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Large unexplained gaps in SleepyHead reports
I have started to get these "gaps" in my therapy. It makes no sense because I have not turned off the machine, nor have I taken off my mask or gotten up. Have anyone experienced something similar? What is the cause of these? 

I have attached some screenshot of one of the unexplained gaps. 

I do not recall anything special from that night, except that I once woke up with an alarming feeling that I did not get enough air. But the machine was on and I fell asleep again.
if you look at the zoomed in version it looks like the machine detected an obstruction and shut off? 

Any help here would be very appreciated

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Try turning off auto start, see if it helps
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(07-03-2018, 12:14 AM)go2sleep Wrote: <snip>
if you look at the zoomed in version it looks like the machine detected an obstruction and shut off? 

Any help here would be very appreciated

Nope!  The machine keeps on chugging even if you don't.  What might have happened (occasionally does here) is you had a brief power outage.  If your machine is set to auto-start, then when the power came back on, your machine would restart.  A hint that this might have happened is your feeling of being starved of air.  However, your gap is just over 90 minutes – I would have expected you to wake much sooner.
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Amazing low pressures! You are using a minimum of 4.0 with 5.6 maximum and EPR at 1.0. I just can't imagine that is comfortable, although the results say your results are excellent. I think a minimum pressure of 5.0 and maximum of 7.0 with EPR 1 might reveal more information. At least the EPR would be consistent. I can't explain the data gap. Very odd.
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Might check your system clock and see if it is aligned with the right time of day in your time zone?

I can imagine a fuzzy scenario where if the clock is off by a certain number of hours then the gaps represent day time and the nights split across "day" boundaries.  

So then contiguous sleep time is split across days, and the gaps are when you are awake and not using the machine.

I don't see how that would line up well with the data you provided, but assuming that your machine behaves rationally (i.e records when it is running), and trying to think about under what conditions could the data actually be correct as reported and the interpretation of what it means be skewed.  

Saldus Miegas
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(07-03-2018, 01:17 AM)jaswilliams Wrote: Try turning off auto start, see if it helps

You would want auto on to be on so system will turn right back on if power blip happens. I think you ment make sure auto off is disabled. I’ve heard that setting can cause problems.
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Thank you for the replies. I am absolutely positively sure that they aren't power outages. Nothing else in the apartment is affected (no reset clocks etc.) plus the last outage where I live was 20 years ago and it became a thing in the local news.
I have turned off smart start and I'll see if that helps.
I have also checked the clock/date and everything is correct there too.

These gaps are really worrying Sad
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I would also be very curious if this was happening to me.

Here are some ideas of what I might try ... 

Set up some sort of external monitor for a couple of nights and see what happens while I was asleep.
    A phone camera (plugged in to a power source) running in time lapse mode could do it, 
    or an audio recording app left on overnight might give some hints. 

Also I would noodle over what else is observable in the data that might give more hints: 

  .. Are there any discernible patterns in the data gaps, 
               same time each night, 
               same amount of elapsed time since you turned the machine on each night
               number of gaps per night, 
               time intervals between gaps, 
               are gaps the same duration, 
               similar data patterns in any metrics leading up to the gaps, 
               number of nights in between occurrences, 
               etc. ?   

  .. Does the number of hours reported on the machine display match the total sleep time in the data or are the gaps not counted?  

  .. When you look at the data in Sleepyhead, does the summary report look different from the detail report?  

  .. Do you have an alternate software program to review the data and compare it to Sleepyhead reports? 
              Do they report the same gaps as each other?   

Maybe try a new SD card to eliminate possibility of dead spots on the media?

This is an interesting puzzle.  Hope you solve it.  And let us know the answer Smile

Saldus Miegas
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I think in this case it is the Smart Start that is turning off the machine, probably related to low pressure (5.6/4.6). When the machine restarts i appears to be at 4-cm pressure. You really should be sure Ramp is OFF in settings. The Sleepyhead setting bit for Ramp is not a reliable indicator it is actually off. I think my suggested settings of 5-7 EPR 1 Ramp Off might resolve this problem.
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I just wanted to give an update on what I did and how it went. So if anyone else has the same problem, they can learn from my solution.

I listened to the advice regarding the pressure and raised it slightly, I also turned off smart-start, after having done that for about a month, I have reviewed my sleepyhead results and the large unexplained gaps are now gone. 

Thank you all for you great advice! And I hope this can help any other user that has problem with the machine suddenly turning off during the night.

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