this will include all size pillows or cushions.
Some DME’s remove the pillows that they feel you won’t need, don’t let them do this!  

Also, most of us P10 users find that they start out with a size nasal pillow too small and need to move up to a larger size.

Consider that the headgear for the P10 For Her is approximately 1 inch shorter than the blue headgear.  I have ordered both, and prefer the blue headgear as I have thick hair and it fits better on my head without feeling tight.  

The script should say “patient choice”  for mask and machine.  

One more thing:  Don’t listen to the P10 Naysayers....”resistance is futile.”   Grin

Thank you! I had the Doc change the RX to include the "for her" CPAP model, and the nurse was able to amend the RX to change the mask types on her own to include "patient choice" and the "mask fit packs" language. 

(02-26-2019, 09:31 AM)bonjour Wrote: Ask the DME, say the prescription says DAW and Autoset, can I get the "Autoset for Her" instead of the straight Autoset?  The cost to both the DME and to you should be the same.  With your pressure range being low (6-10) The additional algorithm works best with lower pressures, without question, the For Her variant is likely to be better for you.  We will not know until both algorithms are trialed at home.

I was planning on doing that, but I figured it would just be easier if I got the Doc to include "for her" on the RX, and he did! Now I won't have to worry about it at all! 

I assume there is going to be a menu option in the machine that will let me pick from one of the three algos in the machine? On night 1, do I just select the "for her" algo? Maybe that's listed as #3 or something?
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RE: Just got my prescription, can you guys look it over and let me know what's up?
(02-26-2019, 07:44 AM)JimMcD Wrote: Your prescription looks a lot like mine. 

My story is like this: a little over a year ago, I went to my GP about persistent insomnia. I had had a few experiences of waking in a panic and being unable to breathe, but I wasn't aware of apnea as an ongoing problem. Also, I'm a heart patient, and I thought insomnia might be contributing to my problems. 

The GP referred me to a sleep clinic--no MD in attendance, but staffed with well-trained and experienced technicians. They gave me what they called an 'Aegis' device, which I wore for one night and returned to them. It detected AHI of over 80, so CPAP was indicated. After a year on the machine, my AHI is now closer to 3.

What I'm getting to is that, while my GP has no expertise in sleep therapy, I've had a continuing relationship with the techs at the sleep clinic, and they've been very helpful and supportive. I trust them. As far as I can tell, they deal exclusively in Phillips devices; I don't know what their relationship with Phillips is, but, as I say, I trust them. They collect all the massive amounts of data that the device generates, and they can tell whether it's doing what it should be doing, and they can tweak it to make sure it responds to your needs. 

Wow! I'm glad you were able to get the proper care that you needed and deserve! I'm not sure if there's a relationship between AHI and CPAP pressure (likely none, since mine was about 28 with the in-home study, but as you mentioned, we have similar pressures), but that'd be interesting to find out. 

On my end, I think my sleep doc (specialist ENT--his staff page on the hospital's website indicated that he worked a lot with snorers/apnea patients, and he is a surgeon himself) and nurse are great, but I am very worried about the DMEs. I've read up on Apria and Lincare here, and I looked at the yelp/google reviews. They are very poor. Even the one strongly suggested by the nurse (which appears to be affiliated with the sleep doc's hospital group) since they have a "strong working relationship" and where they send "about 80% of our referrals," has middling reviews, albeit better than Lincare and Apria. My office seems to deal mainly with Resmed. They didn't even mention Phillips! 

I guess it's not the DME that matters too much, but the care team does! 

Oops, just saw that you're up in Canada. You might not have these same companies up there!
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