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Knee Replacement
Has anyone here had knee replacement?   I found out I have severe osteoarthritis in one of my knees and the other isn't far behind.

Wondering if it was worth it or not in terms of quality of life.
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My mother-in law had both knees replaced. They worked out well for her. She was always in pain and could barely get around with a cane before the replacement. She gets around well without a cane now. She says she would do it again.
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A neighbor friend had both knees done. He told me that other than having to prep before going to the dentist, he wished he had done it sooner.
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My wife had a replacement performed this past August. The replaced knee was hopelessly damaged by a history of surgery and arthritis, and it severely affected her ability to continue many important activities to her, including walking down hill, stairs, dancing, bicycling, etc. She recovered more range of motion before she returned to work in October, than she had before the replacement. Several months later, she is able to do pretty much all the activities that had become impossible. She may eventually need the other replaced, but fortunately with the worse one replaced, the other knee is not under nearly as much stress.
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Thanks for the input! I think I'm leaning towards it. I want to drop as much weight as I can before doing it so it may be awhile.
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I've not had it done personally. Mom has had to get both replaced, and I know it's helped. But just like any other surgery, YMMV. Be aware that it typically takes up to 2 years to fully recover, according to Mom's surgeon. BTW, Mom did one then waited a year for the second. She could have pushed for both at once. Another BTW is that results varied some between her 2 surgeries. First one with zero complications other than longer recovery time compared to the second. The second had the complication of after-surgery infection, but overall less recovery time to where she was able to get around sooner.

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Thanks Dave. I was reading the thread below that herbm wrote. I wish I could bounce back as fast as he did. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. The question that nags at me is if the pain during the recovery is going to be worse than what I have now. No way of knowing until it's too late.
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(01-03-2018, 08:36 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: Thanks Dave. I was reading the thread below that herbm wrote. I wish I could bounce back as fast as he did. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. The question that nags at me is if the pain during the recovery is going to be worse than what I have now. No way of knowing until it's too late.

You're welcome. By observing Mom, she "traded" one type of pain for another. But the surgery pain does subside eventually where the old pain doesn't. FWIW I had a shoulder scope 18 months ago and it still hurts from surgery at times, but it is "better" than before surgery.

Throwing this out: if you're able to get this thing Mom had for the 2nd surgery get it. She was offered use of an "Ice Machine". It was a device for recovery that has a velcro pad that goes around the knee with ice water circulating inside it from a water tank/pump controller. It's expected use is to reduce pain and swelling. Best to ya.
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Losing weight and doing lots of upper arm and chest exercises for several months is a great way to get prepared for knee surgery. My BIL recovered from his knee surgery much faster than the doctor's other patients because he was fit already. He didn't have a choice - his knee had failed so surgery was the only option. His new knee is not the same as his old knee. He can no longer climb into the back of a pickup the way he once could. On the other hand, he can walk, which is something he couldn't do after his knee failure.

My sis's doc told her that her knee will need to be replaced in the next 5 years, so she's working hard at losing weight to make that process easier as well. It's tough, but she does have a specific goal.
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Depending on where you're at, losing weight may be required before surgery will be approved.
My wife was told that she was tentatively approved, but needed to take off 50lbs.
They put her on a program to help with that, and she dropped 20 or 30, but then increased again.
If she ever hopes to have her knees done, she's likely going to need bariatric surgery.
She has a history of weight problems, compounded by pain killers from her spinal surgery killing her metabolism.
-- Rich
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