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Knee Replacement
(01-05-2018, 08:34 AM)CB91710 Wrote: Depending on where you're at, losing weight may be required before surgery will be approved.
My wife was told that she was tentatively approved, but needed to take off 50lbs.
They put her on a program to help with that, and she dropped 20 or 30, but then increased again.
If she ever hopes to have her knees done, she's likely going to need bariatric surgery.
She has a history of weight problems, compounded by pain killers from her spinal surgery killing her metabolism.

Without trying to hijack the thread, if you want info on bariatric surgery, I had it done. Mine was the bariatric sleeve BTW.

Now back to knee replacement, there might be a weight restriction and a supposed variance on that requirement. My mother didn't necessarily lose lots of weight before the surgeries.

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I had a replacement 2016 November & it sure is better than it was before, in fact, it's helping support the other knee I don't want replaced.  My doc was very good, hospital great too.  But I don't really want to go through it again - have too many other issues.
There are good doctors & bad doctors.  I heard a fair amount of very negative info from some who struck a bad doctor.  Do your research.  I was frightened too, however, friends recommended their ortho doctor, so went there.  Piece of cake, but it does take quite a while for the pain to subside - 6 weeks.  I had a lot of trouble with my GP (2) extracting scripts for painkillers, & even, believe it or not, an antibiotic for a bladder infection.  An infection is huge issue after a replacement. 
I had to lose weight too.  Managed to get off what was necessary but put it all back on again - & then some more, as is usually the case.
Knee these days feels great, very rarely even a twinge - worth all the disruption, pain & disability compounded on multiple sclerosis issues.  
I do have some advice tho - learn to be calm - always keep calm, never stress yourself, don't get upset.  I've found things work out much better with being calm.  If you have mental health issues, deal with them prior.  If you have other day to day health issues, talk to your medical people about them & especially at the pre-exam appointment so they know what to expect & to help you with.  Toss embarrassment out the window!
Keep your skin healthy.  No scratches, bites, wounds they can interfere with the replacement.
I came out of anaesthetic with a 90deg. bend which is fairly rare.  I did my preparation knee exercises with care, & I did not need much physio, so was out of hospital & home in 4 days.  
To have this is a very personal choice.  Only you know how much pain you are in now & how much disability you suffer. Only you can know if you are prepared to spend the rest of your life like this & definitely getting worse !!   Chances are high that you'll recover & be much happier & healthier afterward 

I also took 4000mg vitamin C for 6 weeks prior to & after the op.  I stopped them 2 days before as Vit C may interfere with anaesthetic.  Vit C is a healing vitamin & I've taken it for almost all ops I've had over the years & it has been brilliant for me.  This is my experience.  I am not a medically trained person & cannot therefore recommend this to anyone. 

The doctors here in Oz lay down strict rules on what their patients must & must not do, both before & after the replacement.  It was worth the extra effort to comply because my knee feels great.
Good luck in whatever you decide, but mostly I hope your decision is the correct one for you.
Amethyst in Oz
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Mine was done in March of 2017. BIG difference. I had a partial Knee done with robotics.

Full Knee replacement surgery is changing as I write this. The trend to to robotic surgery for "full Knee Replacement". This they take off about 1/4 inch off on the joints being replaced and put in a new metal end. The old method I'm not even going to mention here. BTW I was walking better the day of surgery.
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That does remind me, if memory serves correct, Mom was made to begin moving around the same day as the surgery for both.

And as was mentioned above, do not allow any skin injuries to the area near the knee prior to surgery. Mom's first one was delayed a month because of a scratch on the shin.

Best wishes it goes well whenever it's slated.
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Just some more anecdotes to add to the general confusion..

My BIL who is a fit healthy man had a hip replacement done with no complications, minimal pain and rapid recovery. He then had a knee done (same surgeon) and suffered a year of pain and complications. He would not have had the knee done if he had known how it would turn out.

My SIL is - shall we say - a big lady and had her knee done with immediate positive results.

I don't think there is any foolproof way of knowing beforehand how things will turn out but you can improve your chances by researching the success rate of the surgeon, losing weight, getting as fit as possible and doing all the pre- and post-operative exercises and physiotherapy.

As an aside I'm six weeks out from a trapeziectomy and so far the cure is much worse than the disease. Here's hoping it improves more rapidly once I get the pin out tomorrow. My surgeon has no bedside manner at all, but as the nurse said "So long as he can cut and sew nothing else matters".
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The more I'm losing weight the less I want to do a knee replacement. I can hobble around without a cane in the house and outside with a cane. I can ride an exercise bike without problem. There's still pain but I think as more weight comes off it won't hurt as bad. The more I'm reading about it the less I want to do it.
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