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Linux kernel upgrade ideas requested
I have an o-o-o-old version of Linux (2.4.21 Kernel - circa 2001) running on a 128Mb DOM in my security DVR. I want to upgrade the system's hardware but the OS is so old that the kernel has a panic attack when it boots. The message "Chipset not recognized" is displayed.

I have a copy of the DOM's contents so they can be viewed. . .in case anyone needs to look at it.

Zoneminder is an option but I was hoping to try and stick with this system because of its extremely fast boot time (20-30 seconds).

Anyone wish to give me some ideas on how to perform a kernel/OS upgrade on this system? I don't care about the new size. I'll make adjustments for that.

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Have you looked at some of the really small installations such as Puppy Linux, SliTaz, or Damn Small Linux?
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Is there a reason for not upgrading to a Raspberry PI? I am not familiar with your application.
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The Raspberry just doesn't have what I need. I'm needing to use an old 865PE chipset motherboard. The 865PE was the last mobo(2005) that had 6 PCI slots plus an AGP. I'm using it for a 16 camera security DVR system. Each card supports 4 cameras. I use one of the PCI slots to upgrade to 1000Mb network card, the onboard NIC is a 100Mb. Unfortunately, the Linux version that currently runs the system is older than this board and doesn't recognize its chipset. I'm trying to make do with what I have so I only expend time and not bucks. I starting to think that this is a pipedream.
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So you are trying to upgrade from a 100mb ethernet to a 1000mb ethernet?
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Not exactly. The upgrade to the 1 Gig NIC was just a plus because I had both an extra card and an available PCI slot. . . I should have left that out of my last post since it doesn't pertain to my goal.

The mobo I currently have in the system is an 845(2002) chipset and I want to upgrade to the 865. The Linux version that is running on the 845 won't recognize the 865. The Linux OS being used is very minimal with the code for the video and UI being tightly interlaced with it. What I'm wanting is to do is to upgrade the kernel and any drivers just enough to recognize the 865 chipset and not break the system. Sorry for the confusion.
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I'm running Debian 8 Jessie on an M4A785-A mb circa 2006 (I think). The kernel is 3.16.0-4-686-pae. The mb has two PCI slots, so the kernel still supports them. I'm not sure how much the libc changes with new kernels, so I wonder if newer libc's might cause more problems than the kernel. You would probably want to compile your own kernel with minimal stuff. Can you recompile your video programs if you have to?
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I contacted the software manufacturer to see if they had an upgrade or solution. They advised that it would be less expensive for me to purchase a new security DVR or use Zoneminder than anything they could sell me.

Thanks for letting me use you all as a sounding board.
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Have you thought about virtualizing with one of the older editions of VMware so that the VM handles the underlying chipset to manage the interrupts and service calls? We had a similar problem with upgrading a legacy system using a D875PBZ Intel MOBO and Pentium 4 CPU and nothing worked until we tried virtualizing. We finally bit the bullet and replaced the entire system as it became insane to keep up with security patches even though our system was behind the DMZ and protected by NAT.
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