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Just looking for some thoughts with my CPAP
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RE: Just looking for some thoughts with my CPAP
Red marks in the morning is either from allergy or over tightened mask. It doesn't need to be very tight. Just tight enough to stop the air leaking. But fussing will shift the mask.

I had to go through a learning process to change my sleeping habits beginning with not sleeping prone, which I had done all my life. I broke a few parts of masks swatting and tugging. I've learned not to do those. I itch when I first put on my mask. I quickly quick release the one of the bottom clips, scratch, and replace. I don't shove my finger under the mask when fully anchored. As I said, the Ultra Mirage makes it easy for me to adjust by quickly changing the angle of the forehead bar. I had to learn to do that gently also. It cost me $25 for a new forehead bar.
05-25-2015 04:23 PM
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RE: Just looking for some thoughts with my CPAP
(05-25-2015 11:54 AM)tjm1911 Wrote:  Lately I have just been very tired and some nights its taking my a few hours to even fall asleep (probably unrealted to my CPAP).
Sleep hygiene.

You combat some of what you are going though by using good sleep hygiene.

I do the same thing every time I lie down, even for a nap.
  • Use a normal period of time you go to sleep daily
  • Take a bathroom break.
  • Fill the tank
  • Make sure the hose is clear (not tangled up), mask is clean.
  • Make sure sounds and lights are down or off.
  • Put the mask on, lie down and try to sleep.
If 15-30 mins later, I am not asleep, I get up. Nothing worse that laying they for hours with the mask on if you can't sleep. If anything it makes things worse.

Getup, go into another room, perhaps read, stay off the computer, I don't mess with the TV, in 20-35 mins, go back into the bedroom and start over (don't bother with the tank and unless there was a problem with the mask that either).

If you have lots of leaks, there are mask liners which help many. You also might check to see if you mask is the correct size by checking the sizing guides.

BTW, I have a fairly active mental day every day. Many times when it is time to go to bed, I have thoughts on my mind which make it harder to sleep. For that, I use a pair of very light over the ear headphones with Noise Canceling, and listen to a short set of sounds/music which allows me to think of that and I normally fall asleep quickly. When the music ends, there is just silence which helps with other noises during the night which can wake me. The head set is fairly inexpensive not the $300 kind, typically < $25 and last a long time.

Current Settings PS 4.0 over 10.6-18.0 (cmH2O) BiLevel Auto
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05-25-2015 05:33 PM
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RE: Just looking for some thoughts with my CPAP
I really appreciate all the feedback and advice I have been given. I will take it all into consideration. If i do decide to purchase a nasal pillow I will find a supplier from this website.

I ended up loosening my mask and I think that helped with my face being less irritated.

Also that is really good advice. If you can't sleep you need to get up and out of bed and read or something of the like while avoiding any screens such as tv and pc.
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05-26-2015 09:47 PM
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